Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan (episode – 2)

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Ha guyes sorry for late update I had my personal reasons so let’s start the update

In vizak

A beautiful sweet girl is shown distributing sweets to children of orphanage she is revealed to be nandhini or Manik’s nans he started speaking you cute and naughty babies come on have sweets till you are full today is manu’s dhruv bhai ‘s birthday  and a small girl comes and asks didi is this the same manu bhaiya you always tell us .nandu says yes and you know now what he might be missing me a lot .Another girl comes from behind looks a bit like a model type she is revealed as navya ranawat. She asks nandu you have been chanting this name manu from 8 years the day we became friends and how do you know he is missing you or not nanaughty replies now this is called heart relations miss navya ranawat which you hate because of your past.Now don’t give me a lecture let’s go says navya and they live together to their house.

In home

There is a tensed situation in nandus house both prakash murthy and  malini ranawat were tensed

Nandhini and navya entered the mansion and saw Thierry parents tensed and when asked about the matter they told they have to go to Mumbai for further studies of music in space acadamy .Both nandu and navya were happy but asked their  parents why are they sad .

Malini:vof beta it’s nothing we don’t want to send you alone

Prakash :and beta we both cannot come for fewhat months as we need to do some formalities so we are tensed

Navya:if that’s the matter don’t worry we are grown up and can take care of ourselves


Prakash :I think navya is right malini

Malini:but bhai

Prakash:no buts and ifs even i have a villa there they can stay there

Malini :OK bhai as you say didi would be soo happy to see her daughter florish

Prakash :oh no not daughter but daughters

They both laugh whole heartedly navya and nandu are packing this bags

navya :you seem to be happy han kisi ki man mai laddoo phote raha hai

Nandu :stop it navya nothing like that but happy to go to Mumbai.

They go to shopping as they are going to Mumbai next day

In Mumbai

In malhothra mansion there was no party but only the house was decorated unknowingly mukhti asked Neyonika

Mukthi :aunty why you are decorating your house since 8 years but no party and celebrations.

Neyonika :because the light of our house was nandhini we used to pamper her a lot she is Manik’s life and without her even we are feeling empty. Every year we decorate the house hoping she’ll come.but don’t know how my baby might be looking now. (Neyonika was like mom to nandu and nandu was like child of their  house )

Mukthi :but aunty since 8 years I have not seen her where does she live.

Neyonika :when we were in vizak they were our neighbours that time her father was a small business men now as we have shifted here we don’t know much about them we heard they shifted thier house somewhere in vizak

Mukthi :sorry aunty for making you senty

Manik:Mom you know day after tomorrow is our friendship anniversary

Neyonika:ya Manik and lets go to your favourite orphanage and give them sweet and all

In vizak

Both nandu and navya didn’t find anything interesting so they went back home and had some family moment. And went to sleep

They went to airport had some senty farwell the plain boarded they reached mumbai

In Mumbai

FAB 7 were discussing about the new commers nandhini murthy and navya ranawat Manik :suna hai on monday new interns anawali hai any idea who are they guyes

Dhruv :no idea bro

Mukthi :waisa why are you soo interested

Cabir:han kya irada hai tera saala

Manik :wooooh guyes control aisa kuch bhi nahi hai just asked

Abhi:maina suna hai undono mai say ek famous fashion designer malini ranawat ki beti hai aur doosri famous business man prakash murthy ki beti hai

Alia:but guyes manna padaga cabir aur Manik koi takkar zaroor arahi hai

Cabir :shut up alia and by the way status doesn’t matter in life what matters is good heart

Manik:look who is talking about heart jo kudh pyaar say nafrath karta hai

Cabir:stop it guyes and Manik tum toh aisa kahrahai ho jaisa pyaar ki topic per phd ki hai

Manik :phd toh nahi but I know that pyaar ek khoobsurath sa kwabh hai

Cabir:no pyaar sirf dardh hai

All except Manik and cabir shout ab,  ab bus bhi karon

Manik/ cabir in unison:OK

They all return to thier house

Guys think think how will  be managed and navbhir meeting and stay tuned for more updates sorry for the late post any questions then ask me ill answer you in comments block.

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    Gud episode pls update soon

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      K ananya I’ll post asap

  4. Hye,, i am the silent readers before this but today i decided to tell you that i really love your story line in this fan fiction,, i hope you will post as soon as possible and want to see the progress between CAVYA’S relationship..

    1. Neehaa

      OK Bella and thanks for commenting and giving your suggestion

  5. The biggest manan fan

    The first episode is finally uploaded. All those who write the ffs please start writing the written updates also……. Plzzz….. ❤️ ❤️

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