Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik knocks on the door and calls Nandini, he backs up and says that she will never come out like this. Cabir is trying to keep Soha in the party and she says that I wanted him to come and he hasn’t. He says that he won’t like you going after him and she leaves saying that what I should do. He gets a call from Manik and Soha hears it as well. Cabir runs downstairs and says to Manik that how much do I have to lie for you. Manik says that I need a dress for Nandini, Cabir mocks him and Manik tells him to shut up and not get ideas.
Manik explains what happened and Soha standing near hears some of it. Cabir gets the address and says that going there won’t be a problem. Manik says to Nandini that it is almost New Year and switches the lights off so she can come out. He then realizes that his jacket is burning and takes it off as well as his shirt.

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Muktii comes outside and Abhymanu comes and asks if he should bring anything for her. Muktii says that I am fine so you tell me either your place or mine. Abhymanu starts to blush and asks if she loves him or not. Muktii says that what are you doing while Abhymanu says that you just said to me that you wanted to come over to my house and meet my parents. Muktii says that why me all the time and says that I need a drink, Abhymanu smiles after she leaves.
Nandin comes out and the new year begins. Manik throws glitter over her with the help of the curtains while everyone at the party is also enjoying. Nandini enjoys the glitter and says that these look like fireflies. Manik comes close to Nandin and she hugs him, everyone at the party is dancing with their partners as well. Cabir is remembering Raghav when Aliya comes and drags him in and soon everyone else starts to join the dance with him.
Manik is dancing with Nandini when Soha comes to the tower and gets mad as she sees them. She throws something and breaks the window. Manik comes asking for who is there and when he turns the lights on but they don’t. Manik says that it might be Cabir and says that if it is you then I will kill you. Nandini asks of how Cabir would know and he explains of what he had told Cabir to do. Manik asks of whose house this is and Nandini says that I don’t know as Abhymanu arranged all of this.
Manik says to her that we should leave and they head out. Soha comes in and with a gin says Happy New Year Manik and my dear friend Nandini. Cabir is waiting outside for Manik and Nandini and says that whether I should disturb them or not as the lights are off. Manik and Nandini come out and he is surprised to see the way they are dressed. Manik tells Cabir to bring the car forward once Nandini is inside he mocks the both of them of their party theme. He then leaves with Manik and Nandini.
Navya is crying in her bed and thinking about what she has said to Harshad. She remembers Harshad telling her to stay away from her. Harshad says that this is not my child as that day I used a protection so stop lying. Navya calls Harshad again while he doesn’t answers as he thinks that she is lying. Navya says that if he doesn’t understand than what will happen of me. She texts Harshad saying that please talk to me as this is your child. After reading the text Harshad says that maybe she is not lying as there was no one before me and Navya is not a girl like that. He says that if Navya is true than I am in big trouble.
Nandini is going with Manik and is scared when Manik holds her hand. Manik asks Cabir of the dress and asks him to stop the car. Cabir gives him the dress and Manik tells Nandini to change it and says that we are going outside. They come outside and Manik starts to cover up the windshield, he looks at Nandini one more time to calm her down. Cabir starts to cough again and Manik asks what. Cabir says that at least tell me what had happened and what were you two doing that lead to this.

Precap: Manik can’t find his phone and Cabir asks if he has left it in that house. Nandini gets text from Manik and Manik comes to get his phone which was being used by Soha. Nandini calls Manik and tells him to leave as she thinks that someone is there.

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