Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes in the room and bashes out at Nandini saying that was yelling necessary but then brings her a towel when he sees her wet and shivering. Nandini gets a pain in her head and Manik takes out the pin which was pinching her. He wipes water from her arm and goes to kiss her but Nandini says her name and he leaves the washroom. He comes back bringing a shirt and a short but Nandini says that she can’t wear it. Manik says that should I bring a sari or something and demands the clothes back but Nandini holds on to them and decides to wear them.
Later she comes out of the washroom pulling the shirt down as much as possible. Manik looks at her but then hears Muktii coming upstairs and hides Nandini in the closet. Muktii comes in the room and Manik says how much more will you come in. Muktii replies saying that before I find you in a compromising condition I should yell and come. She says that at least you are wearing boxers.
Manik says that why did you come here actually while Muktii says that so this is our friendship now that I need a purpose to come here. Manik says that I didn’t mean that and it’s good that you are here. Muktii says that she came to hear his sad story of Neunika. Manik stands besides the closet but then walks away saying that there is nothing much to talk about. Muktii says that I also have a broken family like yours and I can understand your feelings. Manik says that what feelings and then whispers to himself that why is everyone talking about feelings today.
Muktii tells Manik to sit down and reminds him of the in the incident in the 7th grade with Neunika. Manik disagrees saying that nothing happened like that as he doesn’t want Nandini to know. He says that why don’t you go down and make a drink while I change clothes. When he tells her that Cabir is also here she just losses it and says that I will kill him. Manik says that I called him although he didn’t want to; Muktii gets angry and says that now it’s him you want to talk to and now nobody needs me.
Muktii stands near the cupboard and puts her weights on it while Manik says don’t. She gets surprised while Manik explains that you are the one I have a heart to heart connection while Cabir is not like that. He makes fun of Cabir while moving Muktii away from the cupboard. He says that you are serious purposes while he is for, Muktii understands what he is trying to say and says that I am going down and come as well but wear something. Manik says that I will and won’t scare you this time.
Navya is dreaming about Harshad and when he kissed her at the cheek. She dances in the room with happiness and falls while doing so and then starts to dance with a pillow. She updates her status saying Koi mil gaya. Her roommate comes and says that Harshad will instantly unfriend you on this. Navya full of confidence says that Harshad will never unfriend especially after what she did today. She sees the status from Harshad and makes fun of her roommate and dances again.
Cabir is making a drink when Muktii comes and tapes on his back. He is flustered to see her and says that what you are doing here. Muktii says that she should be asking him that question but says that she couldn’t leave Manik like this so came. Muktii says Manik told me why he called you. Cabir gets shocked and says that did he. Muktii says that what other better way to take off stress then to call the guy with the best of joke. Cabir says that he thought Manik called just for no purpose.
Muktii looks at him and asks if everything is Okay. Cabir says that everything is Okay and says that Manik looks a little hustled. During their conversation Aliya also comes and Muktii says that we came here to meet him and prevent him from meeting his girlfriend on such a day. Aliya says that seriously what are you doing here while Cabir replies saying that we came here to console him. Muktii tells Aliya that Manik is upstairs getting ready; you also go and meet him but come down quickly.
Manik brings Nandini out of the closet while she asks if everyone left. Manik says that everyone is downstairs having drinks. Nandini asks Manik that why did you lie about your mom while you were with Rishab. Manik tells her to keep quiet and tells her to not to believe what Muktii said about the 7th grade. He tries to cover it up with a story but Nandini mocks him again and he tells her to get out. Nandini says that she can’t go out like this and Manik gets angry at her.
Before he could do anything he hears Aliya at the door. Nandini hides back in the room while Manik opens the door. Manik says that what are you doing here and Aliya says that she couldn’t leave him alone not today. Suddenly A calls come on Nandin’s phone and Aliya and Manik both are shocked to hear it. Nandini runs to grab the phone and ends the call. Aliya asks Manik if he has changed his ringtone, Manik lies saying that he did it so that he could get in the mood to perform on Indian fusion.
Navya was calling Nandini but since she didn’t pick she decided to tell Nandini the story tomorrow. Navya’s roommate is watching a love story and Navya jumps in pushing her aside. Her friend explains the story and she jumps back realizing what it is about. Manik goes downstairs with Aliya as she can’t go herself as the others will doubt her.

Precap: Manik ties Nandini in clothes to disguise her and tells her to leave the place when he gives the signal. The Fab5 gathers at the place and Manik tries to signal Nandini but can’t. Muktii wants to wait for Dhruv to come and when he does theydrink at the place without going anywhere while Manik looks back at Nandini so that she can leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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