Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik is amazed as says to Nandini that you did all of this. She is about to walk away when Manik holds her arm and says that where are you going. He says that you did so much to bring me here and now you are leaving. Manik asks her to say something but she doesn’t so he says that you won’t say anything, than I will leave. He says that Soha’s private party, I will go there.
Soha is worried and asks Dhruv to call him. Cabir stops him and says that Manik went to the hospital for the routine checkup. Cabir makes an excuse and Soha says that I planned so much and Cabir asks if it was for Manik. Soha says that I planned for all but the Fab5 is incomplete if only four are here.
Manik is sitting with Nandini and says that isn’t this party a little boring. He asks if she didn’t think of what to do once he got here. Nandini says that I only wanted to stop you from another foolish mistake. Manik asks why, when Nandini sees a box and Manik says that it’s a gift for Soha as she gave me a gift as well. He says that I hope she likes it when Nandini unwraps the box while Manik chases her not to. Nandini throws the gift out of the window and mocks him. Manik says that are you crazy as you know what it was. He runs for the gift while Nandini says that Soha will neither get you or your gift.

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Aliya is sitting and Dhruv asks of what happened to her. She says that I couldn’t imagine new year without Manik last year but this year I don’t even miss him. She asks if It’s strange and Dhruv says that it is and gives her a gift. She asks of who inspired her and Dhruv says that you did as you made a card for me. He asks of what she is going to do with it and Aliya says that’s for me to know and you will find out.
Navya walks by and Dhruv calls her, she comes and says that I wanted to talk and asks of Harshad. Aliya says that he is out of jail and Navya says that I know that. She tells Aliya that she wants to talk to Harshad but can’t reach him. ALiya says that she can’t go home but will talk to Harshad as soon as she reaches home.
Nandini is standing while Manik comes back and says that I couldn’t find out. He is angry at Nandini and says that I didn’t expect it from you. Nandini says that you should go to her while Manik says that you seriously think that’s what I want. Nandin says that I will always take you seriously but you don’t. Manik says that how should I take you seriously as you say something but do the other. He says that you can’t stand me with Soha, that’s why you did that. He says that I didn’t leave you did so just clear it out.
He asks of why are we fighting as we both know that we can’t stay away from each other. Nandini says that she is scared. Manik asks of why she is afraid and Nandini says that you always apologized for hurting me but never apologized for leaving me. She says that I noticed that you are a great friend and I know that such a situation comes again that you have to choose between your friend and me. You will chose your friends again, she asks Manik to say something and he says that I will choose my friends.
Nandini is leaving when he says that ask why I will, she asks and he says that I have to be with them to protect them as you protect me. He says that you said that you are my star and that you are. Nandini comes running and hugs.
Harshad comes to the party and Navya starts to follow him. Harshad comes to ALiya and says that you came without a gift so I brought one. ALiya says that I told you to not come when Soha comes and Aliya introduces them. Harshad complements on Soha and she thanks him but says that it is all wasted now, she says that I have been waiting for Manik but he hasn’t come. He asks Aliya to call him when ALiya takes Harshad away. Harshad asks Aliya of what is going on and ALiya asks of what is going on between him and Navya as she was asking for him.
Manik says to Nandini that something is burning while she tells him to stay quiet. Nandini’s dress starts to burn due to the candel. Manik tries to put the flame down and succeed, he stands up and asks Nandini if she is Okay. Nandini says that she is sorry as she didn’t realize. Manik takes of a curtain and gives it to her to wear it.
Harshad is leaving the party when Navya comes and stops him. She asks of why he isn’t answering her calls while Harshad says that everything between us is finished. He turns around Muktii is standing there and she says that you are still the same as before. She says that to her and stop avoiding her, Harshad agrees and Navya thanks him. Abhymanu is amazed at Harshad and to his ways.
Harshad says to Navya that what all this drama is. Navya says that this is no drama and says that I have something to tell you. Harshad says that tell it quickly to me as I don’t have much time, Navya hesitates and then says that she is pregnant. Manik is knocking on the door so that Nandini can come out and says that only 15 minutes are left as only the two of us are here. He says that I want to be with you on the New Year.

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  1. Brilliant! Curse dat soha!
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  2. Today’s epi was amazing…especially manan love making scene…wowww.cabir is the best frnd of manik in ky2 not dhruv..

  3. Tnx, shar a looot..u r my life saviour….
    Guyz..cm 2 2day’s epsd…

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