Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad comes in the way of Fab5 and mocks then of losing their one member. He asks Manik of where his best friend is and Muktii tells him to stop. Harshad says that if she is afraid of letting everyone know of what happened between them yesterday. Harshad says that he won’t tell anyone about it. Muktii say that whatever he thinks happened was a fantasy while Harshad replies saying that those haven’t come when he would fantasize about her. Cabir comes and says that why are you fighting let’s talk, you have such a nice face you should try acting it would suit you and leave the place or else. Harshad says to Cabir that tell me something, you are on a secret mission these days which the Fab5 doesn’t know about.
Muktii shakes Harshad of and says that are you trying to divide us and the secret of Cabir is that he has a girlfriend. Harshad goes to Cabir and says that you can got a girlfriend, he then asks him of one thing that even Muktii hasn’t met her. Harshad goes to Aliya and she tells him to leave but he comes back and says that you are pushing the wrong guy as it is not because of me that Dhruv is not here. He says that although Manik freed Nandini but he sent gangster after her and that is because Manik is obsessed with Nandini.
Manik turns around and wants to punch Harshad but stops and Harshad says that why did you stop and Manik leaves and so does all of them. Manik comes back and says to Harshad that you talk a lot and that you are obsessed about us because you are the one who found all of us but forgot one thing. He then tells Harshad that Nandini has been expelled and he did it.
Nandini comes home and allows her maid to leave. She then cries and says that she is sorry and she let him down and because of her, his treatment will be stopped. She says that I don’t know how to tell you that I have been expelled. She is crying when the bell rings and it is Dhruv who came and gives her a punching bag and tells her to hit it. He says that all that is happening to you is unfair and because of me you have to pay such a huge prize. Nandini say that you are also paying a huge prize as you lost your friend and friendship is very important.
Nandini asks him if he has talked to Manik. Dhruv says that how are still thinking about me after what happened to you. Nandini says that she doesn’t want to as it would hurt her and especially her brother when he hears it. Rishab comes from behind and on seeing him both their heads start to hurt and Rishab runs upstairs. Nandini tells Dhruv to nake himself upstairs and that she’ll be back. She goes upstairs and tries to bring Rishab down but he doesn’t want to. Dhruv leaves the place and Manik comes from behind.
Nandini comes down and sees Manik and says that what are you doing her and where is Dhruv. He says that you invited Dhruv while she replies that it is none of your business. Manik says that he is not here to talk to her but is here to correct his mistake and asks for the file he gave her. Nandini gives him the file and says that she doesn’t wants to see your face ever again, Manik says that he does wants to and this time it’s goodbye forever. He says that this is the last time I am telling you to stay away from Dhruv and if I see her near him he will I will destroy you.

Cabir says to a girl that this is a high time that all of she should meet her friends and says that tomorrow is the date. Nandini is sitting on the chair crying and remembering Dhruv and the things he did for her. She hits the toy just as he told her. Dhruv is looking at the photos of him and Manik and then starts playing the guitar. Manik is taking a shower and is thinking about what happened today and blames Nandini for what happened today.
Muktii is talking to Aliya and says that what is happening around them and that why they are not telling them. Muktii says that she can bet her life for anyone of them but now it just doesn’t seem that they are one anymore. Aliya tells her to not see this negatively, Muktii says that all of this has ended. Aliya tells her to come down from there and calm herself. Muktii says that Fab5 means everything to her and now it is breaking in front of them.
Harshad comes in a jolly mood and says whats up to Muktii. He then mocks them and says that isn’t it sad and then on seeing where she is standing he says that what the hell is wrong with you. Muktii says that nothing is like before and now everything is ending because of all these secrets between them. Harshad tries to calm her down and so does Aliya, but Muktii says than what will happen it will all be over. Harshad tells Aliya to keep her talking and he’ll do something.
Aliya continues to calm Muktii down while Harhsad does something. Muktii says that she will not come down as the Fab5 no longer exsist and says to Aliya that she loves the Fab5. Muktii cancels the call and throws her phone down. Manik gets a call from Aliya but he is just angry so doesn’t picks up. Muktii remembers all the fun time she had with the Fab5.

Precap: Harsahd makes an announcement about Nandini and all the people she has helped have gathered to start a campaign to bring Nandini back. A lot of them agree to sign the paper so that she can be brought back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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