Kalash 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravi is looking for Devika in her room to take ring size, he looks here and there to find ring, Deviak comes and ask what are you doing here? he says i want ring size as Saket want to buy ring for engagement, she says i have only one ring which i am wearing, she tries to bring it out of her finger but cant, Ravi ask cani help? she says yes, he tries to pull out the ring, Devika stares at him while he trying, Ravi also looks at her, he says this ring will not come out easily, he ask to use soap and then bring it out, they come in washroom, Devika applies soap on her finger and tries to pull out ring but cant, Ravi tries it, Devika feels pain and closes her eyes, Ravi smiles at her and brings out ring from her finger, he says lets go now, they are to leave but Devika slips in washroom, Ravi holds her in meantime, Sadqe tere plays, he leaves DEvika, she leaves from there.
Saket ask Savitri did you Devika’s size for ring, Savitri says Ravi have gone to take it, Saket says i will go and check. in room, Ravi says to Devika that this ring is of left hand and i want rng for right hand, she says what to do now? he says wear it in ring finger of right hand then we can see if its size is fine or not, she sys yes, he makes her wear ring in engagement finger and says its fit perfectly, Saket comes there and see them holding hands, Saket ask what is happening here? Devika is afraid of him, Ravi says i was checking her ring size and i got it, he says should i give size to you,n he says give it ot Savitri, Ravi takes ring and leaves. Saket says to Devika that you are looking nice today, he pulls her closer and says dont be shy, we are getting engaged and one more thing i dont like any men come closer to you, you are only mine, he pushes her away and leaves.

Scene 2
Navidita has sent flower bouquet and promotion letter for Ravi, Anuja is surprised, she says that girl is giving raise to Ravi in short time this means that Ravi has impressed her, maube Ravi has her in his fate and our fate will change by that, Monty says what if someone else is in Ravi’s fate, Anuja says then i will change his fate, i have right on him as mother.
Ravi comes to jeweler to resize the engagement ring, shopkeeper ask him when is engagement> he says tonight, shopkeeper thinks he is groom and ask why did you come? should have send someone else, Ravi says i am not groom Saket is my relative and Devika is very good friend, shopkeeper says you are doing all this for girl, isnt in weird? Ravi says our friendship is different, shopkeeper gives him ring and says dont make her wear it then she will be engaged to you, Ravi says you are funny man.
all are working in home, all are waiting for Ravi to check arrangements. Rekha comes Devika and ask her to get ready, Sakshi says i will do Devika’s makeover in such a way that jeeju will be flat on her, Savitri ask Devika to get ready, Ravi comes, Savitri takes ring from him, he starts checking arrangements, Sakshi calls him and says Devika is finding you, he says why? she says dont know, he ask where is she? Sakshi says in store room, Ravi goes. Sakshi comes to Devika and says jeeju is angry on you, he is calling you in store room, Deviak runs, Sakshi praises herself.
Ravi comes in store room, there is no light there, he waits for Devika, Deviak coems there, he switches on light, Devika ask you here? Raiv says you called me, Devika says no, Sakshi comes and says i called you both, do what you both want, Devika says what? Sakshi says some lies are good, you both die to meet each other, she makes Devika sit beside Ravi, she says i will click your picture with first, she says all my friends wana see how my jeeju looks, Ravi and DEvika looks at each other in shock, Sakshi clicks theri picture, Deviak ask who told you that i am getting married to him? we are just friends, Sakshi says then who is your groom, Ravi says i will leave, he leaves, Sakshi says he is very cute, Devika ask her to stop thinking.
Saket is with Ravi, Ravi says i ahve done all arrangements, Saket says you have dont great work, Ravi says i am doing all this for Vikas, i just want our money to be returned, Saket says you will get it, Devika brings Sakshi there and show her Saket with whom she is getting married too, Sakshi recalls her encounter with him and says no, you are joking, i just hate this guy, Devika says why you are saying this, Savitri comes and ask them to get ready.

Scene 3
Sakshi is making Devika getting ready, Devika makes fun of Sakshi that you think you are intelligent and became fool, Sakshi says its all Pallavi’s fault, she showed me wrong guy, Pallavi says it was her mistake, Devika says you are right, Pallavi says when we will tell all this to Saket then it will be fun. dEvika recalls how Saket said that he doesnt like any guy closer to her, Devika says nobody will tell him anything right now, she ask Sakshi to be silent, Sakshi says i like Ravi alot, now he is single and i am single, we will mingle together, Devika says he is my good friend and when he flirt with others girls, i just hate that, SAkshi says why you jealous seeing him with other girl? Devika says you will never change.
Sanjay is worried, Ravi comes there and ask what happened? Sanjay says i am smart but i dont get any girlfriend, i dont know why girls dont give attention to me, Ravi ask who was the girl? Sanjay shows him girl and says i will give you ehr number, he goes to girl and starts acting like he lost his phone, he ask girl can you give miscall on my cell, she says tell number, he tells Sanjay’s number, she calls him, Sanjay gets up, girl ask his name, he says Sanjay, he comes to Sanjay, Sanjay says you are great.
Devika is setting her hairs in her room, Ravi who is passing by there stops seeing her, he is mesmerized with her beauty, he comes in her room, they both recall how Sakshi thought they are getting married, Devika looks at him through mirror.

PRECAP- Devika says to Rekha that today for first time father gave me blessing, i felt like getting all happiness of world, i was craving for this from whle life, i cant tell you how much happy i am.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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