Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The stall flies and lands on Manik and he looks at Nandini furiously. Manik wraps the stall and Nandini asks her not to throw it but he does. Nandini goes to get the stall and Manik leaves with Dhruv. Dhruv talks to Manik about lying and Manik says that he understands why you did it. Manik tells to lets meet the rest of Fab5. Dhruv is playing the guitar when Rose comes and sits with him. Dhruv tries to avoid her but she continues to complement him.
Cabir comes and says that what are you doing Dhruv leaves and then Cabir mocks her and then says that Ranvir sent you here for a reason and that is you have to pretend that you are my girlfirend. He says that if anyone finds out you don’t know what will happen and tells her to sent her heart and feelings home and do what you are told.
Students gather in a room and Raghav gives them some advice and then tell what each band will perform. Cabir disagrees with playing the classical Indian fusion but Raghav tells to start playing and says that only the top two bands will go through. He leaves give them the best of luck.
Cabir mocks Navya when she asks who Yodha is. Manik then comes forward and says that you lost again. Harshad says to him that did you start seeing the future as the competition is tomorrow. Manik says that he was talking about yesterday as you failed in all the attempts. He says that lets play and perform and we will then see who the real loser is.
Harshad says that Raghav sir is crazy to give the idea of rock. Navya follows him while Nandini gets a call from Shahid. She then sees her stall on the stair case and wonders how it got here. She then thanks the lord and continues to talk to Shahid. Manik comes down mocking her emotional ways but then leaves after looking back at her.
The Fab5 gathers and goes to practice. Muktii looks back at Manik and asks if everything is alright, Manik holds Aliya’s hand and she smiles back. As soon as they leave Manik pushes her and goes forward Dhruv looks at Aliya as she wipes her tears. The NH3 Nandini says that we have a problem as Shahid is very sick and can’t come. Navya says that she is big fan of Rockstar Ranvir and just crashes on the drums. Harshad yells her to stop and says that you are hitting my ears instead while doing this. He leaves after scolding Navya and Nandini tries to calm her down but she says that she is Okay.
The Fab5 is trying to figure out what to play when Cabir comes up with crazy jokes. Muktii says that this is not right and I don’t know what is wrong with Raghav. Cabir says that we will figure it out so just relax. Rose comes up with a crazy idea and plays a song on her mobile. She goes and dances in front of her Dhruv who is trying to avoid this. Cabir tells her to stop and say her to stop and apologizes to Dhruv. He then takes her away and tells her to stop talking. She asks that what about her idea and Cabir says that this idea will be used on a bigger level but not here. She asks Cabir that what will you perform now and the Fab5 looks at her amazed.

Harshad goes to Raghav Sir and says that they can’t perform rockstar as his band doesn’t know any of it. Raghav says that I appreciate your humility and will give you a solution. Harshad leaves the place to go back to his band. Later Raghav gathers the bands and says that he has no issue with any of them and is doing this because the competition is going to be very tough this year. He says that he wants to be prepared for anything.
He says that lets start again, he calls the group leaders and tells them to pick up on chit. Harshad gets Muktii’s name while Manik gets Nandini. Manik says to Raghav that if this is a joke. Raghav says that this is not a joke but a life line which can be used for the next hour. He says that Muktii will help the NH3 as she is a rocker while Nandini will help the Fab5.

Precap: Navya says to Muktii that they don’t want her help and she pushes her aside. Harshad holds Muktii as Navya watches with a shock. Nandini waves Hi to Dhruv and later she gets paint on her face while struggling with Manik. He then wipes the paint of her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. rittika mittal

    harshad is really bad i feel, coz when nandu was falling from hill he saved up for guitar and not her friend whereas manik catches up nandu leaving the guitar.. he is bad!

  2. ooo wow love is in the air… i lvd it…”!!

  3. I too dont like harshad’s character.now hero manik starts to love nandini .and also waiting for the secrets of fab5 to be revealed

  4. hayeeeee….
    agn ishq bulava…

  5. There are 3or 5 hidden secrets but i am waiting for the secret of harshad and the band of brothers secret to be soon revealed.

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