Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Navya is about to leave when she sees Nandini’s stall hanging out from the door. She knocks and Nandini comes out immediately and takes her away. The Fab5 and NH3 are in the same place but are not getting along. Manik says that they should get this along and he will lead, Harshad disagrees and says that when the master is here kids can’t lead. Nandini brings the solution and Manik wins the toss, Shahid says to Nandini that why did you make Harshad lose while Nandini says that she did not did it on purpose. Harshad replies saying that it’s Okay as Manik can only win tosses.

When the Nandini stands next to Manik on the ramp he says thanks to her while she says that it was just luck. He asks her if that means that she is her lucky charm, Nandini smiles and they begin to sing the song. Raghav comes from behind and they stop as they see him but he tells them to continue as he was just checking on how things were going. Manik calls out to Raghav saying that everything was going fine and you came in between. Harshad wonders of what is going on between the two of them and why is Raghav so nervous.

Raghav says that he was just walking through the corridor and heard their practice and realized that something was missing. He says that there is something to be added and it could be a lot grander. Navya says that what that is something while Raghav replies saying that the something is to be figured out. He tells them to carry on and he’ll be back in 15 minutes. As soon as Raghav leaves Muktii says that what the problem with that man is, as he said that something is missing. Harshad follows Raghav as he leaves while Raghav texts Cabir to meet him now.

Cabir goes and Manik comes with him as he asks him to while Dhruv asks Nandini to come with him. Cabir says to Manik that it is over between me and him and you taking him on is not helping. Nandini and Dhruv are going from the same place but neither of them notices another. Manik says Sorry to Cabir and says that he thought about love. He almost says to what happened with Nandin but changes the name by saying that what Raghav did is not love. Cabir says that he wishes that they lived in the world where there was no need to hide love.

Cabir says that love is too messy and leaves, he comes back and asks of who told him about Raghav. Manik tells him the truth and says that Nandini won’t tell anyone and you can trust me on this. Cabir asks him if he is Okay as you use Nandini’s name in every topic. Manik hesitates and says that everything is Okay and uses her name again but then ends the conversation and they decide to go back.

Nandini says to Dhruv that So you think like this. Dhruv says that if he said anything but she says that she was just trying to read his mind. They sit down on the stairs and Dhruv says that he wanted to talk about last night and Manik told him everything. Nandini thinks of what happened earlier when she went upstairs and by the pool and says to him everything. She says that what do you think about it, Dhruv replies saying that he thinks that they make a good team. He tells her that he knows that his brother is going through the same problem and they want to sort it out together. Nandini takes a sigh of relief while Dhruv says that you are really good and it’s good to know that someone cares about me.

After a few words Nandini tells him to end these sentimental talks as she knows that he is special. Dhruv is really happy and Nandini says that she will be with him his whole life and won’t leave him that easily. Dhruv says that this is a big commitment but Nandini says that she doesn’t makes small commitments. She says that lets stop it and go to our friends where they will be pulling each other’s hairs. The decide to go back and Dhruv gives Nandini a hand as she gets up.

Harshad is following Raghav and hides to find out. Soon Cabir comes and Harsahd is now confirmed that something is wrong. Raghav asks Cabir of why he told Manik about them, Raghav talks about it and says that we broke up last night. Cabir says that you were always selfish, you broke my heart and didn’t even ask how I was. Raghav says that he is sorry but Cabir says that you are not as all you want is an explanation. He says that Manik found out but I’m not going to tell you how as you won’t believe me. Their conversation goes on while Harshad listens to all of it and hides as Cabir is about to leave.

Shahid and Navya are sitting together and decided to go to the canteen. She mocks Manik as they are about to leave, Manik stops her and that I need Cabir’s camera as I have a great plan for her. Navya runs off quickly and he comes inside. Aliya stops Manik and says that she needs to talk about Muktii as she saw pills in her bag. Manik goes to talk to her but Aliya stops him saying that it is of no use as she tried. Muktii comes and says that she saw them together after a long time and tells them to talk to each other as she will be back in a while. Aliya tells Manik to wait until she checks Muktii’s bag and then he can confront her if necessary.

Aliya goes out while Dhruv and Nandini are coming up. Dhruv tells Nandini to go as he’ll be back and goes to talk to ALiya. Nandini comes inside and Manik is singing a song, she stands by and listens to him. She comes right next to Manik and says that you are amazing, Manik stops and says that why don’t you tell this to Harshad that you want to join Fab5. Nandini says that why would she say that but Manik says that you mean it directly or indirectly and she stands next to the wall.

Nandini asks him of what she should tell him, Manik says that you are impressed with me, with my music, the way I sing and sometimes you meet me. He says that it all means something that you are now the part of Manik fan club. Nandini says that she is not his fan, Manik asks saying that what are you then. Nandini is now totally confused with nothing to say to him.

Precap: Nandini are Manik are standing together and he asks her of why she is so happy to see fireflies. Nandini says that catch me if you want to know. Manik turns around and hits Dhruv and asks him of what he is doing her and what the flowers are for. Dhruv says that they are for Nandini as he loves her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. dhrub should forget nandina and move on with alya

  2. Same precap… 🙁

    1. Yeah, why didn’t it happen?

  3. ohh the precap is gonna create jealousy in manik. N day by day the show is getting more interesting . That is the thireng pulling me towards this showw. Great work all the best

  4. N mahi alia doesnt deserve dhruv :p

  5. thanx sona .

  6. plzzzzz….. only manik nd nandini…. no 3rd persn plz.

  7. Manik,when will u confess ur luv to nandhu?i’m waiting 4 tht..plz confess it soon

  8. i’m angry with the same precap. but why r they both (MANIK & NANDHINI) not telling that they love each other.

  9. satya,it was all bcos Druv tried 2 maintain his frndship also. Now,its time 4 manik 2 maintain his frndship nd sacrifice 4 druv

  10. I agree with Mahi

  11. Nandini maanik lov u guyzzzzz…..

  12. sory,it was a mistake. I dont agree with Mahi

  13. OMG. It seems that Harshad will reveal d truth of cabir and raghav and Nandhini will be blamed as she knws d truth apart from Manik.

  14. Plzz….update fanaah also.

  15. ohhhh no….
    nw manik wil sacrific his luv nd strt ingoring nandu…
    sad yaar 🙁

    1. s…………. of course diz is gng to happen……….

  16. Even I lyk manan as many of u but…. am feeling dat manik iz
    trapping nandini to tke his revenge on her punch.

    1. i m also thinking the same but i love their chemistry

  17. the story is going 2 b very spicy

  18. I think the luv story if manan shud beginn….no 3rd person plzzz…start their luv story guyzz…

  19. Loving each and every bit of the show..just coz of manan…snc its a desi version of boys over flowers…there will b lots of drama b/w manan, but not so soon…want to catch sm more lovey dovey scenes

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