Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini brings Dhruv in a room to hide from Navya and without even knowing she holds Dhruv by the color. Dhruv asks her that what happened and she says that she told Navya that I was getting the sitar but seeing me with you will make her know that I’m was lying. She says that she also read our messages. Dhruv says that so what. Nandini says that she hates lying so says that she will go from the right and tells Dhruv to go from the left.
Nandini comes and runs out of the room while Dhruv walks in the corridor and Navya stops him. She asks him of where Nandini is as he is with her but he says that he doesn’t know. Navya says that you are lying as I saw you with a girl and I believe that she was Nandini. She says to Dhruv that you are blushing and I love hearing love stories but right now mine is not going right. She turns around and Dhruv leaves the scene. Nandini is running while Navya is looking for her.
Manik is waiting for Dhruv but Aliya comes in and says that it’s like everyone has a plan for us to be together. Manik says that Dhruv told me the other day about you being unsecured. Aliya says that as long as he is with her she doesn’t feel so. Her phone rings and she says to that she can’t come now. Manik asks of who it was and she puts up the same car mechanic excuse again. She says that she will be back in five minutes.
Manik says that how can a car mechanic call someone like that and wonders if she is hiding anything and follows her. Manik loses Aliya and looks around, Harshad is also standing there and says that did everyone se Sherlock Holmes last night and that is why are chasing one another. Harshad goes to Manik and says that are you chasing everyone after hitting a panick button. He says that I know that you are competing so the stress might have increased a bit but is Okay. Manik asks him if his dialogue has ended and says that he doesn’t need practice to beat him. Manik leaves the place looking for Aliya.
Currently everyone is looking and hiding from each other now and Harshad sees Nandini going in the store room. Nandini says that she hopes that she is not seen with Dhruv and decides to stay there for a while. A student calls Manik and asks if he is looking for Aliya, he says that she is calling her in the store room. Manik goes to the store room and Nandini hides there. Manik locks the door and calls for Aliya bit Nandini appears. Nandini tires to open the door but someone intentionally locks it from the outside. Nandini decides to call Navya but her phone is broken. Manik also doesn’t have his phone and the get into a conversation again.
Aliya goes outside and says that this is the last time they are meeting. She gives raghu the money and says to not to contact her again and if he did it would be very bad for him. Raghu holds her wrist and says that when my mouth is empty my tongue starts to work. He says that I have been blac mailing you for so many days and now you finally understand. Harshad comes and beats up the guys and asks Aliya of what happened. Aliya says that she didn’t want this to happen and now he’ll use this to break Fab5. Harshad says that the Fab5 will break but the reason will be Manik because he’s the villain.

Manik in the rooms looks up and finds a way out. He goes to Nandini and says to stop acting like a trapped bird and think. He shows her the way and says that one can climb and escape the place. Nandini says that what are you waiting for then. He replies saying that he is not in the mood. Nandini says that what do you mean you are not in the mood. Manik shows her that the hole is small and someone small can make it. Nandini says that she can’t make it as it is high so Manik brings her a stool and tells her to climb for it. She says that the stool is moving so Manik holds it. Nandini takes an hour to climb as Manik’s hand gets in the way so he brings his hand up and helps her climb.
Finally when Nandini reaches the top she almost falls saying that the hole is too tight. She says tries and Manik tells her to try it at least once but she falls and her dress gets teared up as she falls and she stands next to the wall. Manik looks at her and takes off his jacket. Nandini gets scared of what he is doing but he offers it to her so that she can wear it.

Precap: Manik says that you didn’t came to collect the sitar but came to meet Dhruv. The rest of the Fab5 and NH3 are there and asking each other of where Nandini and Manik are. Navya says that she saw Dhruv with Nandini. Nandini says to Manik that she came out to meet her but not here. Aliya says to Dhruv that she has a bad feeling about this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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