Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts off with Navya and Nandini entering the bathroom while Aliya is in there. Aliya hands them a face wash, telling them that they need it and leaves. Nandini cries about how she came to Mumbai to study and be happy but now the Fab 5 has ruined everything. She says that she will tell her Chacha & Chachi about everything they have done and that she won’t come to this college again. Navya agrees that she’s never seen worse people than them.

The band is practicing at Cabir’s house and his mum brings food for them. Cabir tells his mum to make cool food as they are not little children anymore. Manik replies that his mum’s food is delicious and they all love it. They have a funny argument about who finished the dinner last time, which led to aunty having to make dinner a second time.

Nandini comes home and just as her Chachi is about to come near her, she remembers her halwa in the kitchen and runs towards it. Her Chachi also informs her about their visit to the doctor and that Rishabh will be able to speak soon. Nandini is happy and excuses herself to go freshen up. [/center]

The band continues practicing but is interrupted by Manik’s phone. He receives a call from Nyonika. She tells him to come out but refuses, saying that he is busy in a session right now. She tells him that she will come inside if he won’t come out. He agrees and leaves in anger.

Nandini goes to Rishabh and talks to him. She tells that he can ask for anything and he asks for her pen. She gives it to him and he smells something weird about her. He asks her how her college was and she lies, telling him it was fine.

Manik meets Nyonika and she hands him papers. He tells her that he doesn’t want to meet the person. She tells him that the person can’t say no to him, even if they want to. She gives him until tomorrow afternoon to get the papers signed and back to her. Manik refuses and Niyonika reminds him of their deal that she would save him and he would do her work and then she leaves.

Nandini and Rishabh want to go out and her aunt says it’s a good idea but also tells her to learn Punjabi. Her Chachi also asks her to deliver one of her handmade beauty products to a client and Nandini agrees.

Alia tries to change Manik’s mood but Manik is too annoyed with Nyonika. Mukti says to change the mood they should do a little masti and have some fun.

Nandini and Rishabh arrive at the client’s house and they are invited in. Mukti tells Manik that he has it a lot easier than her. She has to deal with both of her parents who make her the reason of their staying together. She says that in reality, it’s just their advertising company and that if she had her way, she would get them divorced. Cabir replies by saying that separation is not a good thing. His dad is an army officer and is always on duty and he lives with his mum at home. He rarely gets to meet his dad and the last time he spent quality time with him was on his tenth birthday. He does get to see him once a year when they go too Vaishnodevi. He tells them that despite them being together at points, there’s nothing to talk about. Manik leaves.

Rishabh is playing around with stuff and Nandini stops him. She hands him the pen to play with instead. He tells Nandini to sing and initially she refuses but then she gives in. Manik finds her sitting there and sniffs and turns around. Nandini is shocked at seeing him. Manik tells her that she still stinks and asks her what she is doing her. He asks her if she came to complain and hopes that she realises that no one will be able to save her and asks if the Rishabh is her brother. Nandini tells him to leave and Manik laughs. He repeats his question and takes the pen away from Rishabh. He talks about how he heard her and that now he knows why she wants to be a part of the band. He informs the rest of the band about her presence and takes her outside to the poolside. Nandini asks for the pen back and is furious. Manik says that she shouldn’t talk to him in that tone and she asks for the pen again. Cabir and Alia take the pen from Manik and Nandini is still not able to get it. She tells them that she doesn’t want any trouble. She just wants the pen and she’ll go home. Manik throws the pen into the water and Rishabh jumps in after to get it. Someone jumps in to save him. He is introduced as Harshad.

Precap: Harshad brings Rishabh to Nandini and she leaves with him. Cabir finds the pen still in the pool and tell Manik that the game is not yet over. The Fab 5 are holding a betting game and Nandini is informed that she is the one being betted on. Mukti and Manik tell her that she has to play a game. Nandini is forced to do different types of dares.

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