Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Muktii just jumps of the place when suddenly Harshad comes and holds her back. She says that what do you want now, you wanted Fab5 to break up and now it did. She says that Fab5 was the reason we had our break up and the same band is gone so let me go. She pushes Harhad back but he holds and hugs her while she cries.
Navya is with her uncle and auntie and they are talking about their trip and her aunt gives her the gift she has brought. She says that how you can miss college now while Navya remembers what has happened. All the Fab5 comes to meet her and Muktii asks where Dhruv is. Manik says that Dhruv is not picking up his phone
Navya says to her aunt that she thought that she should not go to college tomorrow as she has to gossip with her about their goa trip. Her aunt says that she is just using this as an excuse and tells her to go to sleep so that she could go to college tomorrow. Shahid and Harshad are gathering people there to bring Nandini back. Harshad makes an announcement to bring Nandini back and that what happened to her was unfair. At first everyone is hesitant but when Harshad asks them again people start to join again.
Most of them are hesitant but they agree that now Fab5 can no longer do anything to them. The Fab5 crossing from the side when all of the students are signing for the protest. Aliya says that it is impossible to tear them apart. Manik says that he knows what impossible is and that is that they are no longer together. Cabir tells him to chill and says that he will bring Dhruv. Manik stops him and says that he will bring Dhruv himself.
Nandini is standing with Navya and they talk about of what happened to her. Nandini says that she will join another college and that she will do a part time job to pay for that. Navya tells her that she does not have to leave as they have started a campaign for her. Navaya says that she has gathered a lot of people and that one can only lose until they decide to.
Manik is searching for Dhruv when he sees Nandini and thinks that she must know of Dhruv. Aliya tries to cheer Muktii up and Cabir comes and says that they are not that weak. Muktii say that to some extent Harshad is right as they have a lot of secrets which they don’t about. Cabir says that he will tells them all their secrets and just waiting for Manik and Dhruv to come as well. Cabir asks Aliya that what is her secret and she gets scared and when they talk about finding who sent those gangsters. Aliya says that it would Nandi who wants to break them up but Muktii disagrees.
Nandini goes to a café for a job interview when Manik comes and grabs her and says that where Dhruv is. Nandini tells her to not to create a scene but he starts yelling and the manager comes and says that the last girl also left because of this boyfriend problem. Harshad goes to talk to Manik’s mother and talks to her about bringing Nandini back. He says that he came to talk about some personal problems.
Harshad taunts her that what she is doing with her power for Manik. An argument between them goes on and Harshad leaves when she agrees that she will think about bringinig Nandini back.
Nandini offers Manik water and says that you have only one emotion and that is anger. Manik takes the water bottles and tries to throw it on Nandini but she tussles with him and the water bottle falls and Manik throws the cap later. As he leaves Nandini calls Dhruv.

Precap:Nayva says to Nandini that she has been accepted back by the college and the entire college celebrates as she comes back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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