Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The NH3 leaves and Manik looks at Nandini and then takes Aliya to talk to her and Nandini asks Dhruv if they can talk. Aliya thanks Manik for giving her a chance but Manik says that he is giving Fab5 a chance. Aliya says that what are you saying but Manik takes her hand of and says that you and me can never be the same again. Aliya says that we were ment to be together, Manik replies saying that we were but now we are over.
Nandini says that she understands about the Aliya thing as she knows how important Fab5 is for him. Dhruv apologizes for his actions but Nandini says that it proves that you are a good friend. Dhruv says that his actions hurt Manik. Nandini tells Dhruv to talk to Manik but Dhruv says that you tried and it didn’t work. Nandini says that things between her and Manik can never be sorted now. She says that all the right things she said turned wrong. Dhruv says that Manik doesn’t even trust him anymore and he must now save his friendship. He says to Nandini that I have to break my friendship with you.
Aliya holds Manii hands and tries to talk but Manik says that you keep secrets very nicely and that can’t work. Both Manik and Dhruv leave the girls and start playing the guitars. Nandini sits on a chair while Aliya cries. Cabir and Muktii try to play but can’t and then say that why this working isn’t. Cabir says that it’s good that at least Manik is talking as when he isn’t something bad happens. Muktii asks Cabir that if Manik would have forgiven Aliya. Cabir says that he doesn’t know that but does know that Manik won’t let Fab5 break. He asks Muktii id she is worried but Muktii says that Manik are Aliya together since the 7th grade.
Manik is playing the guitar when the guard comes and tells Manik to leave as its closing time. Manik screams at the guard to get out. Nandini hears it and the guard tells her to talk to him as this is necessary. Manik tells Nandini to not to talk but she tries to explain what Dhruv did. He gets angry on hearing her say his name and drags her to the locker and says that it has been such an eventful day. He says that all the wrong happened today reminded him that he is bad and says to Nandini to be scared of him. He says that the old Manik is bad and her being alone is not safe. Nandini goes to the door and while leaving says that there would be one day and one person would teach you how wrong you are.
Aliya is looking at her pictures with Manik. Harshad comes and wipes her tears. Harshad says that why did you do that I could have handled Manik by myself. Aliya says that she had to confess and feels better after it. Harshad says that are you serious as even after losing everything. Aliya lies to that she didn’t lose anything and the Fab5 are still together. Harshad says that he doesn’t understand that how come Manik has all the loyalty even after everything he has done. Aliya tells Harshad to not go there as what he did two years ago was disgusting. She says that it was decided two years ago that they would be always together.
Manik is lying beside the pool and thinks what happened today. Dhruv comes and says that he was waiting for his call, since his call didn’t come so he came himself. Dhruv asks him to say something and Manik says that he has forgiven Aliya but that’s it. Dhruv says that the Manik he knows doesn’t forgive this easily. Manik replies saying that the Dhruv he knows doesn’t keep secrets. He says that time have changed and so have they. Dhruv says that he wants them to be they way they were and he has told Nandini that they can’t be friends as all these fights started because of her.
Nandini is looking at the sky and remembers the conversation that between her and Manik and then her and DHruv. She gets a call from Navya and they talk of how bizarre the day was. Navya says that she thinks that Harshad is not wrong. She thinks that the fight proves if your friendship is true as after a fight the bond of true friendship gets stronger. Nandini congratulats ands tells her to keep thinking like this. Navya says that after the whole day she has smiled. Navya tells Nandini to go to sleep. Nandini thinks of Navya’s logic and says that according to that our friendship can be stronger. She then hits the toy bag Dhruv gave her.
The next morning Navya and Nandini are going to the auditorium when Nandini and Dhruv run into each other but Dhruv leaves without saying anything. Navya asks that what happened and Nandini tells the tale. Navya gets angry at Manik and says one day that Manik needs to be taught a lesson. Nandini wraps a stall around her neck and Navya takes it off thinking she is suiciding. Navya tries to wear the stall when it flies and lands on Manik.

Precap: Raghav explains the plan for the competition and what each group will have to perform. Manik says to Harshad that lets play and see who wins. Nandini is walking when Manik trips her and she falls gets her head hurt.

Update Credit to: Sona

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