Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini comes and meets Manik and he says that you are again late. Manik explains the attacks regarding Rishab and Dhruv while Nandini wants to talk about something. Manik says that what happened and she explains that the drink was meant for Cabir and Manik says that he figured it out. Nanidini says that the one who spiked it wanted to figure out Cabir’s secret. On hearing this Manik says that what secret and Nandini says that she knows that Cabir is…. Before Nandini can complete anything Manik looses it and tells her to not say a word and take it to her grave.

He lets her go when she says that it’s hurting and asks how she knows about this when nobody else does. Nandini says that she overheard everything and Manik says asks that if there was anyone else. Nandini says that she won’t tell anyone and tells him to calm down. Manik says that he knows that as he trusts her but then he notices the bruise on her shoulder caused by his grip. Nandini looks at as well and Manik is out of words and tries to apologize by saying that you can do the same to me and gives her his wrist. Nandini nods saying that no, while he says that I promise that I’ll never hurt you again. Nandini says that I hope you stick by your words or I won’t forgive you next time. Just on leaving He says sorry to her while Nandin says that I couldn’t tell him about Raghav sir.

Manik meets Harshad in the parking lot and warns him to stay away from his friends as he is watching him and his every move. Harshad says that I am not surprised as you always chicken out. Manik says that we both know who the real chicken is as only I know that secret and it will destroy you. Harshad says that I have a winning hand and if that secret comes out you will be destroyed as well. Manik says that if he has to do that for his friends he will do it. Manik warns him again and says that this is the last time and leaves. Harshad says that this is the difference between you and me as I plan my ever move. Harshad says that I will stay away from you friends but Navaya will help me.

Navya gets a gift from Harshad and loses it. Her roommate comes and starts to talk about the party and Harshad and Navya in the ends says that she is in his life as well. Muktii also gets the gift while so does Aliya, Cabir, Dhruv and so does Harshad and Nandini. Nandini gets a call from Manik and they talk about Diwali and Manik loving stars. Manik tells her to bring Rishab and says that they can meet Dhruv and Rishab and they can get to know about them even more. Nandini says that she wants to talk about something and says that they can’t talk right now. Manik cancels the call saying Okay.

Manik is checking the preparations of the program when Nandini comes in. She appreciates the desing and decoration while Manik listens from behind and comes and meet her. He is waring a tank and Nandini asks him if he is wearing this for the party while Manik says that yes but then explains that he was going to the shower. He asks of what she is doing here and she says that she came to the party as per time. Manik replies saying that who comes to the 8’O clock party and 8 on the dot. Nandini says that she does while Manik says that it’s Okay as you don’t have much experience. Nandini says that she can leave and will come later. Manik holds her arm in trying to stop her but then lets it go and says that you can stay and I will come in a minute.

Nandini gives him the gift congratulating him on Diwali and says when you go to someone’s home you don’t go empty handed. Manik says that what era you belong to while Nandini says that following traditions is not uncool. Manik gives her a hint on the what she did when she went to bed last night and Nandini says that if you don’t want the gift you can give it back, Manik takes it from her and tells her to hang around as he goes upstairs.

Dhruv is practicing in front of the mirror on how to talk to Nandini. ALiya comes and says that what are you doing and gives him lectures. He tells him to look into her eyes and observe her. She explains to him on how to complement on a person and tells Dhruv to do it as well. She congratulates him on his accomplishment and the go to the party.

Nandini is standing when a man comes and says that the work is done and demands his payment. Nandini tells him to wait till she gets the owners of the house. She goes upstairs while Manik is going through Nandini’s gift and it is a lamp which projects stars. He lies down on the bed while Nandini listens and says that she remembers. Nandini says that the light man wanted money and there was no one downstairs. Manik calls his workers but they are not answering, Nandini says that she doesn’t have the money but if he has he can give it to them. She walks in the room and falls on Manik.

Precap: Nandini and Manik are lying on each other when Manik goes to kiss her and Nandini says that Aliya. Neunikia says to Raghav that you are in love again, Raghav denies it but she says that she knows him too well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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