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Scene 1
Devika hears some noise outside. She says who can it be? She sees Nivi in hall. Nivi can’t walk properly. Devika says in heart I am sure she is drunk. Nivi gets a call. she says devika is home I can’t talk to you yet. It is about some days. Judge will announce his decision. We can’t take risk. Devika wonders whom is she talking to. she says fine. I will meet you, you are so stubborn. but somewhere outside. Nivi goes out Devika follow her. Devika says why was she talking about case. This means that person is related to us. I doubt Nivi is behind all this. And there is someone helping her. Monty died and ravi is in jail. I have to take risk and find out what’ going on. I have to follower her.

Nivi meets someone outside. She says everything is going as planned. Why are you so restless? Ravi’s lawyer is so useless. He can’t do anything. Ravi will never be out of jail. Devika comes there. Nivi says that lawyer can’t even win a small case. we have nothing to worry about. Ravi will be punished at all costs. He is such an emotional fool. That RAvi doesn’t even know what game we played with them. Nivi says that Devika can’t even save him. I am so excited about all this. Ravi will be sentenced to death or life time imprisonment. Devika says in heart this means I was right. Nivi is behind all this. she got monty killed. She said she loved monty and she did this with Ravi. I need to find out who this other man is. Deevika sneaks behind the car. She sees his face, its Saket. Devika is totally shocked. She says how is this possible. Saket died. This is not possible. Saket is with Nivi and alive. HE is back to ruin my life. How is he alive. He killed monty to ruin Ravi’s life.

Vicky says to Ravi it feels like a nightmare. I dont’ know what will we do. We can’t stay happy without you. I wish I was in your place and I had stopped Monty that day. Ravi says I want you all to be strong. You are the elder you have to be strong for everyone. They are all your responsibility. Take care of each other. REkha says how can you expect us to be strong. You will leave us. How will we live without you. Think about Devika. She can’t live without you. Janki says I will find till the end. You were pressurized in the court. God will find a way out. she won’t be unjust to you. Ravi says I hope so. but you all are in trouble because of me. Please take care of Devika. I know she will be shattered.

Saket says where is that gun? Did you hide it? That gun is devika’s. DEvika says in heart this means Nivi has my gun and they exchanged the guns. Saket says either give it to me. I know you wont’ keep it safe. Nivi says I master planned all this game. I am responsible enough to keep that gun with myself. He says you always ruin things. Devika steps on a bottle. Nivi and sakshi get alerted. Devika sneaks inside. She comes to nivi’s room and looks for the gun. Devika says that is the only proof I can have. DEvika says what if that inspector is sold as well.
I will save ravi at any cost.

Saket says who was that? Nivi says must be an animal. Saket says please be careful. this case isn’t normal. It has to wrapped up. Nivi says don’t worry. Saket says I am so happy. I can’t wait for this case to be over.
Nivi comes in shweta asks her where you were? She says I was suffocating. I wanted fresh air. Shweta says you had balcony in your room. Nivi says this is my life. Why are you spying? Do something else.

Devika finds the gun. Nivi is coming there.

Precap-Nivi says once Ravi is punished I have another surprise for you. Devika says I know that already. I know you wanna say saket is alive.

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