Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Manik asks Nandini of what she did with Dhruv. Nandini says that she didn’t do anything. Manik takes her outside and she says that what is the problem with you. She says that she told Dhruv to be friends with you because she knows the value of their friendship. Manik says that he got the attacks because she told him that they can’t be friends. Nandini tells him to stop balming her for everything and he tells him to shut up. Manik says that she has to go home and his driver will drop her. Nandini says that she will go by herself and doesn’t want his favours. Manik says that he is not doing her a favor but is just returning the one she did with Dhruv.
Nandini brings coffee to his uncle and aunt and the ask him of where she was. She tells them she was at college as she had some work to do. Her uncle likes the coffee and says that it’s super. Her aunt says that they weren’t born yesterday and want her to tell them of what is going on. Nandini says that she has to confess something and says that she has taken a job in a café. Her uncle gets annoyed and says that why did you take it. Nandini says that she took this job because she has a lot of free time in the college and if her study gets tough she’ll leave the job.
Manik is playing the guitar and thinking about Nandini and what she said. Dhruv wakes up and asks him that why didn’t he go home. Manik says that he is at home and gives water to Dhruv. He says that he doesn’t have any problem with him being friends with Nandini and that he was overreacting. He says that he should feel like what he wants to do. Manik says that look at Aliya and the way she is acting. Dhruv tells him that ALiya is not stressed but insecure. Manik says that she is insecure about him but Dhruv says that she doesn’t blame her.
Manik says that he hates her, he hates her with the bottom of his heart. Dhruv says that this is the first time I have heard you talking with this much emotion. Dhruv says that this much she affects you. Manik says that I think you are giving her more importance in my life. Manik says that he will try his best for the sake of his friendship and for Aliya’s insecurity. Dhruv says to Manik that can you control yourself and Manik replies saying that if she is going to be the friend of his buddy then she can’t be his enemy. When leaving Manik reminds him that from tomorrow they will start the practice.
Dhruv gets a phone call but he cancels it, he gets it again and talks angrily to the girl saying that he doesn’t want to talk to her but then he agrees to go. On his way out his mother comes and Cabir tries to avoid telling her the truth. He says that he will go and come quickly.
Harshad is talking to Navya and wants to find about Raghu. He asks Nandini if she knows anyone in the college by that name because he got a phone last night by that name. On hearing phone Navya thinks that Harshad is talking about her call and starts blushing. Harshad doesn’t understand and says that he is getting confused. Navya says to harshad that she likes him and Harshad says that so does he as they are friends. Navya thinks that they are now friends and later they will move on.
The Fab5 are sitting together and waiting for Cabir but they decide to go on as he will come late. When picking the bags up Aliya drops the money and Muktii says that did you get the pocket money. Muktii gets a call from Cabir’s mother saying that he is not here since night and wants to talk to him. Muktii says that he is not with them and thought that he will be at home. She says that she will find of what is going on with him.
Cabir comes and asks where everyone is and Muktii says that where were you and tells him to call his mother. Cabir says that his phone is dead and Muktii gives him her phone to call his mother. Muktii says that she wants to meet this girl of whom he is so secretive about. A girl walks in and the entire college staring at her. Harshad tries to talk to her but she goes and hugs Cabir.
Cabir brings the girl to the Fab5 and introduces her to the Fab5 as Rose. Muktii says that finally your seceret is out and if she was so hot why were you hiding her, Aliya rephrases the same thing. Rose gets a call and says that she will join them later. Dhruv goes to Navya and asks where Nandini is. Navya takes her anger out on him and so he leaves.
Nandini comes and asks Navya why she is so happy. Nandini calls Dhruv and he comes to meet her. Harshad comes and talks to Dhruv about if Manik gave him permission to meet Nandini. Manik comes and asks him that why is he doing all of this. Manik says that look at us we are standing together and says that lets have a fair fight and use music as a center. Harshad says look who is talking and sounds interesting and where did you bring it. Manik says that the best can’t be improved and soon we will find out who is the best.

Precap: Their coach explains to the bands about the location and asks them of what they have prepared for the competition.

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