Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik is hiding behind a banner and Harshad is hiding behind a wall and watching them. He calls her and asks of where Manik is, she says that he is not here and is coming. Harshad says that I have changed the plan as the coach is brining the team here so bring him to the drama room. Nandini says that I convinced Manik very difficutly to meet me here so how will I do this. Harshad says that you have to come there and bringing Manik will be figured by you. He leaves with Navya and for the drama room.
Nandini comes out and talks to Manik about what Harshad said to him. She is about to go when Manik stops her and says that I have a feeling that he knows about you. He says that I will go and check the situation out. Nandini stops him and says that you can’t go there as you almost killed Harshad and I won’t let you do it again. They argue on who is going and Manik picks Nandini up saying that I will have to lock you up. Nandini struggles and he stops and lets her go and she says that you are still the same and what does is matter if the plan is mine to change you and your friends.

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Manik says that you were doing all of this for Navya and she says that I am. Manik still wants her to come and she says that let me do something for once. She leaves saying that I will call you if I need your help. Cabir’s mother is taking him out of the car when she goes to get help. ALiya, Muktii and Dhruv come and take him out of the car and run from there. His mother comes and looks for him while they leave in the car with Mutkii trying to wake Cabir up.
Nandini comes to the drama room asking for Navya when she comes to back room as she hears Navya’s voice. Nandini comes and complains about how she brought Manik to the nets and how will she do it now. Harshad says that you can do it and shows her the ball and says that you know these balls. Manik is waiting for Nandini while Harshad gets Nandini cornered. Nandini says that there must be a misunderstanding while Harhsad says that I know all about you so tell me the plan.
Nandini goes to Navya and says that I did this all for her to save her from your evil plans. Navya says that you could have talked to us if you wanted to me. Nandini wants Harshad to put an end to this while he is determined to take on the Fab5. Harshad takes her bag and they lock her in the room. Manik comes to the drama room. Nandini tries to convince Navya about the reality of Harshad and his lying. Harshad comes and switches the light off while trying to fight Manik. He wears night vision glasses and gets a bat.
Nandini tries to find a way to help a Manik while Manik is trying to think of a way. Muktii is very happy about what they just did and they agree on going back. Aliya tells Cabir that they have a great reason to celebrate for and they can party like never before. Dhruv gets a phone and texts Manik about plan. Navya on the other is trying to talk to Nandini but she doesn’t answer. Navya unlocks the door and peaks in and Nandini pulls her inside and locks her in. She finds her bag and texts Dhruv about the new plan. They drive fast and Cabir says that if anything happened to Manik than we will bash him out.
Manik uses the torch to see when Harshad hits him with the ball on his hand and then uses the bat. Manik can’t see but manages to escape when Harshad says that you were the brave one and I was the coward. He says that that night our real story started and I should have pushed you further and Dhruv won’t be able to save you that night. Nandini comes and looks for Manik when Harshad sees her and stalks her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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