Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nandini comes and Harshad asks her that what took you so long. Navya sees the bruise and says that the Fab5 did this; we should have also done things like this to Muktii because they never learn. Nandini says that she is Okay and tells Navya to calm down. Navya says that you are hurt and are telling me to calm down. Harshad says that she is smart as they think like devils and we like humans. Nandini says that lets forget this and we have to practice. Manik says that we have only one hour left. Nandini says that we can practice all night and Harsadh agrees and says that let’s come to my place.
Aliya texts the Fab5 to be at her place at 7 o’clock. She says that she will get everyone together no matter what. Aliya comes home and is about to drink water when she hears music. Harshad gives Nandini an instruction on the play while Navya is thinking about Harshad and Muktii. Navya tries to sing again when Harshad says that something is missing. He tells Nandini to call Harshad and check on him. Nandini calls Shahid who is still sick and will practice tomorrow in the morning. After telling this, Harshad says that it’s okay but we don’t have a song yet.
They play again when Aliya comes and slams the door and shouts at him. She then thinks that calling Fab5 was not such a great idea. Later Cabir, Dhruv Muktii and Rose come at Aliya’s house. Rose says that you guys still hang out after such drama and Cabir says to her that you look better when you are not talking. She thanks him and says that she won’t say anything to anyone and then winks at Dhruv. Rose says to Aliya that Manik hasn’t come and is he still angry at you.
Cabir takes Rose to the kitchen as he says that he is thirsty. Dhruv looks at Aliya and says that don’t worry he will come soon. Navya starts to sing and Harshad says to her that if this is how you will sing then don’t perform at all. Navya leaves the place and Nandini follows her and breaks a plant pot. Manik comes and sees her but then Nandini moves to where Navya is sitting and he thinks that he is hallucinating.
Nandini goes to Navya and asks her what is wrong. Navya says that she is a fool and there is no future of her with Harshad. Navya compares herself with Muktii and says that she is wrong and an illiterate. Nandini says to Navya that she can be like Muktii. She says that you have one thing that no one has and says that is a beautiful heart. Nandini reminds Navya of why she is here and says to her to make that dream come true. Navya says that she came here for that but when she saw Harshad her heart changed. She leaves the place while Nandini fails to stop her.
Manik comes and meets the Fab5. He asks that what the occasion on which they are gathered here is. Aliya says that you have forgotten so try to remember. Cabir comes with an idea and says that this is one of those anniversaries where you guys met or something like that. Aliya says that she knew that no one will remember it but says that this is the tradition where we spend the night together before the performance. She says that we are going to do rock and roll but Cabir says that we won’t do that as we are supposed to do fusion. Muktii goes and hugs Aliya and says that you are great Cabir agrees with the idea that the Fab5 is great.

Aliya goes and plays a song and asks for Manik’s hand. He looks at the rest of the guys and then starts to dance but doesn’t smile. Rose goes towards Dhruv but Cabir stops her and dances with her and then looks at her angrily. Muktii takes some pills when they others are not looking while Dhruv thinks of dancing with Nandini. Manik wakes him up and asks if he is Okay. He says that he is going to bring the guitar from inside.
Nandini is thinking of what she is going to do now when her dress gets stuck in the table. She says that why this does always happens to her when Dhruv comes and helps her with it. He says to her that you are beautiful and she says thanks. Manik takes Aliya aside and says that doing things like this will make things only worse. She says that we have been together for 7 years. He tells that this is exactly why; he says that you sent goons after her and didn’t tell me. He says that in a relation in which there is no trust can’t have any future. He tells her to asks herself is she trusts him.
Aliya says that she is sorry but Manik says that this is not the answer to his question. Aliya says that she trusts him but Manik says that you took too long. She says that she can’t let him go and Manik tells her to not create a scene. He says that maybe they have spent so much time together that they didn’t realize that they were going apart. He says that until the competition ends let’s keep our personal lives aside.
Nandini asks Dhruv of what he is doing here, she then realizes that the others will also be here and says that she can’t take anymore drama. She tells him the whole story of her band while Dhruv just smiles at her. She then stops and aks him of what happened and he says that are you real. She shakes him up and says that are you drunk as she has been talking for so long and he didn’t even respond. Dhruv looks at her and then leaves the place.
She follows him but then backs up as Manik enters. Manik says that this is an unpleasant surprise and says that you enjoy the tortures. She turns around and says that you still want something to do. Manik grins and says that sometimes her innocence amazes him. He holds her hand and looks at her while she tries to break free. He leaves her hand tells her run before he changes his mind. On leaving Nandini says to him that you are crazy.

Precap: Cabir tells Rose to act normal or the others will find out that she is not his girlfriend. Rose points at someone outside and it’s Manik who heard it all.

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