Kalash 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravi comes to Saket and congratulate him, Saket says i dont know why Devika is crying, Ravi says she s girl, she must be thinking that she will leave her house so got emotional, Rekha brings Devika back in lounge, Ravi looks at her, he says to her that i wil bless you, touch my feet? she smiles, he says i can pray for you, Ravi says to DEvika that i pray that the pain which you will bear by leaving your family, Saket will remove it, he will give you love and happiness, all the best, Devika smiles..
Sanjay gets a call from girl whom Ravi arranged for her, she says i am Rupa, she says i helped you getting your phone, i want to meet you, where are you? Sanjay says what to do, if she see me than Ravi then she will beat me, he comes to Ravi and says girl wanna meet me, what to do? Ravi says make her meet some hot guy and you keep talking to her on phone.
Savitri is handling work, Anuja tries to talk to her but she leaves. Sakshi says to Pallavi and Tanu that its boring engagement, lets have some dance from hot couple Dada and Dadi. Dada comes in center of lounge, he brings Savitri and starts dancing with her on song Sooraj dooba hai yaaro, Savitri dances well, Ravi thinks she can dance well, all family members come and dances with them, Sakshi talks to Devika, Devika is laughing with them, Ravi smiles and thinks its nice to see her smiling. then Ajay and tannu comes and romantically dances on song Ishq wala love, then Abhay and his wife dances, Rupa comes to Ravi and says lets have dance, Devika looks at them, Ravi holds her hand and dances with her romantically, Devika thinks what type of girl is she, holding Ravi so tightly, who is she that Ravi is dancing with her, she must be some girlfriend of him, why i am feeling bad, i will not look at them, she sit beside Saket, and curtly looks at Ravi dancing with her, she thinks how can he do this? my family respects him alot, this is not disco that he is dancing with any girl, but he is always like this, he is enjoying so why i am thinking this much, dance ends, all claps for Rupa and Ravi. one girl comes to Saket and Devika and says lets dance, Saket says i dont like dancing, and i dont like if my fiance dance like item girl, she will not dance, DEvika is shocked. Sanjay comes and dances on song mehfil taa saaj di, Pallavi and Sakshi dances with him, they bring Devika too, Devika looks at Saket who nods in no for dance, Sakshi forces Devika so she dances with them, Saket thinks i will see her after marriage, Devika dances well with her sisters, then she gets emotional and is in tears, Rekha comes there and wipes her tears, Devika hugs her, Shekhar comes and starts dancing, then Rekha, Devika, Sakshi all dances, Devika is about to fall but waiter holds her, Saket gets angry on waiter and says how dare you touch my fiance, he slaps him hard, Ravi is stunned too, he beats waiter like psycho, all are shocked, Ravi and Vikas stops Saket, Ravi ask him to calm down, all are stunned seeing his behavior, Saket becomes conscious, he says i am fine, he says to waiter that i am sorry, waiter leaves, Devika is in shock, Rekha goes in room to bring gifts, she worries for DEvika, Shekha comes, Rekha says if i am doing some mistake making Devika marry Saket, he has doubting nature, he is behaving like he has bought Devika, Shekhar says we cant go against Savitri, be silent, Rekha says i have raised them up and now when its about their life then you are asking me to be silent, when Devika is hurt then i feel pain, i cant be silent when i have to give her hand in someone else’s hand. he is behaving like this before marriage then what will he do after marriage, when it is about Devika then i will not be silent.

Scene 2
Saket thinks that i did drama, how to normal things, he comes to Devika and says i did mistake and spoiled your mood so now i will dance with you, Shweta says you didnt do dance with me, Saket says i can do anything for my fiance, she was smiling while dancing and i want to see same smile, he takes Devika’s hand and brings her in center, Aaj phir tumpe Pyaar aya play, he is not able to dance but dances, DEvika is not comfortable, Ravi stares her, Saket pulls her closer to him, holds her from back, she thinks dont know why i am afraid of Saket’s eyes, let this dance end fast, Saket steps on her foot, she shouts, he says i am sorry, Devika gets sprain on her foot, Ravi comes and tries to her help her, he holds her foot, DEvika gets tensed and looks at Saket, Ravi moves back, Saket comes and holds her foot, he says i am sorry, i dont know dancing, i did it for you, Ravi is angry, Devika looks at Ravi, she says to Saket that i am fine.
Ravi is talking on phone, Sakshi comes and says my feet is hurt, make it fine, liek you did for Devika, you are expert of this, Ravi says i am expert in something else too that i can tighten screws of mind, if you want then i can send Saket to make your feet fine, eh leaves, Sakshi says to Pallavi he is msart and adorable.
people meet Saket and leaves, Saket says to Devika that see i am Mla thats why they respect me this much, i can become minister too in future and you will be my wife so you will get same respect, Rekha says can i take Devika with me, Saket says yes, Anuja says to Saket that i wanna talk something important.

PRECAP- Anuja shows engagement ring of Saket to Saket’s mother, she says this si same rin which you bought for Ravi, Anuja says i told you that lady Savitri is cheat, Ravi must have sold it in less price so she bought it for less money

Update Credit to: Atiba

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