Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini says to Manik that you said once that we will help Rishab and Dhruv together, she says that one more secret is a very bad idea and maybe they should not work together. Manik says that you think that I am dying to work with you, he says that this story is not going anywhere and says that he will never work with her again. Cabir and Muktii are still under the effects of the drinks while Aliya is smiling at them and Dhruv is busy reading a book. Manik comes and says that who told you to drink that much last night.
Cabir mocks Manik on his words and requests him to keep his voice down as his head is bursting. Rose comes talking and Muktii tells Cabir to shut her up otherwise she is going to puke on her. Rose keeps on talking and they are trying to avoid her. Rose gives a silly advice and to Muktii and Cabir tells her to bring the stinkiest garbage she can find. Muktii says to Cabir that where did you find her and Cabir replies saying that love is blind. Muktii says to Cabir to get a boy as he would be better off with one.
Manik covers up for Cabir and says that even I think that Rose is hot. Muktii says that just because someone is hot doesn’t mean you should love them. Cabir says that now Muktii is giving advice on love the one who changes boyfriends like clothes. Muktii says that she was just having fun and was not in love. Out of the blue Dhruv asks that Then what is love?
Navya says to Nandini that she wants to tell her a secret. Nandini says that why everybody does has so many secrets. Navya then tells her that she is in love; Nandini mocks her on the type of love she is in. Navya starts to tell the tale and says that they have kissed and just blushes from there. Nandini smiles when Harshad and Shahid come and join them. Navya was expecting a kiss but Harshad just sits down.
Harshad asks that why everyone is so happy today, then concludes saying that this is what victory does and that is make everyone happy. Nadini says that we were talking about love and asks Harshad of his opinion as many great songs have been created by people in love. Harshad says that Love is just not for him. On the other hand Muktii can’t give and answer to Love and ALiya says that Love is forgiveness as you forgive the one you love. Manik on the other hand believes that Love is trust and can’t co-exist without it. Dhruv thinks of Nandini and the things she says and joins them with the advice everyone of the Fab5 gives.
Cabir says that Love is freedom and not being afraid and telling everyone about it like saying it to the world. Muktii asks Dhruv what he thinks of it love and Cabir says that I don’t know that even if he thinks about it. Aliya brings up the reminder of a chemistry teacher and Cabir mocks Dhruv and the tests in chemistry. Manik says that when Dhruv will fall in love he will be deep and passionate.
Harshad asks Nandini of what she thinks about Love. Nandini says that Love is trust as no matter what happens the two never get separate. Shahid claps on the answer of Nandini followed by Navya. Shahid answer to love is fear as the last time he fell of a building. Shahid says that he loves his love and wants to focus music. Suddenly a guy comes and says that Raghav Sir have called them.
Raghav says that the Fab5 and NH3 and says that there new life is stared and tells them to focus as every second is precious as this year the competition is immense. He tells them to be in the practice room in half an hour. Nandini looks at Dhruv while he avoids her and Navya notices it. Navya later asks Nandini of why Dhruv is avoiding her and she tells that what happened. Navya says that she is going to fix everything. Nandini tells her to not to do anything and says that she always gets trapped and doesn’t want it that to happen anymore. Navya lies and says that she won’t do anything.
Dhruv asks Manik if he actually thinks that he might find love. Manik says that absolutely one day you will, Dhruv says that he thinks that he can’t do it. Manik says that why won’t it happen and says that one day a girl will come in his life and he you will good for nothing then. Manik says that you will always think about her and we will call you and you won’t come and will smile like an idiot. He then suddenly stops and says that when this happens you will fall in love.
Dhruv says that he is scared as nothing will be corrected if that happens. Manik says that why won’t it happen and Dhruv reminds him of his attacks. Manik says that the girl that will fall in love with you will always be happy and these attacks won’t matter. Dhruv asks Manik if he still cares for him and is worried about him. Manik says that just because he is not worried and that means his love has decreased for him. He sits down and talks in a way as he is proposing while Navya thinks something else of it.
Cabir is playing the drum when Raghav comes in and tells that you are doing it wrong. Cabir says that you are correct and he also thinks that something is also wrong. Raghav says that what is wrong with first Manik is gone in the performance and now where is the rest of the band in the practice. Cabir says that they will come and you won’t have to be harsh anymore. Raghav says that he is harsh because he cares. He says that he is worried and Cabir says that we will put everything and nothing will be hidden.
Suddenly Rose comes and asks what is happening, she says that stop troubling him. Raghav leaves that place saying that when the others come call me. On leaving Nandini says that don’t you hate him and Raghav hears it but leaves without saying anything
Nandini gets a call and she as usual fights with him but then goes to the place where he wanted her to come. She bashes out at Manik when he comes and Manik says that I know that you are not my spot but you still came. Nandini says that she came but won’t come again. Manik says that he is on and later explains that he is on the mission. He then explains the rule to keep their differences aside so that this could work.

Precap: Aliya comes and asks Dhruv of what he is searching for and says that are you finding that if she loves you or not. Manik says to Cabir that if you want to talk about it now we can as we couldn’t last night. Cabir says that not now and Manik says that his thoughts are really running wild.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. thanks sona for updating on tym….

  2. Next episode tells Cabir is gay!!!!!! That’s sooo weird!!!! The scenes Btwn nandini nd manik rockzzz!!:-)

  3. Curious abt further more excited elements to happen…. 🙂

  4. ….cabir and raghav together…yuk….gay chrctr doesn’t suits cabir personality…he is a handsme boy…1 mgt thnk b4 gvng sch roles…its vry hrd for him to act lik a gay…hats off cabir for accptng dis chllnge…;-)

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