Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes in the room and Harshad plays a tune and asks her of what she thinks of it. Nandini says that it’s nice and then he asks her that where Navya is. After knowing of where she went he gets angry and says that we are doomed. Nandini says to him to call her as she will come back as the things he says really affect her.
Rose goes to sit with Dhruv again and asks her that why are you blushing and are you in love with someone. Cabir comes and takes her on saying that he needs her help. He takes her to the kitchen and tells to act properly otherwise his friends will find out before time that she is not his girlfriend. He warns her angrily to do as she is told and nothing else or he would send her back. On turning they realize that Manik is there and heard it all.
Manik comes to Cabir and says that why. He says that at least I got to know so many secrets and thought that things will be fine. He then shouts and says that what is your secret. Cabir tells Rose to give them a minute. Manik gives him a drink and says that take an hour and think of a brilliant excuse to tell me. Cabir gives the bottle back and says that there is no excuse and says that he just couldn’t tell. He says that what he should say that the Fab5 is so weak. Manik says that this is not a Fab5 problem.
Cabir says that he knows that but how could he tell that there are problems in his love life. Manik says that you thought that we won’t approve her. Cabir agrees to the answer and says that sort of. Manik says that we are a family more than friends and we will approve her. Cabir says that he will tell them everything but not tonight as the competition is tomorrow. Cabir says that he is too scared as the truth might break them. Manik says that the truth don’t break them the secrets do. Cabir says that he hopes that this is not the one. Manik says that he will wait till tomorrow and he will support him.
Nandini is walking and thinking of what they will do as the entire band is no where to place. Manik and Nandini now stand at the same tree unknowing of each other when suddenly Manik’s hand touches Nandini and she says to him that she is too drained to fight him. Manik says that let’s take a break as he is not in the mood. Nandini says that then something bad must have happened. Manik says that he doesn’t understand that what is going on in the others life no one knows and is just worried. Nandini says that this is all a part of growing up. She says that this will take time but all will be fine. Just as she is about to leave Manik holds her arm and she hits the tree and Manik runs to her aid.
Manik says to her that she can’t leave like as she knows his worry and might use it against him. He forces her to tell him something. She tells the truth saying that they might not be able to perform tomorrow. Manik says that he didn’t want to her share such a big secret. As she is about to leave he says that don’t give up otherwise all the chances of winning will diminish. He says that don’t destroy the fun in the fight. She says that tomorrow they will win and tells him wait and watch.
At home Nandini calls Navya several times but she doesn’t answers. Then she gets a call from Harhsad who says that he is going to meet Navya at the hostel as he won’t let her back down like this. Rishap comes and tells Nandini to calm down as all will be okay. He then gives her the pen and she thanks him saying that this will boos her confident a lot.
The guard is telling Harshad that boys can’t go in the girl’s hostel even for a minute. He tries many times but the refuses to allow him to go inside. He then texts Navya to come as he is waiting outside the hostel, Navya checks on him but then sits back. He texts her again to at least come to the competition but Navya throws the phone away.
Bets are going on NH3 and Fab5 and they discuss on how the competition is going to be like as they have never seen Manik go up against Harshad. In the auditorium and Manik says that he is glad that they are gathered here as the can now get rid of all the fights and drama. Harshad replies saying that the first time is going to memorable and he can’ wait for them to lose. Cabir says that they will lose when they will perform. He asks of where Navya is and then mocks her and then Shahid’s shirt. Navya says that she is coming and that they are going to win this competition.
Shahid asks Nandin if she is actually coming as she might have called her Nandini says that she hasn’t called but she knows that she is coming. The judges come in and the gates are close and Cabir says that the doors of their victory are closed. Raghav seats the judges and then looks at the bands. He then asks of where Navya is and Harshad says that she is coming. Raghav says that the day has arrived where the top 4 bands of the college will compete. He gives them the order in which they are going to compete. He tells to wait until their names are called.

Precap: the Fab5 is ready and called to perform but Raghav says that where Manik is. Manik is taking care of Rishab who got an attack while the fab5 tries to call him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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