Kal Ho Na Ho Os by Ashnita & New FF Ideas

Hi guys iam Ashnita. Do you remember me. Actually This is Heart touching story.I bet 1 percent u guys may cry but not sure . If any mistake pliz forgive me.

Let’s start

In Sdch

A hot boy (that he can burn me ) tall and handsome boy was walking .He was totally lost. just then nurse calls him he turned back. It is revealed he is Kabir.

Nurse – dr Kabir

Kabir – yes nurse

Nurse – mohit is not eating anything.

They left hurriedly.

In Mohits room

Kabir – mohit beta wat happened

Mohit – Kabir uncle iam going to die. I have cancer na

Kabir quickly hugged him

Kabir – no beta dnt say like that

Mohit touching his head – look uncle my hair is falling

Kabir – dnt worry beta u will be fine one day.

Mohit – really uncle

Kabir – yes beta ,cum beta have some food for my sake.

Mohit – ok uncle.

Kabir feeds food to mohit. Kabir was going just then he saw a curly hair simple ear ring wearing kurti and jeans girl weeping.it is revealed sanchi

He runs to her and gave a tight hugg. Sanchi somehow managed to come out from his grip.

Sanchi- hey u how dare

Kabir – sorry actually u were crying i thought to

Sanchi – thought to touch me

Kabir – no u r mistaken I was giving u jadhu ki jappi. Iam dr Kabir

Sanchi – oh sorry I thought

Kabir – it’s ok how can I help u

Sanchi runs away. Kabir was clue less. Some days passed Kabir again saw sanchi crying in the park. He again went to her didn’t hugged her but directly kissed her on lips.

Bg plays

Tode se hum tode tum ishq mein kho gaye (from badmahiyaan )

After that they move apart. Sanchi slapped Kabir. Sanchi scolded Kabir alot but he was still smiling. Sanchi looks him shocked

Kabir – can I ask something

Sanchi – yes

Kabir – Y were u crying ,u should laugh smile enjoy ur life

Sanchi shouting – How can I enjoy when iam suffering from blood cancer.

Kabir – wat

Sanchi crying – yes 2nd stage i wanted to enjoy my life but I dnt have enough days.

Kabir – it can be cured.

Sanchi – no it cannot doctors gaveup

Kabir – do you have any last wishes.

Sanchi told her last wishes Kabir was just admiring her. Kabir asked can he help her and sanchi rejected it. She was still crying.

Kabir – aaj ek hasi baant lo
Aaj ek dua fir Maag lo
Aaj ek ansoon pee lo
Aaj ek zindagi fir jee lo
Aaj ek aur sapna dekh lo
Kya pata kal ho na ho

Sanchi – r u insane

Kabir – u r not dead u can enjoy life

Sanchi – tume nhi pata Kitna Dard hota hai.because u r not suffering from cancer.

Kabir lost somewhere.

Kabir – i know how it feels when u will go away from everyone that u how it feels.

Sanchi – iam sorry has anyone suffering from cancer in ur family

Kabir – no just i know wat it feels. Cum I will do ur treatment u can be fit and fine. But promise me after u r treated will u marry me.

Sanchi was speeehless

Sanchi – wat kabirrrr

Kabir – will u

Sanchi – i will think

Kabir – sochna jarur I will wait for ur answer. And remember choti choti koshi ji lo kul ke haas lo kya pata kal ho na ho.

Bg plays

Kal ho na ho

Many days past sanchi treatment was going on. Kabir always fulfilled sanchi last wish .kanchi were coming close day by day.Doctors and sanchi gave up again.Sanchi fallen in love with Kabir. Nowadays when Kabir came to meet her sanchi always close the door. Kabir didn’t gave up he always gets sanchi treated with hook or crook. Kabir sent sanchi to New York for treatment.

Kabir was in his room thinking sanchi i wish u could meet me before but now it’s too late.

After one year sanchi gets treated .She was happy that after 1 year she can express her love for him. Sanchi doesn’t get sleep.

She went to walk outside it was raining.

Bg plays

Sanam re

Sanchi walking and thinking about Kabir.She saw Kabir staring at her. When she about to touch him he vanished. She saw her watch .she ran quickly picked her luggage board taxi went to airport board plane.

After sometime plane landed sanchi quickly board taxi .

Sanchi – wat will I say when I will see him. No first I will give attitude because he never called me. Kabir just wait for me iam coming.

Bg plays

Aaj me upar aasman niche aaj me aage jaana hai piche.

Sanchi reached sdch. She saw everything changed. She was excited to meet Kabir. When she entered all nurses and Doctors huggs her. They say we r happy for you. U got well. Sanchi said it’s because of dr Kabir. They all become sad. Sanchi asked about Dr Kabir. They take her somewhere.

Sanchi shouted dr Kabir come out pliz dnt play prank. After 1 year I want to meet u. Pliz cum infront. Doctors said he won’t come back. Sanchi asked wat happened. Just then they point towards something.

