Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dhruv goes to Aliya who is stunned to see him and tries to talk but says that she won’t lie to him and she couldn’t think of anything else and only wanted to teach Nandini a lesson. She says apologizes that because of her you and Manik got in a fight. She says that she can’t afford to lose him and if she told him he would hate her. She starts crying but Dhruv calms her down and says that It’s Okay and Manik wont know and neither will anyone else.
Nandini comes in the café and apologizes for being late. Her manger consoles her saying that if she has to work here than she must be on time. She says that they are serving gods here. Nandini gets confuses and asks what kind of god and her manager says that customers are gods. She nods her head when her phone starts to ring and her manger says that phones are to remain off during service. Nandini goes to door and talks to Dhruv and tells her to come here as a customer.
A while later when Nandini is doing service Dhruv comes and she signals him to go and sit down. Nandini goes to Dhruv and he says that what happened to your feet. She says that it’s nothing when her manger calls her. Nandini says to Dhruv that you have to order something so that her manger doesn’t comes asking questions. Dhruv says that he’ll have something and Nandini says that the customer wants a cappuccino. Nandini asks if he is now friends with Manik and he replies positively.
Nandini says that’s good to hear and her manager says that why are you standing there unless the person wants something else. Dhruv says that he’ll have ice tea and the manager is confused to hear the order. Nandini says that they can’t be friends now as because Manik will have a lot of problem with that. The manger calls again and Dhruv says that he’ll have a pastry. She brings the pastry and gets the time to talk for a while. Nandini says that if there are problems in Manik’s life she would be very happy but if they affect him then she won’t be a part of it.
Dhruv orders a chicken patty. The manager finds the order very confusing but gives the patty anyways. Nandini tells Dhruv that he has to stay with Manik as he is his best friend. Dhruv says that what about you ten, Nandini replies saying that she’ll manage it. Dhruv gives his card for the bill and then leaves the place without taking his card and the manger tells Nandini to follow him.
Navya brings a boc and sends her roommate away so that she could pray. She talks to the goddess and says that she is here because today Harshad told her that he like her and she could not reply because she was shy. She says that unless she could reply than how can her love life proceed and she needs a little courage to tell Harshad that she like him.
Dhruv comes outside and sees a shooting star and gets an attack. Nandini tries to calm down but is unable to do so and calls Manik to come at the café. Navya calls Harshad and says that she has to answer him. Harshad says that if he had asked her anything but she says that she just wants to tell him something. Harshad is finding headphones and so removes the phone from his ears for a second and Navya says that she likes him and ends the call. Harshad tries to talk back but is unable to do so.

He sees Aliya’s phone ringing and calls her but she is not there so he receives the phone. The call was from one of the goons who attacked Nandini and they want money and Harshad doesn’t understand who that was. Aliya comes out of the shower and asks what happened and says to Harshad that what you are doing with my phone. Harshad asks if she is in any trouble or is she hiding something. She says that everything is Okay but he asks her than who is Ragu. She says that he is her mechanic and she gave him an advance to fix her car. Aliya says that it’s okay and tells Harshad to stay out of her life.
Maink comes and Nandini says that they should get him inside. Manik tells her to shut up and to bring the guitar from the car. Manik brings Dhruv inside and says that he wants the café empty now. The manager comes and says that it’s her café. Manik gives her money and she tells everyone to leave as this is an emergency. Manik tells her to leave as well and makes Dhruv sit down on a couch.
Nandini brings the guitar and Manik tells Nandini to hold him and he starts playing the guitar and then starts singing. Dhruv calms down and he hugs him and Nandini starts singing as well, Manik gets angry at first but for the sake of Dhruv stops and joins the song again. Dhruv sleeps while listening to the song and Manik stares at Nandini with anger.

Precap: Nandini thanks Dhruv, when Harshad comes and asks Dhruv if Manik gave him the permission to meet Nandini. Manik comes and says to Harshad that your attempts won’t work as they are standing together again.

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