Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nandini says that they don’t want any trouble and that they will enjoy their time on the other side and Harshad agrees with her decision and so does Manik. Harshad says that he should not have any problem as he has freed Manik while Dhruv looks at Rishab. Harshad is having photos with them and muktii is not pleased to see them. ALiya comes to her and says that lets get some mixers.
Cabir takes a dive in the pool and some water comes on Rishab and Nadnini says to them that he is afraid of water. Harshad yells at Cabir but Manik calls him. Harshad says to Rishab to not to worry as that he has a lot of games and tells Navya to enjoy here although there are no buffalos in the water this time. He shows Rishab some of his games and says that you can spend a month with them and yet won’t finish them. Harshad and Nandini then talk about being the elder ones.Nandini says that how can we leave Rishab alone but Harshad says that nothing will happen to him as he is enjoying his time here.
Dhruv is thinking about Nandini and talks to Manik about his guitar and then finds an excuse to go inside. Harshad is thinking about freeing Nandini as well and Cabir says that what the hell happened to you and Manik goes inside to get the drinks. Cabir notices that Navya is alone and says that he can’t leave such an opportunity.
Nandini says to Rishab that if he has any problem she will be right outside. She goes outside and falls when she collides with Dhruv but he catches her and Manik looks at this from downstairs. Nandini hair get stuck in his hood and Dhruv tells her not to move as he gets them out.
Navya is playing in the water while Cabir comes singing and Nandini gets frightened to see him. She tells him to stay in his boundry and that he can’t cross it. Cabir says that why not they break all the boundries today, just as he says this his phone rings and he says that he’ll come later. Nandini thanks Dhruv and says that he always save her when they meet. Dhruv says that he should apologize as he always cause them and that there will no more fights and he won’t let them happen.
Cabir gets a call and leaves and Navya says thank to the lord. She says that this pond is so big and that there no buffaloes in it. She then thinks about herself and Harshad. Muktii is talking to Navya about Nandini and says that she is happy she left. Muktii is angry at them coming here and Aliya thinks that Nandin must be plotting something. Aliya can’t reach the bottle and asks Mukttii to reach it, Muktii while doing so gets her dress torn and goes upstairs to fix it.
While doing so Harshad comes and says to her that when will you get tires of these tricks to try to attract me. Muktii says that she doesn’t have to do anything to attract anyone and tells Harshad to get a life. While in their tussle they fall on the bed and Harshad holds her down but she leaves telling him to shut up.
Nandini is talking to Navya while Dhruv is looking at her at Manik is looking at him and Aliya observing the scenario. Harshad comes and sits with Nandini and Navya and Muktii says to Aliya that she can’t believe that he is her brother. Manik says to Dhruv if he wants to tell her about Nandini and Dhruv says no but asks Manik if wants to know and says that if she is still his enemy.
Manik says yes and Dhruv says that how can she be her friend. Muktii is with Aliya and wonders where Cabir is, she asks Manik and he says that maybe he went to get a new camera to capture all the new things here. Muktii says that let me call him but his phone his off when she tries. Muktii wonders what is wrong with him and why his cell phone is always off.
Aliya says to Muktii that lets have fun although she promised Harshad not to have any trouble. Harshad gets a call and goes to take it while Muktii and Aliya go and talk to Nandini and Navya to be friends with them. Nandini and Navya are not happy to see them and Harshad comes and warns them and Manik hears it they both go to fight. Aliya tells them both to chill and stops the fight, she looks back at Nandini while going away.
Navya says to nadini that it feels like she is in dewali party and that one goes after the other. Somone ties crackers to their chairs and Nandini fall in the pool while trying to run away. Manik goes after Nandini but Dhruv jumps in first and Manik is amazed to see it. Dhruv helps to get Nandini out of the water.

Precap: Muktii throws Navya in the water and Harshad says that who did this and Cabir says that he did it.

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