Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes to the pool where Manik is, and he says that he is glad that they broke up otherwise he would have killed them. Nandini is confused and says that why they did so, Manik says that none of that matters as it was all bullshit and Raghav was playing with his friends emotions Manik says that Raghav should have known as he is a professor and there is an almost 15 year difference between him and Cabir. Nandini says that love just happens and you never see it coming while Manik says that Cabir said the same thing and you actually managed to calm me down. Nandini tells him to wait as all will be fine with time.
Nandini gets a call and tells Manik that Rishab is here, Manik replies saying that he completely forgot about that and doesn’t think that this is the best time and that would be better for him. Nandini agrees and Manik comes with her for the moment. Rishab comes in and Dhruv walks in front of him, as soon as they get close enough the both of them get the attack. Nandini and Manik come to Rishab’s aid without noticing Dhruv, Manik looks around and sees Dhruv there also having an attack and so does Nandini. Manik runs to Dhruv while Nandini says that she’ll take Rishab away. On the other hand Manik tries to calm Dhruv down.
Aliya is walking in the parking lot when she notices Muktii who is with the same guy and stops her. She comes and asks ALiya of what happened. ALiya says that you really can’t avoid talking and says that I know what you have been up to and shows her the pills. Mutkii snatches the pills from Aliya, while she says that leave them as you get badly addicted to them and get over Bhai. Mutkii says that she is over with Harshad and leaves with the fellow. Aliya says that she knows as it not over and wonders if she would be able to forget Manik.
Manik gives Dhruv a glass of water and asks him of what must have triggered it. Manik says to Dhruv that Rishab has the same problem as yours and I forgot to tell you earlier. Manik says that I thought that inviting you two would help while Dhruv says that I’m blessed to have a friend like you. Dhruv says that you kept all your anger aside and talked to enemy for me. Dhruv says that only the world’s best firend would dot that while Manik says that she is not bad. DHruv says that she is very good and Manik gets a call from Nandini and hides it from Dhruv.
He tells Dhruv to wait and goes to talk to Nandini. They ask questions of how Rishab and Dhruv are, when they questions end they wonder what to talk about. After a while Manik manages to say what a day with Nandini replies saying that we got through it, with Manik again emphasizing on we. Manik says that well played partner and the silent awkwardness starts again. They start to talk about musicana and college yet can’t continue the conversation but don’t want to end it. Nandini says that the party was great and Mani replies saying that when the company is great so is the party. Nandini says that you are complementing yourself while Manik says that that means that you don’t like my company. Nandini hesitates to answer and the call finally ends.
Cabir sits down while his mother tells him to check on something. Cabir is in his room weeping when he gets a call from Ranbir her mother brings the phone to his door but doesn’t picks up. He opens the door gets the phone and closes it without saying anything. Ranbir is lecturing Cabir about to not lecture him when he hears Cabir crying. Cabir tells him to leave him alone and puts the phone down.
The next day at the college the preparations are being made for musicana while the fans are also gathering for NH3 and Fab5. The Fab5 and NH3 are gathered and both of them are discussing about their problems, Nandini comes in the hall and Shahid tells her to look for his keys. Manik comes and hits her when Harshad steps forward and tells him to watch it. Manik supports Nandini against Muktii and helps her get up. He looks at Harshad and says Happy and stands with the Fab5. Maniks asks his friends of where the Cabir is and Muktii tells him to calm down.
Cabir comes and puts on a face before walking in and slides his way in and starts to mock the NH3. Harshad warns Cabir, but he tells him to chill as it is his choice to take the option. Muktii is happy to see him and Manik asks him if he is Okay. Cabir says that he is great when Raghav walks in, he addresses them about the information and their advantages and says that the Fab5 and NH3 will be performing together on the opening night of musicana. All of them disagree while Cabir says that your decisions are not correct, he leaves with giving Cabir an answer to focus on his work.
Manik stops Raghav and is almost about to him when Nandini asks Raghav of what they are going to do. She nods at Manik to not to do anything and Raghav says that this is a high time and they should get ready. Manik looks at Raghav and says that we should get serious now and leaves the hall. Navya says to Nanidni as they walk out that how Raghav does get these ideas. Nandini gets a text from Manik to take the door coming ahead when Nandini closes the chat box.
Manik comes from behind and says Hello girls while Navya says that what happened to him. Manik says to Navya that do you know that you are going to have a solo performance at musicana. Navya says that she is going to check the notice board for confirmation while Manik drags Nandini in the room. He says that why do you create excuses while Nandini says that why are you always so stubborn. She wants to leave when Manik holds her inside and tells her to be quite and don’t spoil it. Navya comes back and calls out for her. Nandini wants to go out while Manik holds her back and says that she can’t see us.
Nandini says that she hates lying and not to our friends especially. Manik says that what we should do then. Navya is about to leave when she notices the piece of cloth hanging out the door and bangs on the door so that it may open. Nandini is terrified inside as to what is about to happen next.

Precap: Manik holds Nandini in her arms and says that why do you smile when there are fireflies around. Nandini says that to know the answer you must catch me. Manik turns around and hits Dhruv who is also there with flowers.

Update Credit to: Sona

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