Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv decides to leave and Manik asks him that where are you going. He makes an excuse about the guitar and leaves and Manik follows him. Navya continues her suspicion and says to Nandini that look as Manik followed Dhruv. Nandini thinks that Navya has only seen their angry and says to her that she is glad that you came to know as well. Navya says that how came are you glad and did you know about this. Nandini says that she didn’t realize it but later came to know and that is a good thing. Navya says that I heard people being open minded but you are too much. Nandini says that there are two faces of people in life and there is one they hide. Navya prays to the lord to open the eyes of Nandini.
Manik follows Dhruv and Navya brings Nandini to follow them. Navya wants to show Nandini to what she thinks they do alone. Manik asks Dhruv that if you find the missing piece and his reply is negative. Manik asks Dhruv that why did you leave the café in such a stress. Navya says that her roommate showed her a movie and then she came to know that there are people like this. Dhruv is about to leave when Manik finds the missing piece from his belt and Navya assumes something else of it.
Dhruv says thanks to Manik and Manik asks him that was you worried about this or was it something else. Dhruv says that the café was just an excuse as you don’t give time to your friends now days. Manik hugs him and says that it’s nothing like that. Navya closes Nandini eyes and then says that did you saw that. Nandini says that how can I see when you have closed my eyes. Navya says that Manik and Dhruv love each other and Nandini says that all friends do. Navya says that this is not that love she is talking about and is something else.
Nandini says that you are crazy and the things are you are talking about is called gay and it’s not a bad term. She explains that nothing is going between Manik and Dhruv as they are straight. Navya asks that how do you know about this and can tell. Nandini then starts to think of her moments with Manik when she was at his house. Navya wakes her up and Nandini says that she knows it sure. Where Manik and Dhruv leave and Dhruv looks back at Nandini.
Muktii is still having the hangover and Aliya brings her to the topic in the conversation. Harshad is standing by while Cabir says that why didn’t you tell me and take stuff without me. ALiya asks Muktii if she is sure and she says Yes. Harshad says that maybe Manik and Dhurv were the wrong targets and he should try someone else. Rose comes and Muktii says that stick to your boyfriend. Harshad says that he knows that something is wrong between Cabir and Rose and they are his target now.
Manik is walking when a girl comes and asks for his help for the guitar. He sees the notes when Nandini is standing and praying that why she is so uncomfortable is thinking about Manik, she says that she knows as Manik and Navya are friends then why couldn’t she tell Navya that easily. Manik comes and scares her and says that what is cooking in your head this time. Nandini says that it’s nothing and you just scared me. Manik says that I thought that you weren’t scared of me as you said it yourself. Their conversation continues and Manik says that something is missing.

Manik holds her chin and says that What am I. She puts his hand of and says that tomorrow morning 7 am and leaves while Manik says that 7 pm. That NH3 is performing and Harshad says that great job and tells them the need something else. Navya says that she is not scared and losses herself again while Harshad says that calm down. He says that we need to keep an eye on them Nandini however disagrees but Harshad makes her understand, Navya as always follows him and so does Shahid. Nandini still disagrees but decides to go with the group.
The Fab5 is performing and Manik says that this if great and he can feel that they will win Cabir agrees with Manik. NH3 on the other hand is peaking in from the door on Fab5. Manik texts someone on his phone and Cabir says that he has to go and Manik takes his phone away. Muktii comes and says that where are you going and Manik covers for him. Rose blows the cover but Cabir puts the act back again saying that it was a surprise for you and leaves with Rose.
Harshad assigns each member of his group to follow a person of the Fab5. He himself will follow Cabir and will handle Aliya at home. Nandnini will follow Manik, Shahid to Dhruv and Navya will follow Muktii. He leaves and the three of them continue their task. Muktii leaves and Navya follows her while ALiya picks up the Dhruv’s tab and looks through his search. Dhruv asks for it back and in a serious mood leaves the place and Shahid follows him.
Aliya is walking with Dhruv and says that you can’t find love through the internet. Dhurv says that it was just a spam but Aliya replies saying that she is not dumb. Dhruv walks away and stands and Aliya keeps the conversation up and while Shahid thinks that the two of them are in love. He leaves as he they hear him while Aliya says that what a weirdo. She then asks Dhruv that who is she and she then realizes that it was Nandini the whole time as Dhruv is not answering. Dhruv is holding the star and leaves it as she figures it out.
Manik is still in the room wondering about while Nandini is keeping an eye on him. Manik sends the text to Nandini and hears the sound. While standing near the door Nandini wonders that why is he son confused and pulls back as she gets a text. Manik hears the sound and comes from behind and asks Nandini of what she is doing here.

Precap: Manik takes a handful of dirt and throws it at Nandini and so does she and they get in a fight and at the end Manik holds her in his arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow…….fnly nandini also started realising the feeling she hav for manik…this shw is going 2 b more intrstng day by day….^

  2. i just love the show. one of my favorite show.

  3. Omg the precap gives me goose bumps

  4. Want dhruv nd nandini to cum 2gether

  5. Want Manik nd Nandini to cum 2gether

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