Kalash 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravi looks at DEvika, she turns and looks at him, he looks down, she says hi, i am sorry about Sakshi thing, she is mad, i know it was awkward, RAvi says no need to say sorry, he looks at her, she ask how i am looking, he says very beautiful, song Kabhi na Sukoon aya plays. Ravi says when you smile and doesnt look sad then you look amazing, Devika says i am not sadist at all, Ravi says you are always crying and when i am around you, you have creases on your forehead, i thought you have only one expression for me, Devika says because you used to irritate me, Ravi says i swear i miss your angry mode, Devika says what? Ravi says can you be angry with me, Devika beats him and smiles, Ravi says now you smiled, he holds her by shoulder, they get conscious, song seene mein dil plays, Ravi says you are looking happy and be happy always, if you ever have problem then call your friend and i will end your problems, DEvika extend hand and ask fro promise, he holds her hand and says promise, they smile.
Rekha says to Savitri that groom’s family has come. Savitri goes and receives Saket and family.

Scene 2
Anuja comes in Savitri’s house, she says to Savitri i came to your house finally, dont say anything, i am from groom’s side, Savitri says you are welcome, she ask Anuja to drink something, Anuja says i dont need it, also you will make people eat now and when it comes to give money then you will deny it, Saket comes and ask to call Devika.
Ravi comes to Devika and says all are waiting for you, Devika is setting her Dupatta, Ravi helps her, she tries to pin it, Ravi says should i help you, i am your friend, can do this, she nods, Ravi comes and pins Dupatta on her shoulder, he comes closer to her, she is tensed, Sadqe tere plays, she recalls how they became friends, how Ravi said that i am always there for you, he sets her dupatta, she thanks him and says i am lucky to have friend like you, Ravi says this kind of talk are done by my girlfriends then i run away from them, Devika says our friendship is not like that we can forget each other’s talk, Ravi says our friendship can never be like that, Sakshi comes and says you both are flirting here and outside Saket is getting mad for her, Sakshi says to Ravi be here else people will know that why Devika is glowing so much because of you, Devika says you be shut up, they leave from there, Ravi looks on.
Devika comes in hall, Saket comes, he looks at Sakshi and says you, Sakshi whispers in Devika’s ears that i insulted him earlier, Saket ask who is she? Devika says she is my sister, she lives in hostel, she is little mad, she didnt know you are groom, Sakshi says sorry, Saket ignores and takes Devika away, Sakshi says no value to my sorry.

Scene 3
Devika’s father deos Saket’s tilak, he doesnt bless Devika and leaves, she gets sad, Ravi notices this, then all family members come one by one and bless them and make them eat sweets, priest says now boy and girl will make each other wear ring, Ravi thinks i hope Saket gives her all happiness which she deserves, i have not seen a girl like her, she lives fro her others, she has pure heart, Devika looks at him and ask through eyes if everything fine? he nods that all fine, Saket says to Devika i hope this ring is fit to you, Devika recalls ow Ravi had to work hard to get size of ring, she starts smiling, Ravi thinks that she is happy with this relation, maybe she thinking about her future with Saket, i hope Saket keep her smiling, Saket makes Devika wear ring, all claps. Savitri comes to Devika’s father and says i am happy her engagement is done on time without interruption, father says everything will be fine, SAvitri says we have only 2.5 months remaining till Devika’s 21st birthday, we have to make her married as soon as possible, otherwise destruction will come on us, talk to pundit and ask him to give date of marriage in this month only. priest says now Devika will make Saket wear ring, Sakshi comes and says not like this, she says i have ring and you have to give me something to make Devika wear ring, all smiles, Saket brings out bundle on money, puts in her hand and says stop your drama and give ring, all are stunned with behavior, Rekha ask Sakshi to give ring, Sakshi gives ring to Devika, Devika makes Saket wear it, all claps, Anuja comes and ask Saket to show ring, she is shocked to see ring and recalls how Ravi took his ring from house, she thinks is that same ring? this is same design, she curtly looks at Ravi, Devika and Saket takes blessing of elders, DEvika comes to her father, he blesses Saket, Devika folds her hands infront of him, he very reluctantly puts hand on her forehead and says be happy, Devika is beyond happy and cant believe it, she says papa.. he leaves, Devika is in tears and is happy too, Ravi is surprised seeing all this, Rekha ask Devika to not cry, this is just engagement, you are not going today, she takes Devika from there, Ravi looks at her. Rekha brings Devika in room and ask what happened, why are you crying? Devika says papa blessed me first time, Rekha says this is good, why are you crying, what Saket’s family will think, DEvika says papa never talked to me, never looked at me but today when he blessed me i felt like all is complete, i was missing all this from my life and whne i got it today, i couldnt stop myself, my tears started rolling out of eyes, i cant tell you how much happy i am, i am feeling i got happiness of whole world.

PRECAP- Ravi says to DEvika that i pray that the pain which you will bear by leaving your family, Saket will remove it, he will give you love and happiness, all the best, Devika smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh no!! ravi please realize that you are perfect for devika not saket!!

  2. I think devika is gonna marry Ravi not saket b4 her 21st birthday

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