Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Aliya come down and Muktii mocks her while Aliya replies with a great respond. Cabir says that he enjoys such parties while Muktii says that if Dhruv comes we will win the music competition. Cabir says that yo are trying to say that if he doesn’t they will lose. Cabir says that we will win no matter what however he ends making bet with Manik against the girls on it. Manik goes upstairs to check on the room while Muktii suspects something.He goes upstairs and Nandini is searching for something in the cupboard. Manik pulls her back and she explains to what she was searching for.Manik gives her some covering and says that he is going to sneak her out of his house and tells her to wait for the signal. She comes out wearing the clothes and Manik says taht you are not ready. He gives her a scarf and then tells her to not mess it up this time. He tells her how to execute the plan and not to mess it up.

Manik comes downstairs while Cabir is counting down to the clock. He and Manik stand against the girls saying that they can win even if Dhruv doesn’t comes on time.Manik says that there is no doubt about it and looks back at Nandini and says taht we will chill outside. Cabir agrees but Muktii says that she will not move until Dhruv comes.
Manik signals Nandini to go back and Cabir says that what are you doing. In the time the girls countdown from 10 when Dhruv comes. Mutii and Aliya are very happy and Muktii hugs him and says that we won. Manik looks back and says that we won. Manik looks back at Nandini while Cabir calls him to have a drink. They have a drink and Manik uses his phone but Muktii takes it away from him.

They have drinks and dance while Manik looks upstairs again and again. Harshad is looking at video of victory of NH3 and the defeat of Fab5 and says that he will crush them. Harshad is determined in his plans and says that he will say anything to necessary. Manik says that he is sorry for today and everyone lost because od him. Dhruv says that we were one step down just because of one stupid rule. Aliya says that win or loos we are together and that whats matter. Muktii and Cabir start to sing but they cant as Muktii is drunk. Cabir tries to pick her up but falls with her. Manik says that let them stay as they are in no condition to walk. Aliya decides to leave with Dhurv and hugs her on the way out. As soon as the leave he picks his phone and sees the text and runs upstairs. He goes upstairs and looks for Nandini, when he finds her under the bed he gives her a blanket to wear. He then goes to sleep on the bed.

After a while Nandini wakes up and then hits herself on the head. She comes out and gives the blanket to Manik. She looks at him and says that you have so much goodness inside you. She says that i dont know that why do you always show the bad side of yourself. She then leaves quietly making sure no one wakes up. She goes and calls her aunt and says that I will come home as a friend is dropping me. She then says that I have lied to aunt but dont know how will get home. Suddenly a driver comes and says that can I drop ou home. She thinks that the driver is mistaken and says that Muktii is inside. The driver says that he knows that you are Nandini and Manik told him to drop her home. She then smiles and goes off.

The nex morning Manik wakes and notices the blanket. He looks under the bed and sees the note there and notices the note. He reads it and it says that ” Your secret is safe and I will tell no one that you are not a Monster.”

Manik reads the note and gets frustrated and says that I dont know why she is so dumb. He throws the note away but then goes to pick it up and remembers last night and says that I will stay away from her leaving the note in its place.
Manik comes to the college and confronts Nandini and she thanks him and he just avoids her. She says that why are you so mean while Manik says that its not his problem that she has ths habit. She says that atleast you should smile but Manik says that he doesn’t like smiling and there is nothing to smile about her face. Nandini says that she has his secret and Manik says taht you are trying to blackmail me. Nandini says that it might come in handy and can make you do stuff for me.

Manik holds her aside and warns her of who the Fab5 is. She says that she is not scared of Fab5 and Manik says that try to talk and then see what happens. She talks back and Manik tries to put his finger on her lips telling her to shut up but
she bites it as an accident. Manik looks at her and says that its fine and tells her to leave. Nandini tries to leave but gets her scarf stuck in the window and the drops the files she is holding. Manik helps her get them up and says that these are Rishabs reports and why did you bring them here. Nandin says that she borught then here because Rishab’s doctor are able to help him and says that they might be able to help Dhruv and Rishab together.

Precap: Navya says to Nandini tha she is in love. Harshad says to Nandini that what do you think about love. She explains about her opinion about it. Dhruv asks Manik that if this might work and he says that definitely it will. Manik says to him that one day a girl will come in your life and you will always think about her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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