Kaisi yeh yaariyan season 3+Ishq Mein Marjawan (5~The Impersonator)

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“Aarohi.. Aarohi Kashyap,” she told Nyonika and she handed her the form and she filled it directly and gave it to her. “Ma’am can I join from today only?” she asked politely. “Yes,” Nyonika answered and Aarohi thanked her shaking hands with her and exited her office. She took out a photograph of Soha with Tara and smiled getting teary eyed and hugged the photograph. “I have come here by much difficulty, I won’t go without finding you,” she said and kept the photograph in her bag while walking and collided with Shaurya and his friends. Her bag fell down.

Manik and Nandini looked at each other hesitating to tell Aryaman. “Actually, Soha is alive,” Nandini said and Aryaman got shocked. “What type of sick joke is this?” he asked. “It’s not a joke, I heard it,” Nandini said and Aryaman shook his head. “Please guys, I know you’re saying that she’s alive but in my memories, don’t say again,” Aryaman went away. Manik and Nandini looked at each other. “Now what to do?” Nandini asked. “We should get some proofs,” Manik said and took her. Aarohi picked her bag hurriedly and ran away.

“Forgive me Virat bhaiya for the past, I thought..,” Tara apologized. “Its OK, forget it, remember that now you will have to become fine, then only I can take you where you want to go,” he said and she nodded and they had a hug. “Tara, just hide your face,” he said and she immediately took her stole and hid her face. “Good, now let’s go move to our classes, make new friends, have fun,” he said and they parted ways. Manik and Nandini bunked their class and sat hiding beside the stairs. “Manik, what are we doing here when we are supposed to be in class?”

“Oh please, you’re my girlfriend and I know you’re not as boring as you seem to be, let’s go on a drive,” he said and they went holding hands. Tara looked at them from behind a pillar and boiled in anger. Someone tapped on her shoulder from behind and she turned immediately calming herself. It was Aarohi. “I don’t know where my class is, can you please help me?” she asked. “Sure,” she said and they went from there together. Manik and Nandini sat in the car and drove off. They arrived at a beautiful church. Nandini smiled cutely.

“Wow Manik, this place is so beautiful, heaven I say,” she said cutely. “I have thought that we will have a church wedding,” he told her smilingly. “Church wedding? Yayyy, Manik you’re the best,” she said and hugged him. “Thanks and this is the church where I thought we can marry,” he told her. “Wow Manik, I m so so happy, let’s take Jesus’s blessings,” she said and broke the hug and they went inside and removed their footwear. They went towards the statue and both closed their eyes for the prayer. Nandini prayed Jesus please let this marriage be a big success.

Manik prayed Jesus please always keep Nandini happy, protect her always and thank you for bounding our lives together. They went from there. Mukti and Abhimanyu crawled out of the class and ran away before someone saw them. Aarohi and Tara were sitting together at the back of the class and it was a free period. “Hi, I am Aarohi Kashyap,” Aarohi introduced herself. “Tara Raichand,” Tara too introduced herself and they shook hands. Tara felt as if she knew her touch. “Why do I feel as if I know you since forever?” Tara asked getting suspicious.

“How will we know each other since forever? I have met you just now, haven’t I? Sometimes it feels like that,” Aarohi said and took her stole and wrapped it around her head. “What are you hiding?” Tara asked and Aarohi got a fear in her eyes. “Nothing, why will I hide anything?” she asked. “No, there is something,” Tara insisted and unwrapped the stole from her head and looked behind her ear. She saw a tattoo. “Who are you in real?” Tara asked. “I should be the one to ask that dear, who are you in real? Tara or Soha?” Aarohi asked lowering her voice and Tara stood up getting shocked.

Aarohi unzipped her bag and dug into it for something and when she finally found it, she asked Tara to look. Tara sat down again and seeing her and Soha’s photo, she got shocked to the core. She looked at Aarohi in a shock. “Come,” Aarohi said and they got up and went out of the classroom and collided with Shaurya and his gang. Tara immediately hid her face. “Hey beautiful girl, I m Shaurya Goenka, it’s hard to find such an innocent yet beautiful face,” he said.

“If you’re done, please leave our way and let us go,” Aarohi said holding Tara’s hand. “Why? How to let such a girl go?” Shaurya said going behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach and lifted her. Aarohi started to shout and the others just shut her mouth. Tara got shocked and looked around searching for something to hit them and saw a flower pot and hit it on Shaurya’s head still hiding her face. Shaurya left Aarohi and held his head as it was bleeding badly. Aarohi held Tara’s hand and ran from there going to girl’s washroom.

“They won’t come here, I know they won’t, now please don’t be shocked when I tell you one truth, and also don’t tell anyone,” Aarohi said and touched the sides of her face and peeled off the mask from her face which was of someone else’s face. Tara was shocked seeing her face. She hugged her.

[Shraddha Kapoor Is Aarohi Kashyap here

Alisha Panwar is Tara Raichand]

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