Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini searching for Manik stands between him and Harshad. Harshad takes a bat and is about to hit Nandini when Manik comes around and helps her. He tells her to go away while Nandini asks if he is Okay as its dark. Manik says that he is fine and is not afraid, Nandini tells him to stop lying. Manik agrees and says that listen to me this time and I will listen to you the next. Nandini says that this is not give and take, whatever it is between us… and she stops and looks away. Manik says that it’s not give and take while Nandin says that she’ll go.
Manik says to her that you are wearing a white top and looking like this Harshad can get you easily and wear something dark. Nandini says that how she change can while Manik says that use your head as this is a drama room and you will find a costume somewhere here. She stands still while Manik goes and finds a costume; Nandini says that she is not going to change her in front of him. Manik says that he is not to going to leave her like this and she tells him to close his eyes. Manik turns around she starts to change her clothes.

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While wearing the top Manik says that my top is stuck and I can’t pull it down. Manik turns with his eyes clothes and helps her with her top. Once down Manik instructs her how to escape the place and when about to leave Manik asks of what is going on as she is listening to all he is saying. Nandini at first says no but when Manik asks again she says that I want to go out and turn on the lights and once done I will leave. Nandini comes in the way of Harshad when Manik reveals himself in front of Harshad and he uses the bat to beat him.
Nandini switches on the lights and Harhsad is about to hit him again when the rest of them come. Cabir and Dhruv beat Harshad. Nandini asks them to stop as they have to take Manik to the hospital; they keep on beating him while Manik says to Harshad that no one can save you. Cabir keeps on beating him while Harshad tells on the things he did at musicana. Nandini remembers that she forgot the tape when she was changing clothes.
Manik stands up and says that you are going to pay for all of it. He takes off his jacket and Manik was wearing a guard on his arm the whole time. He takes the recorder out of his pocket and asks Harshad if he wants to listen to it. Manik beats up Harshad and later they present the tape to the police with the Dean of the college. He expels him and though Harshad tries to protect himself but Manik says that everyone is not a fool like you as in the recording you were happy with yourself. The inspector orders Harshad to get locked up.
While leaving Harshad says to all of the them that you are going o pay for this. Manik says to him to watch the timings and then give the warning. Manik says that this is your time to go and get locked. Nandini tells Navya as if she has seen everything about Harshad now. They are about to leave when the inspector stops them and says to Manik and Nandini that I have to take your statement. Cabir mocks Manik on having the statement and leaves whistling. Nandini and Manik are signing the document when the inspector leaves as he gets a call.
Manik keeps on staring Nandini and she asks him of what it is. Manik says that if you would have got hurt then…, he tells her to than your lord from myself too whenever you pray the next time. Nandini walks up to Manik…

Precap: Nandini helps Manik with the signing as he is still hurt. Nandini says to him that you should go to the hospital while Manik says that I will if you accept my apology.

Update Credit to: Sona

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