Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad is standing with Navya and is very angry at Raghav and says that he doesn’t understand what that man thinks and does. Navya says that their luck is also broke as they became partners with Muktii. Navya tries to bash out but then calms down when Harshad asks what she is saying. Nandini comes and sits down with the Fab5 and Manik says that stand up and teach. He mocks her and then tells her to sing as soon as she goes near the microphone it produces a foul echo. Nandini goes back to sit when Manik trips and she hits her head on the chair.
Cabir mocks her on falling but Dhruv tires to come forward but stops. Nandini sees that she is bleeding and when Manik realizes it he just turns flustered towards Dhruv. He goes to help her but stops when Cabir appreciates him. Muktii comes and Navya says that we don’t need your help she warns Muktii but she pushes her aside and sits down. Muktii gets into a conversation with Muktii and insults Navya on being desi. Muktii says that she can’t help them as they can help themselves. Muktii says that she is going to take a nap in the hour she has got.
Rose comes and says that this is blood, she says to Manik that do something but he says that it’s only blood. Nandini stands up and says that she doesn’t need help as they are the one who need her help. She says that these are cheap tricks of them but Nandini says that she doesn’t fear him as he only bullies people. Manik almost yells back but Dhruv says that it’s time and she has to go.
Muktii also wakes and says that its time. She says to Harshad and Navya that why are you wasting time as you need all the time for the rehersal. As soon as she is about to leave Harshad holds her by the waist. She asks Harshad to let her go but Harshad says that 1 minute remains. Navya looks at this with amazement. On leaving Muktii throws the chair in her way while Navya wipes some tears.
Manik is standing in the corridor when Dhruv comes and asks him of what happened. Manik says that he only needed some time alone. Dhruv stands with him and Manik says that now we don’t have anything to talk about even. Dhruv brings up Nandini but Manik says that is a topic we shouldn’t even discuss. Dhruv says that he knows that you don’t like emotional talks but still you are still thinking about what happened in the past. Manik says that the less they talk about yesterday the better.
Dhruv is coming downstairs when Nandini comes and says a saying about friendship and that some friends are still friends. He looks at her wound and she says that because all that drama proved that you are still my friend. Dhruv says that he didn’t save her from falling but Nandini says that you said time up before one minute. Dhruv leaves and says that your watch was slow. Nandini screams and hides while Dhruv instantly looks back. She appears back and he asks that what that was. Nandini says that this was a test and that our friendship can’t break. She says that this friendship will never break from her side and she will meet him when possible. She leaves waving goodbye to Dhruv leaving him in confusion. He asks himself if love feels like this.
Navya is with Harshad and says to him that what that was between you and Muktii. Harshad gets confused and says that nothing happened. She says that she saw that there was love but Harshad says that love my foot. He tells Navya not to assume anything just because she knows their history. He says that lets not waste our time in these talks as we hardly have anytime left.
Raghav asks Manik of how the practice is going when Nandini comes and he asks her to stop. She stands with them when Ragahv sees the bruise and asks what happened. Nandini looks at Manik but then says that she slipped. He asks her if she Okay and she replies positively. Raghav asks if she was able to help them and she says that they are so good and thus don’t need her help. Ragahv says that he thinks that they need her help a lot. Nandini says that their confidence will pay off tomorrow. Raghav says that they are over confident.
When he leaves Manik says that you enjoy teaching a lesson don’t you. Nandini says that as if you learn anything from it. Manik says that if it worth learning than they will try to do so. Nandini says that she doesn’t know that why she even tries and says that the name Monster Manik really suits you. Manik looks at her bruise and remembers what he did and then purposely calls the girls which are painting behind Nandini. Nandini turns around and gets his face filled with paint.
He says that what a painting that was and you ruined it. Nandini takes out a tissue to clean when Manik grabs her and cleans the paint of her face. After doing it and says that all done and says that don’t give up and keep teaching new lessons as they are good fun.

Precap: Aliya texts the Fab5 to gather at her place at 7. She then brings out her hand and asks for Manik. He looks at her and then the Fab5

Update Credit to: Sona

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