Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan (introduction)

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Kaisi yeh yaariyan

Hi guyes hope you like this ff pls readers, silent reader please do comment how was it criticism excepted


Manik malhothra or manu:He is the second son of millionaire Neyonika Malhothra and nandhini is his childhood friend and still remembers her very much  and other friends are mukhti, cabir,aryaman, abhimanyu and even his brother Dhruv.He loves music and is a lead singer in his band cabir is his besty from all.They are called as fab 7.He loves love.

Dhruv malhothra :First son of malhothra loves his brother and everyone. Friends are his first priority .he is one of the guitaristin the band.

Alia saxana :Fun loving fashionable. Loves FAB 7.friends are here life .She is the pianist in her band

Mukthi vardhan: Tomboy types. loves her friends like anything .She is the guitarist in her band.

Abhimanyu singania or simply abhi:loves his friends and has a crush on mukhti .He is the also pianist and is able to play any musical instrument.

Aryaman :he has  a mystery in his life .He is a 2nd drummer in the band.

Cabir mehra: loves his friends and has a bad past as his mother left him and his father for another man .So hates love and his mom and is looked after by his father vikram mehra. He is a lead drummer in the band.

Navya ranawat:she is the daughter of famous fashion designer malini ranawat. She loves her friend nandu.Has a past like cabir as her father left her and her mother for some other men even she hates love.

Nandhini murthy or nandu or nan :Best friend of Manik and still remembers him in her memories .Loves her friend navya .She is the daughter of millionaire but doesn’t show off.

Neyonika Malhothra  :She is a wonderful mother of Manik and dhruv .She loves them very much her husband few years back in a accident .She is a millionaire answer also kind hearted.

Malini ranawat :Is a famous fashion designer. She loves her daughter’s alot.

Vikram mehra :Cabir’s father even he is a famous fashion designer of India.He loves his son cabir and always remains out of the country .

  1. Prakash murthy:Father of nandhini murthy. He is a millionaire loves his daughters and lost his wife few years back in a accident. ī

(Mandira was Cabir’s mom who ran away with virien, navya’s father )

So these people lives will be connected soon its a saga of love friendship,mystery, past and betrayal.

Stay tuned for more updates




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  1. Fenil

    Nice CS !!
    Will read new story !!

    1. Neehaa

      Thank you fenil bhai and ya I’ll update chapter fast

  2. Neehaa

    Guyes pls comment I really need your advice and guidance

  3. AnanyaNair

    Intro is amazing . Waiting for the next update.
    I just felt that 2 drummers in a band might be odd . Maybe aryaman can be give some other instrument. That’s all I felt . This is just an opinion pls ignore it if it doesn’t matter to u after all it’s the story line that matters .

    1. Neehaa

      Thank you for your suggestion ananyanair and can you pls recommend a instrument for aryaman I’ll follow your guidance as I care readers suggestions a lot

      1. AnanyaNair

        what about violin ?

  4. But according to ur story navya and cabir will become bro and sis.pls don’t do this.

    1. Neehaa

      Praths don’t worry as their paired together and rest I can’t reveal much to you thank you for your precious comment and suggestion

  5. Thanks for ur clarity

  6. The other part of story wt u wrt was unique and amazing.I’m waiting to see that twist 🙂

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