Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini stumbles and Manik tells her to hold her bag while he takes her and a lemon as well. Harshad takes off his wig and apologizes to Navya for laughing at her. He says that here I am dressed up like a jerk so that you could laugh at me. Navya asks that if she was looking like a fool while Harshad replies saying that who said that. Navya says that she knows as all your friends are modern, Harshad says that what you are saying is true but now I like girls like you. He holds her face and says that now I like girls like you and you don’t ever need to change.
Manik and Nandini sitting on the roof of Manik’s car while Nandini says that why did you make me sit up so high and how will I get down from here. Manik says that the effect won’t go like this and gives her a lemon, after taking a bite she decides to throw it away but Manik holds her and tells her not to do so. He then takes lemon and feeds it to her when suddenly she thinks that the sky is so close them as she can hold them.
Nandini says that she hates them and wants to crush them, Manik stops her and says that they are so nice as the shine and look good together. Nandini gets up and says that you like them because they shine and rests on Manik’s arm. Nandini says that the stars are bad and her fireflies are better than them. She tells Manik to not to like them and she will shine for him.
Muktii is in her room depressed and thinking about Harshad as now he misses him. She remembers when Aliya and Manik gave her the bad news and she looks for her pills and can’t find them and throws her bag away. Manik brings Nandini home and asks her how she is feeling, Nandini says that she is feeling first class and asks Manik of how he is. Manik tells her to shut up when Nandini puts her finger on his lips and asks that if this is better.
Nandini stumbles again and Manik wonders what to do now. Nandini copies him when he explains the plan of how he would talk to her aunt while she would go to bed instantly and come out tomorrow morning. Manik rings the bell and starts to talk to her aunt, Nandini stops in the way and looks at Manik. Manik keeps her aunt busy by insulting Nandini also complementing on her at the same time while Nandini keeps on standing there.
Her aunt also starts to talk and explains about the family problem of being perfect. She then invites him to eat dinner with them. She asks Nandini of why she is so quiet and if she has ate, while Manik covers for her and says that she has to rest her neck after practice. She then asks Manik if he would eat chatni or pickle while Manik replies saying both. Nandini slowly makes her way up to her room as Manik covers the noise she is making. Manik wants to leave and makes an excuse by saying that his friends are waiting for him.
He says that he will eat the food and her aunt says that she will make new ones right now. Manik asks if she can collect some notes from Nandini and her aunt allows doing so. Nandini is looking through the window when Manik comes and says that why aren’t you in bed. Nandini says that she has a lot of work to do before she goes to bed. Manik says that what work while she makes a list of things and Manik adds another two. He sits on the table and says that do the things quickly as he will be here for some time and gives her 10 minutes to do so.
Nandini does all the work and prays to the lord and includes Manik in her prayers as well. The fireflies start to glow while Manik just looks at her. He then tells her to go to bed while Nandini says that why are you always this stubborn. He then tells her to go sleep and so she does. He decides to leave when he notices the pen and remembers it all and says that light came from this pen when the attacked happen. He then puts it down turns off the light and leaves.
The next morning Nandin gets a call of Manik asking of where she is as he has been waiting for her at the college for more than half an hour. Nandini says that she is at home and apologizes to him and says that she will be there quickly. Manik tells her not to hold her head and says that have cup of black coffee and come quickly. Manik smiles and says and is in his bed and says that this girl take tension too quickly. He then wonders if she would remember anything about yesterday while Nandin’s head is bursting.

Precap: Manik says to Nandini that what happened last night and tells a different story of wrong deeds and sins. Nandini is scared and confused and when Manik talks about the kiss he goes to kiss her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hero hamesa heroin ko sam story q sunata h…;-)
    Naughty manik…:)

  2. i wish for a boyfriend like you Manik 😉 i love you

  3. It was just ammmmmazzzxxing manik I just love u for nandini praying for watching more and more chemistry among you

  4. Love is a crucial word to say, but its the only word which defines even a percentage of what i feel for u.
    Parth u did a superb job in playing d character so well that i’ve lost my mind totally over it.
    Manik u’re ‘Perfection’ n i’m so much in love with u. l love, love, love u Manik!

  5. this episode is amazing .i just love u manik .

  6. Ofcourse! superb romance

  7. shahanas fathima

    manik is suprb n sooooooooooo attractive person

    y he tell lie to nandhu she is soooooooooo sin

  8. shahanas fathima

    i like manik veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much especially his activities n so reactions

  9. waaaooo aweesm episode yaaar I just love it but m scare for dhruv…. dhruv k wajh se Manik and nandu k love spoil na ho plllllzzzz ….

    1. Nandini was for dhruv but ur monster manik came

  10. Along with yhe written updates..pls put some pictueres of the scenes..

  11. Awesome epi…..

  12. i just love this show n crazy about parth

  13. Superb episode.manik cares nandini a lot.i love you paarth

  14. shahanas fathima


    1. very nice

  15. you luked awesum nd i luv the hrd wrk u putting fr all of us ik its a little difficult bt still u do it. i luv d show kaisi yeh yaariyan nd all d bst wid d ahead scenes. waiting fr the suprises

  16. kiler smile manik….

  17. manik and nandini just rocks.Good to see them.

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