Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aliya says to Manik that he has to decide between Nandini and her and when Nandini tries to calm her down she tells her to stay away from her boyfriend. She says that she is not a fool and knows that you are not as nice as you appear. Aliya says to Nandini that she is taking advantage of Manik as she got the chance to stay with him. Manik tells to lets go home but she refuse and says that she is not going anywhere. Aliya warns Nandini and says that she doesn’t want to see her near him.
Outside Manik says that why are you creating a scene while Aliya asks that why were you sharing a drink with her even with what happened yesterday. Manik then realizes that what happened and says that he didn’t even realize it and says that he didn’t know. Aliya tells him to end this right now while Manik replies with “Or what? She then texts the Fab5 to meet quickly.
Navya is going with Harshad and tells her of what she did. She says that she there is going to be an explosion. She apologizes as Navya is her sister but Harshad says that he is impressed as she set free Nandini and Navya from Manik. He tells her to stop waiting and ask Nandini of what is happening.
Cabir gets a text from Aliya and tells Muktii about it. They both agree that Aliya won’t break up with Manik but Aliya comes and says that it’s over. Cabir says that he thought and she replies that this Nandini business would soon be over. He tells Manik to forget all this and that he has weirdly obsessed with her. She tells a lot of stories and says that today you were in her and says that she wants this Nandini out and him Back him. She gives him a choice of Fab5 or Nandini.
Nandini gets a call and she is sitting with her brother. She talks to Navya and she tells that she sent Navya and about her plan. Navya asks that if her plan worked and Nandini says that it did. Nandini says that she has not seen Aliya as angry as today and tells her what Aliya said. Nayva is happy to hear all of this and Nandini tells her that Manik could not talk.
Aliya tells someone to speak and Muktii and Dhruv support her and so does Cabir. Aliya says that four out of Fab5 have given their vote and now he must decide. Manik stands up and leaves and Dhruv tells Aliya that he’ll come around in a while. Harshad says that he also very happy as her sister is also free and that to agree her is very free. Harshad says that its time to party and that they are coming to pick them up. He says that Rishab will feel better when he’ll get out, Nandini agrees goes to get ready.
Manik comes back in the room singing and all start to follow him. They all play by the pool and then dunk each other in the water. Dhruv starts to sing and everyone listens to him happily. They sing the song about the importance of friendship. All of them sing the song and Aliya and Manik get together. While sitting by the pool they play the guitar Manik dances with Aliya. After that they drink Manik says that he could not forget them and that they will always be there together.
Nayva tells Harshad and Nandini that there was not a swimming in their village and that they used to swim in a pond. She tells that once a buffalo hit her cousin and Harshad says that it’s quite adventurous. Nandini laughs while sitting in the back seat.
Manik sends a text to Nandini saying that she is free. Nandini shows it to Navya and Navya shows it to Harshad and Manik gives them congratulations. Harshad says that Manik will not leave them so easily there must be something wrong.
They arrive at the location and Navya is amazed to see the place. They go inside and the place is just huge and Harshad wakes Navya up. They agree that they will go by the pool and have fun there. They go to the place and the Fab5 is already there and all are angry to see each other. Manik goes to fight but Aliya says that she will handle it.
She asks that he is doing here and Harshad says that this is his house too. He says that he can asks her the same question when Dhruv comes and smile at Nandini. On looking at Dhruv Rishab and Dhruv both get a headache and Manik and Nandini notice it.

Precap: Harshad comes to help Muktii out and Dhruv holds Nadini as she falls. Manik looks at this and gets angry, while Harshad is with Muktii.s

Update Credit to: Sona

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