Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik tells her about him and Aliya and she just pulls back and wants to leave. Manik holds her stall and says don’t leave not this time. He pulls her back and holds her in his arms. Aliya says to Dhruv to go and find her and this is the best time to tell her. Harshad is dancing with Navya while Muktii is front and both are looking at each other. Manik says to Nandini that for the first time someone is looking as equally beautiful as the stars. He tells his feeling to her while Nandini says that Rishab would have came and she has to go. Dhruv is at the same place looking for Nandini and almost turns around when Rose comes and drags him aside. She wants to spend time with him when he calls for Cabir, he then makes and excuse and leaves.

Nandini is leaving but Manik doesn’t leaves her stall. She decides to leave without it when Manik says that I thought that you were a traditional girl. Navya is dancing with Harshad and she talks about her dream becoming true. Harshad says that never leave this side of yours and always show hatred and anger towards your enemies. Navya says that love is a better solution as they also won the competition on its basis. Harshad says that was it love or anger to prove that you had talent. Navya is taken back and is speechless.

Muktii is dancing with the boy when they decide to spend their night together. Aliya follows Muktii and tells the guy to leave, Aliya says to Muktii to tell her what is on her mind but Muktii leaves. Nandini comes to Manik and punches him and runs around saying that why did you needed my stall. She falls and throws water on his face. Manik comes to help and she runs again, Manik stops and says that he accepts his defeat and sits down. Nandini says that this is for the first time Manik has accepted his defeat and sits next to him. Manim says that there have been a lot of first times with you, he comes close and takes the stall and is now playing with Nandini.

Nandini stops and says that you should always smile like this as you look real good. Manik says that to smile you need reasons and lately life has been down. Nandini says that after downhill you need to up as well while Manik replies saying that why can’t it be plain and just normal why all this drama. Manik says that it can never happen; he says that he is really worried about Cabir as the guy is just not ready to come out. Manik says that he completely understands and he should face everyone, Nandini agrees with him and says that there is something about to Cabir which you don’t know. Manik says that just cut the line and come to the point. Nandini says that she didn’t just over heard Cabir but also saw him with his boyfriend.

Cabir gets a text from Raghav and wants to meet him outside in the garden. Nandini tells Manik about Cabirs boyfriend while Cabir meets Raghav who wants to tell him something. Raghav says that he just needs time to think about it while Cabir says that you can take all the time in the world as together we can be invincible. Raghav says that we won’t be together and says that I am breaking up with you. Manik can’t believe Nandini and says that Cabir hates Raghav and they can’t be together. Cabir doesn’t wants to end his relationship with Raghav and says that I will do as you say and won’t tell my friends. Raghav says that people like us can’t be together as it’s meant for the straight people who can live in the social circle easily.

Cabir says that none of that matter as all there is to be love. Raghav says that our love has lived its life and it’s over. He tells Cabir to be strong and move one and leaves. Nandini says to Manik that she saw it with her own eyes and didn’t tell you as you would be upset. Manik says that he is more upset and goes to talk to Cabir and gives the stall and Nandini.

Cabir is crying by the car when Manik comes and bashes out at him not knowing of what just happened. He tells him that Raghav is not the right guy while Cabir says that love can’t be right or wrong and you will decide to what is right and wrong or me or this society. Cabir says that all this is decided for the profits not for the right and wrongs. Cabir says that just because the society wouldn’t accept his love doesn’t means that his love his wrong. He asks Manik if he doesn’t know about love and says that his relationship with Raghav is over.

Muktii and ALiya come to the same place and Cabir cries out saying that it’s over. Dhruv comes and asks that what’s over, Manik backs him up and says that it’s over between him and Rose. Rose starts to talk with Dhruv when Muktii tells her to leave instantly. She tells Cabir to not cry for her while Manik hugs him saying that all will be Okay. Cabir cracks jokes again and says that he is going home. Manik is near the pool with anger and frustration while Nandini looks at him from a distance. Navya says that what are you looking at and tells her to come with them.

Nandini gets a text from Manik asking her not to leave. Nandini stops saying that her uncle and aunt are coming to pick her up and she will stay here for them. Harshad says that this is late and he can drop her but she says that it’s Okay and tells them to carry on. Rishab comes to the party when he sees Dhruv walking and the both get a head ache.

Precap: Rishab gets an attack and so does Dhruv, Manik and Nandini come to Rishab’s aid without realizing that Dhruv is also there. Manik then looks at Dhruv and notices what is going on and Nandini looks at Dhruv as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode but manik should tell nandu that he love her

  2. Yes i too have same opn that manik should tell nandini directly that he loves her

  3. Yes i too have same opn that manik should tell nandini directly that he loves her.any way love u manan

  4. Manik too good year just keep confessing ur love in the same way and make us feel curious about the serial I m just loving it

  5. manik please confess ur love fasttttt..waiting for the day when u will confess ur love…love u manik

  6. @devika not manan..he is manik. lol !!

  7. This serial is really getting more interesting day by day

  8. @ramsh… she was taking about manik+nandini… i.e. manan…

  9. harshad is such a cheepo. :X
    and MANAN yaar they are just so so so so so so CUTE. 😛

    1. Manik u r so cute. But u really should confess ur feelings to nandini. Love u vry vry much,man an.

      1. Sry, manan.

  10. truly lv this shw. … manan’s chemistry is making me crzy day by day… lv u manik n nandu…:) 🙂
    thanx sona

  11. manik should confess his love for nandini.this serial getting more and more interesting day by day

  12. Who’s rishab?

    1. Nandini’s brother is Rishabh

  13. Nandini’s brother…hv d sam prblm as dhruv…

  14. guys do u ol read the written updates always……………..i suggest u watch theshow once its even more intresting than reading……………….

  15. guys do u knw thegal whos playing th role of nandini aka niti taylor is a professional model…………..and her real life boyfriend is utkarsh gupta aka dhruv

  16. omg omg omg what a chemistry……..qsm show

  17. I also wish that manik should tell her that he loves her….but what happen to dhruv and aliya if they fall in love?????

  18. why so much pulling and dragging the girl? I m nt liking it. Just say it already- that u LOVE her!!!

  19. i think manik should not confess his love nd pair up with aliya so that druv can pair up with nandini

  20. i feel bads for Cabir 🙁 Manik you rock as always 😉 i lub you

  21. manik is just superb:)

  22. Amazing gud n loving n happy to hear that utkarsh Gupta aka dhruv is the real life bf of niti Taylor aka nandini. And like always Manan amazing

  23. i dont have any idea who is ‘Harshad’ in the show ?

    1. Abhishek malik a splitsvillan

  24. Wats betwin mukti n hrshad??
    Moreover wat abut dhruv n rishabs attacks???

  25. oh god what a pair

  26. too good but manik shood tell is feelings to nandani

  27. Raghav n cabirka prob kya hai

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