Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Just as Dhruv was about to be punched in the face Manik comes and holds the guy hands and twists it. Aliya wonders that how she can stop it, while Manik fights the guy and they run away. Manik yells at Dhruv that what he is doing here. Nandini says that he came here to protect her and Manik tells her to shut up. Nandini say that you sent two gangsters after me, although I did all you asked me to do; she blames Manik for everything and calls her monster. Manik says that he is a monster and will remain eveil and that no one will protect you and what can you do. Dhruv turns around and punches Manik while he just watches it. Manik grabs Dhruv when Nandini and Aliya come to stop the fight.
Manik goes to the auditorium and starts to play the guitar and Aliya tries to calm him down. Manik just remembers what Dhruv just did and keeps playing the guitar, Aliya tells Manik that it was all Nandini and she wants FAB5 to break. Manik remembers how Dhruv helped Nandini throughout this time and breaks the guitar.
Nandini is sitting with Dhruv and sees how his hand is bleeding. She washes the blood of his hand and tells him to see a doctor soon so that he could get treated properly. Dhruv remembers how Manik treated Nandini throughout the time and gets angry. Nandini says to Dhruv that you should not have hit Manik, he is a monster for me not for the world. She says that this was her fight and that he should talk to him atleats once. Dhruv says that he crossed all his limits today.
The video of Manik and Dhruv is leaked throughout the college and Harshad, Navya and Shahid are all very happy to see it. Harshad says that he should have been there to see it live and that this is unbelievable. Navya says that Nandini was there and maybe she made them fight. Harshad says that Nandini is unbelievable as she broke the strongest connection of the FAB5 and Shahid agrees with him.
The Fab5 are all standing still because Manik and Dhruv are staring at each other with anger. Some students come in place and Mukttii yells at them and tells them to leave instantly. Cabir says that this has to end and that they have to stop staring at each other like it’s a bollywood movie. Cabir says that we are the Fab5 and we don’t ever fight.
Navya is talking Harshad and says that she could not believe all of this. She says that although instead of Dhruv it should have been Cabir who got the beating but it is good as Dhruv is now free from the band as he was not that bad. Shahid says that the students once could not even raise their voice against the FAB5 but now all the kicks and fists are rising. Harshad just smiles as he listens to all of this.
Muktii says that if they don’t want to talk then it’s Okay. She goes to Dhruv and says that you were the one who said that music could solve anything and then goes to Manik and tells him that it’s you who used to say that music is magic. She tries to make them rehearse together but they don’t move. Aliya says to Manik that what are we waiting for and Cabir says to Dhruv that the song is calling you so let’s play. Muktii comes and says to Manik that lests go back to being us but Manik says that he broke his guitar so there is no coming back and Dhruv just leaves.

Shahid says that congrats goes to Nandini. Navya is confused to hear what Shahid said and Harshad explains it to her. She says that he mother was right about English, Navya then mocks the English grammar and language. Harshad says to Navya that you are amazing and she starts to fall in her dreams again. Nandini comes and the three of them congratulate her by saluting her and Navya says that seriously you did something amazing today.
Nandini says that she wants to say something to them. She says that she will join this band and all of them are very happy. Navya says that she knew it and Harshad welcomes her and they all say cheers to the new band and the end of FAB5. The informer says that Nandini is being called by the principle. She goes in the office and she says that she has heard a lot about her and gives her a letter. Nandini asks that what this is and she says that this is her bravery reward her expulsion letter. Nandini is shocked to read this and says that what she did. The teacher says that she will give no explanation and does wants to humiliate her.
On her way out she sees Manik. Manik goes to her mother and she tells him that it’s done but that he’ll have to follow the policy and now must pay a price. He says that he doesn’t care about the price as she could not know the value of his friendship with Dhruv and that stupid commoner came in between them and that she had to go.

Precap: Dhruv goes to Nandini and brings her a gift and says that you are more angry than sad and tells her to hit it. She asks him if he had talked to Manik and he says that you are still thinking about me.

Update Credit to: Sona

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