Sanchi eyes got widen. Her luggage fell from her hands. Automatically tears flows from her eyes. Esa laga sanchi ke paron tak kisini zameen kich li. She sits down shattered.

Mohit cums sanchi ma’am pliz ask Kabir uncle to come back. I miss him.

Sanchi couldn’t meet her eyes but Kabir words echo in her minds.

She somehow managed to see a big Kabir pics which he was smiling whole heartly with garland on it.

Sanchi asked everyone how did it happened. Just then kusum cums. R u Sanchi. Sanchi nodded. Sanchi asked kusum wat happened to Kabir.

Kusum – iam Kabir mother.my son died since 1 year. He was suffering from blood cancer on last stage. He was strongest he didn’t told anyone about his sickness. He thought that he will open hospital for cancer patients. So that no one will die all patients will get treated. Sanchi when my son saw u he fell in love with u. When u told about ur sickness he was shattered his last wish was to get sanchi treated and this hospital will always open. He named this hospital on ur name. Pliz accept his last wish.

Sanchi still wepping. She rembers everything when she was getting treated Kabir nose bleeds he always lie to her. His hair falling. She remembered how Kabir told her about he can feel pain. How she shouted at him. She remembered Kabir dialogue kal ho na ho one and everything.

She shouts Kabir u can’t leave leave u told me that u wait for. U will marry me. Pliz Kabir i beg you. Laut aao meri zindagi me.Tum ne sahi kaha ta. Kal ho na ho S

Kal ho na ho sad version Bg plays

After some days

Sanchi managing hospital. She becomes a successful doctor.

Sanchi -i wish u were here

Kabir appears – I’m always with u.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her. After that he Disappeared.

Sanchi – Kabir ne sahi kaha ta choti koshi ji lo kul ke haas lo kya pata kal ho na ho. Mein pagal thi nhi samji. Par Aap log samaj jao. Kiya pata kal ho na ho.

The End

I hope u guys like it
Very sorry for mistakes

So mein phir bhi tumko chaungi with end soon. I have many ides but confused.

And very sorry for not posting mpbtc and ae dil hai muskhil. Actually during practical My hand got burnt mistakly. If any mistake sorry for it actually little bit Iam writing and little my bro is writing in rush. When I’ll be fine than I write them. Pliz do comment


Title – The Perfect Game

Kabir as police and sanchi as thief. (Loves eachother without knowing each other identity )

Title : Players

Kanchi robbers (like doom movie )

Title : Inteqam

Kabir as serial killer and sanchi middle class girl

Title: kathputli

Double role of Kabir.


I have many ides but I think u guys will be scared or couldn’t control so much thriller and in depression u will kill me. So choose between this. I hope u guys won’t be confused.

So do comment and vote. Highest vote ff will be written from non other than me.

Dnt be scared and u can throw watever u want if you will get confused. U r most welcome and dnt forget to vote. Silent Readers Do Comment and choose ur favorite one


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  1. it really made me cry……..awesome story,,,,and abt the new ff i am confused btw kathputli and the perfect game

  2. Bhut bhut sad story hae yaar……..I think 1st ff is amazing

  3. It was sad story. ???
    I will vote for 1st nd 2nd ??
    Luv u sis nd pls update soon.
    Waiting for ur ff eagerly

  4. Khamoshi

    First of all..Ashnita Congratulations for 51st post dear..
    Coming to the episode.. it was heart touching..loved it

  5. Anonymousaa

    Unfortunately I come under the 1% who would cry at this OS.It was too emotional. Why didn’t Kabir get himself treated though?
    I vote for the 1st one

  6. Neha7873

    Emotional epi..update soon

  7. Dhruti

    really this o was soooo emotional and heart touching…
    i like 1 ann 2 ff idea
    congress for your 51th post
    update next ff soon…

  8. Yaashi23

    It was emotional and i vote for 1st one

  9. Oh my god its great awesome amazing BT u Max me cry…. BT I like the message and I accept it if u have a little amount if happiness now whole heart rely don’t waste it because kal ho ya na ohh…
    That’s my favorite movie…

  10. RuCh23

    You really made me cry Ashu ??? this story is so beautiful ??? and I vote for the 1st one “Perfect Game”

  11. The OS ws tooooo gd yr…jst loved it…yah, u made me teary-eyed…so emotional scenes

  12. Bohut sad story he yaar I was crying like hell hope my parents won’t sent me mental hospital but this was too emotional ??????? but Ashu story is superb awesome fabulous fantastic mind blowing

  13. Riyarocks

    Ashu, tumne toh mujhe emotional kar dia yaar………..koi plz mere aansu roko varna kahin baadh na aajaye…………hehe………….btw dear, it was very very emotional one……….luv u loads…………

  14. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi tum kabhi rulati ho kabhi hasati bilkul zindagi ki tarah isse to pehchanti hogi yaad h naa miss gajni..hehehe…..iust kidding i like ist then 2nd n cong for 51 update start soon with ur new ff bhandaar jj sath..

  15. Jessicca

    Awesome… Amazing .. You left me in tears sweetie… It was mind blowing… Outstanding…

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