Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik looks at Dhruv with amazement and Aliya apologizes to Manik. She says that her boyfriend was drifting away from her and she couldn’t think of anyone else. Manik tells her to stop talking and leaves the room. Dhruv stops Manik and says that he was only protecting her and he only did this so that Fab5 could be protected. Manik gets sentimental and says that what about our friendship and says that you made me look like a fool even Harshad knew. Dhruv tries to talk but Manik says that you guys betrayed me. Manik says that you won’t say anything.

Nandini says to Navya that she thinks that if things like these happens in everyone life. She says that this is all so crazy and if Manik is right as Harshad used us all this time. Navya says that she doesn’t know as there are so many girls in his life. Nandini says that we must confront him as right now no one can be trusted. As soon as they come out of the room Harshad comes and says that we need to talk. He tells them that he wanted to take on Fab5 as he has seen many students being bullied by them. Harshad says that the girl was a setup. Navya says that she has seen him follow that girl. Harshad says that he did and that is because Rose is not Cabir’s girlfriend.
Nandini says that how is that even relevant and Harshad replies saying that as his sister is stuck in all of this. He says that he just wants to break Fab5 so that his sister can come out of this. Navya comes asking what Muktii says. Harshad says that what happened to Shahid exactly happened to him. Harshad says that he can’t give them more justification and then he leaves the place.

Rose says that it was unfair and Rose says that because of her acting all of this happened. Muktii says that take her away as she needs to talk to Aliya. Cabir tells Rose to go out and he leaves himself. Aliya says to Muktii that this is all over and now Fab5 will break as well. She blames herself and says that she doesn’t know how she did this. Muktii calms her down and says that all will be Okay.

Nandini comes up the stairs when she is asked a hammer. She stops to get it and now Manik and Nandini are stuck in the decoration piece as it fell. Struggling to escape they go in a room and collide with each other. As hard as they try to escape from it they come closer to each other. Manik then helps Nandini get free. As Nandini gets free and says that this is not her fault no is Harshad’s plan. Manik says that he didn’t ask her and feels sorry as she still believes in that loser Harshad. Nandini says that Harshad is her friend and she trusts him.

Manik says that dimwit has that title of friend. He warns her saying that she will land in bring trouble. As he leaves Nandini says that the friendship didn’t break because of Aliya and Dhruv but because of you as they hid something from you. Nandini says that Aliya sent those goons for me but you have done worst. Manik says that she sent goons after you and you were crying that day. Nandini reminds Manik of what he did to her and says that the Fab5 will break if he doesn’t keep his ego aside. Manik leaves the place and Dhruv comes out of the room and looks at him.

The students are admitting the forms at the counter, Cabir gives the form but the man says that he can’t accept the form until all names have been signed. Cabir tries to forcefully make him accept the form but Raghav comes and says that rules are for everyone. He says that if Manik sigins this than you can play otherwise they won’t play at all. Raghav tells them to close the counter but then Manik comes and signs the form. As he signs he says to Raghav that the Fab5 will perform and we will win. Raghav replies saying that he is looking forward.

Precap: Aliya thanks Manik for giving her a chance but Manik says that he is giving Fab5 a chance. He says to Aliya that they can’t be together and so does Dhruv says to Nandini that he has to break his friendship with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. That ws a drama packd episode, thank u guys fr giving us dis well written update. Keep going
    Looking forward to upcoming epis

  2. m sad.. breakin frndsip.. brekin reltn.. oh god… 🙁

  3. thanku dona for update..

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