Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nandini is waiting for someone when Dhruv comes and she asks him that where he was. He says that he didn’t went to the college and so did she. Nandini replies that she has been expelled so can’t go. Dhruv says that’s why he didn’t go. Nadnini tells him that he is angry at Manik but tells him of what happened and how Manik came to her to find him,that he should meet Manik as he cares for him. Dhruv says that he doesn’t know what to say, Nandini says that all this friendship can’t be ended so easily and that’s why you can’t leave it. Dhruv is leaving when Nandini gives him a box and says that this is something sweet so that you are no longer angry next time.
As Dhruv leave Nandini gets a call from Navya who tells her that she has been accepted back by the college and that she is waiting for her. Manik comes and all of them ask him that where he was and where Dhruv is. Just as Manik is about to say something Dhruv comes and all of them are happy to see him. Dhruv opens his guitar case and Cabir brings Manik to show him that. Cabir says that it was good tha you broke his guitar because this is amazing. They decide to play and Dhruv says that he doesn’t want that because of someone the whole group suffers and he gives the guitar to Manik.
Just as they are about to play Navya starts playing the drum and Harshad comes in followed by Shahid and a cheer for Nandini by the whole college. Nandini is standing in the crowd and the entire Fab5 is amazed and angry to see her. Cabir says that why is she back and then mocks her.
Manik tries to call his mother but is unable to reach her. Harshad says that you guys are chilling here and if you are then leave this place and songs are made here which you are unable to do so. Navya goes to the microphone and announces it and Muktii backs up. Harshad calls Nandini forwars who comes and smile towars Dhruv. Manik notices it and gets angry. Harshad says to Nandini that why are you disturbed. He says that there is no need to worry as the Fab5 is new to losing but they will get used to it. Harshad then looks at Manik and the both of them get into an argument. The Fab5 leaves the place and Nandini notices that it was Manik the whole time with the star.
After they leave all of them are laughing and Shahid says that he has never seen the Fab5 so speechless and leave the place so quietly. Nandini says that they are finished and Harshad tries to correct her pronunciation but it is of no use. The three of them are celebrating and look at Nandini and Navya says that why are you lost in your world when we are celebrating and tells her to practice. Nandini wonders of who that guy was with the star.
Manik says to Dhruv and Dhruv back say that how could you send those gangsters to them. Manik says that he didn’t know that you would not believe him and says that this is not my style and you should know that. Manik then apologizes saying that he should have explained it to you before. Manik says that he knows that this is her plan but Dhruv says that he disagrees. Dhruv says that his gut doesn’t agrees and Manik is says that is it your gut feeling or some else feeling. Dhruv smiles and says that he knows that all girls are trouble and Manik agrees with him. Muktii and Aliya on hearing this get angry and hit Manik and Dhruv.

Harshad gives everyone a lecture on music and just as they are about to play Nandini gets a call from the café and she has to leave. On her way she hits Manik and falls and says that what is your problem. Manik says that this is the very reason he expelled her so that there could be peace in the college. He says that she won’t be here for a long time. Nandini gives him a cracking reply and then manages to walk to the auto.
Harshad says that let’s go to playing the song and Navya is busy in her dreaming. He asks her that she is doing and Navya says that what a girl. Harshad says that you get dreams of hot girls and Shahid starts laughing. Navya says that she is talking about Nandini and says that she is like superman. Harshad corrects her by saying superwoman. Navya says that she wants to be like Nandini and almost punches Harshad. Harshad says that he likes her the way she is and Navya starts dreaming. She almost falls while standing but Harshad catches her.
Aliya gives the money to one of the gangsters and tells them to leave the place for a month. Dhruv sees the entire incident and recognizes the guy. He remembers what Manik said and how he punched him and the looks at Aliya, who is shocked to see him.

Precap: Nandini tells Dhruv to come to the café and when he comes he gets the attack again and Manik and Nandini run towards him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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