Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Navya comes and sees Dhruv and Manik says that the both of them are crying while hugging. She says that I told them to take me in their band but they didn’t care for me then. She takes out a handkerchief from her bag, while Dhruv asks Manik if he wants to tell him something. Manik hesitates so Dhruv says that tell me when you are ready. Navya comes and shows the handkerchief to Manik and says “Wipe your tears of loss from this”. Dhruv goes and sits on the stairs while Navya gives some advice to Manik.
Manik says that you are saying right and I was saying to Dhruv that due to our loss that we should get a student give him a stamp of Fab5 and throw eggs on him. He says that we were searching for a target and then suddenly you appeared why you welcomed yourself in all of this. He gives Navya a few more interesting choices and she runs after hearing them.
Nandini goes to Manik’s house and waits for him as he is not there. The buttler tells Nandini to go upstairs as the mam is coming and she might get upset. Nandin goes up and waits for him in his room and goes to sleep while doing so. Manik comes up takes off his jacket and shirt and texts Cabir as he wants to talk to him and asks if he would come over to his house. Manik goes to the cupboard when he notices Nandini in the other room sleeping.
Nandini head is tilted and he tries to coorect and while doing his hand gets stuck in her neck. He pulls it out and Nandini wakes up, seeing Manik she turns and covers her eyes. Manik asks her that what you are doing here. Nandini tells her what happened and why she is here. Manik says that why can’t you tell me what I want to hear. Nandini says that she came here to thank him for what he did. Manik says that I switched off my phone purposely and why don’t you understand that. He says that why don’t you thatnk me properly and goes to kiss her while Nandini’s says thank you and he backs up.
Cabir is frustrated and is trying to practice to what he is going to say to the Fab5 and Manik. He says that he knows that the more he thinks the more difficult it would get. He comes out of the washroom and gets a call from Muktii who says that we should not leave Manik alone. Cabir asks if he has invited anyone while Muktii replies saying that he didn’t but we should go to him. Aliya says that we should have a party that might cheer him up. Dhruv says that I talked to him and he doesn’t want any help right not. Cabir says that we should give him some space of his own. Muktii says that when did you become so intelligent, Aliya says that we should listen to Dhruv as Manik handles his emotions best alone.
Nandini says to Manik that you lost because you sang on the phone and while saying she hits Manik again. She says that no one knew that you were helping Rishab and so I think that I will tell Raghav sir the whole truth and then he might change the scores. On hearing this Manik takes her in the shower and turns it on. He blames her for the lost as she didn’t attend his calls. Nandini says that you are good and everyone should know this. Manik says that he doesn’t wants to be a hero and if she tells anyone he would break her.
Cabir comes to Manik’s room while Nandini is still there and so is Manik. Manik and Nandini are both shocked to hear him and Manik closes the door. Cabir comes close and opens the door while Manik holds Nandini in his arms and tells Cabir that he is taking a shower. He tells Nandini to keep quiet and not to utter a word.Cabir says that you don’t know how nervous I am and I usually get nervous in these talks. He says that I keep forgetting although I have practiced. He takes a break to breath while Nandini sneezes in the washroom.
Harshad and Navya come out of the car and Harshad says that he is sorry for everything that happened and wants her to forgive him. Nandini says that there are no apologizes in friendship. She says that the good things that happen in friendship should always be remembered but that bad should be instantly forgotten. Harshad says that he is blessed to have a friend like you and says to Navya that when you will leave the college all f your dreams will come true. Navya says that she forgot her way but Nandin helped her in her aim. Harshad says that because of you we won while she says that it was all of us. Harshad says that I am giving a compliment after compliment and you are throwing it away. He hugs her and kisses her on the cheek and Navya losses her words. He tells Navya to take care and leaves in the car.
Cabir says that what that was after he hears the sound of the sneeze and Manik sneezes to cover it up. Cabir asks Manik if you are Okay as you look a little too distracted right now. Manik says that he could use a drink right now. He tells Cabir to go downstairs and make a drink so that he could change and they will talk over it. Cabir says that it’s a superb idea as he could also use a drink. Cabir goes downstairs and Manik runs to Nandini and says that what was that why did you yell?

Precap: Nandini is only wearing a shirt while Muktii comes to meet Manik and says that now you meet Cabir instead of me. Nandini is hiding in the closet while Muktii is standing through the support of its door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wow its too romantic episode… i lvd it… lv this shw…:) 🙂

    thanx sona..

  2. nice episod yar

  3. Soooo nice……

  4. God romance man……Manik lukd hot. Feelin sad 4 Dhruv,the cuty pie….

  5. i luvd d epi but didnt get a chance 2 c…guyz suggest a good site to c d epi..dis epi didnt cme in ytub yet plzzzz..plzz

    1. MTV promo or desibox

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