Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dhruv brings Nandini from the water after she fell in it because of the fire cracker and asks her if she is Okay. She nods her head positively and then Dhruv leaves and Manik is noticing all of this. Navya goes and shakes Muktii saying that you guys are lauging a lot aren’t you and that you won’t get on the right path. She tries to slap Muktii but Muktii blocks it and throws her in the pool. Harshad goes in to rescue her and brings her out but she says that she knows how to swim. He tells her to wipe herself and warns the other as he said that he didn’t want any trouble.
Navya says that she did not do this when Cabir comes singinig a song all of them ask him if he did it and he agrees that he did it as he was getting annoyed with them. Harshad goes to hit him but Navya stops him and apologizes to him and tells Harshad to drop it. Manik tells Harshad to call it off for the day and all of them go back.
Muktii sits with Cabir and says that crackers, Cabir asks that what crackers and she tells her that the prank is over and that where he was. She says that if he wanted to do a prank then he should have invited them. Cabir says that he had an emergency so didn’t have time and he knew that there was going to be an explosion in the party so he improvised.
Harshad looks at Cabir and says that you can fool anyone but not me and he says that he knows you didn’t do it and that you are hiding something even from your Fab 5. When Navya and Nandini are leaving with Harshad Aliya says that they ruined their entire party. Manik tells her to relax and that he is tired. Aliya says that she can give him a massage but he says that he is going home. Muktii says that she is also leaving and tells Cabir to lets go. Cabir says that he can’t drop her and says that he has some work for her mom and he must do it today. Muktii then goes with Dhruv who agrees to drop her.
Nandini is talking to her fireflies and says that she doesn’t know why Dhruv is with them but is very thankful for what he did today. She says that Manik set her free today but that she still hates him. Someone knocks on the door and she wonders who it could be at this time. She looks outside ant and there is no one there and gets scared. She prays that she remains safe. She opens the door and its Manik and he says that he saw her talking to Dhruv and that they were smiling but when he tells her to smile then she doesn’t.
She tells him that you can’t force someone to smile and that you have to earn it. He tells her to open otherwise her brother would wake up when he hears the door break. She opens the door for the sake of her brother. Navya is looking at the photo they took today and has made it her wallpaper. She is still admiring harshad’s looks while her roommate says that you know to do a great Photoshop and then taunts her. She calls Harshad so that she prove to her and thanks Harshad for the day. Harshad asks if it something important and says her voice is stucking and he’ll call her back. Navya acts on something else in front of roommate.
Nandini tells Manik that Rishab is sleeping and that she doesn’t want any trouble. Manik says that he has to talk about something important and tells Nandini to read the file. Nandini says that she doesn’t wants to sign any file. Manik tells her to read it as she doesn’t want any trouble. Manik says that in this things are there which he hasn’t shared with anyone. He says that this file contains all the medical information about Dhruv and that when he saw Rishab which means that maybe they together can help both of them. Nandini says that Rishab is my brother but DHruv is just your friend. Manik asys that he is much more to him than that and he was there when the accident happened. Manik says that he was there when the accident happened the white light. He says that Dhruv was normal before and that he was he there with him. Nandini says that she was with Rishab and that she couldn’t do anything. Manik say that they should work together and that this would their secret.
Nandini says that your secrets are the things that never leave you and what of the crackers today. Manik says that he didn’t know of them. Nandini says that she doesn’t trust him, Manik says he came here only because of Dhruv. Nandini says that she doesn’t want to be a part of this. Manik says that he didn’t know her ego will be greater than her love for her brother. Manik says the feeling is mutual, they will be partners but not friends.
The coach instructs them all to the music sessions and says to register their bands and that first they will fight amongst themselves to the top 3. Cabirs asks a question and says that they are the only and best band of the college and says that why is he wasting time doing these sessions. Their coach tells them to stop this overconfidence and tells the students to register their names. The students start to register their name and Harshad says that he will also enter the competition and that their band will be NH3 consisting of Navya, Nandini and him.

Precap: Nandini says that she is tired of fighting the FAB 5 and that something will happen when she will join the band. DHruv holds Nandini’s hand and asks for a minute while Manik sees it.

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