Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Raghav walks towards where Manik and Nandini are hiding when two other students come and say that they were doing reference work. Raghav says that he knows to what they were doing here and tells them to leave and says that they were lucky as if no one closed the doors. He then leaves without noticing anything. Manik tells Nandini to stay at the same place and goes to check on the door, when he comes back Nandini is sitting and now wants to stay here. After an unsuccessful conversation Manik picks her up and takes her outside. After a while Nandini says that you can put me down as I can walk, as soon as he does she starts to run around the college. Manik holds a guard and tells him not to close the doors until he says.

Aliya is teaching Dhruv the steps to make a girl fall for you. She informs of the steps to Dhruv and tells him how to follow them. Aliya says that I will give you a full complete makeover although Dhruv doesn’t agrees but follows Aliya. She goes step by step and although Dhruv is hesitant but still decides to follow them. In the end Aliya says that she will be relieved that she and Manik will be together again.
Manik gets tired and sits on the stairs and calls her to go home. She comes from behind mocks him for being a fool and runs off again. The chase continues till the moment Manik tells her to stop. Nandini asks Manik that why do you come after me again and again. Manik doesn’t answer and Nandini mocks him again of being speechless. She then says that she knows because you are a fool and runs of again. This time Manik doesn’t chase her and Nandini gets scared and asks him to come forward. Manik comes from behind and says that why are you calling me then. Manik holds her and says that why are you calling me now, Nandini asks him to leave her hand but Manik says that not this time, Nandini then pukes.

Raghav is playing the guitar while Cabir is lying down and says that when I am with you I have the best feeling in the world. I don’t want to be anywhere else when I’m with you I feel complete. Raghav starts playing again and Cabir says that I can hear a but in your guitar. Raghav says that this will not last much as soon many people will know about us and I don’t want to know what will happen. Cabir says that let them know as this feeling of guilt will end and the people you think are not that bad. Raghav says that they are and it’s just that you don’t realize it. Raghav says that our relationship challenges the society’s morality. Raghav says that we will be lucky if people wouldn’t burn us. Cabir says that lets not talk about it and if you are right then we should enjoy each and every minute of our lives together. Raghav agrees with Cabir and decides to play the guitar again.

Manik cleans the puke from Nandini’s face and tells her stay at the table. He tells her to that he will bring lime water and she will feel better. AS soon as Manik goes Nandini gets up but Manik calls her and tells her to sit. To some way Manik doesn’t know how to cut with a knife at first he fails but then manages to do the task and brings lime water for Nandin after yelling at her to sit down. When she gets the drink she throws it at Manik.

Harshad and Shahid are dressed as girls and want to be meet Navya. They throw up a show and the guard agrees with them to let them meet with Navya. The guard calls Navya and says that your aunt has came to met you as soon as Navya is about to say something Harshad comes hugging and takes her inside while Shahid tells the guard to leave. Harshad takes off his wig and Navya is astonished to see him.

Nandini is arguing with Manik of why he scolded her and says that she doesn’t like this monster side of his. He tells him to come forward and wipes some juice of his face and reminds him of the pranks he did on them. She pushes him back as she keeps on asking of why he did such things. Manik holds her hands and says that he always had it covered as Dhruv was always around if anything went wrong. Manik says that you punched me in front of everyone and I was the one who needed saving. Nandini says that she knew her punch was good as blood came out of your face as well. Nandini says that if you felt pain and tells him to forget all that as she will make it Okay. She goes to kiss him but Manik holds still.

Precap: Nandini and Manik are lying on the top of Manik’s car and Nandini says that she hates theses stars and wants to crush them and throw them away. Manik says that he likes them as they shine all the time.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Ruchitaramshetty

    Aw sum update thanks sona

  2. I felt like today’s episode was a bit too much. Hopefully d contents of d show r not made too melodramatic n fake like other telly soaps.
    l love u Manik n Nandini, best wishes to both of u!

  3. Amazing episode…Manik and Nandu u 2 r just rocking..

  4. Nandini’s expression were mindblowing when she stood n manik yells at her….they both r suprb actr….aftr arnav khusi…they r my 2nd best onscreen cpl…lots of luv for u MANAN..god bless u both…:-))

  5. Where are all druvians yaar
    Everybody is supporting manan not dhruni. Dhruni ws supposed to happen but I don’t know how manan came. Sry gals but i luv dhruni n hate manan

  6. Hey Shikha I m a Dhruni fan but still manan also look cute

  7. This serial is 60% copied from korean drama boys over flowers,japanese drama hana yori dango n tawanese meteor garden.This mentioned dramas are all remake of a single story execpt some modifications.Our indian version had also done modifications though! Watch the mentioned drama guys,m sure u wont regret!

  8. it plot is a somewhat copy of Korean series BOF and Heirs……therefore, it is natural the leads are Manik and Nandini….and they will be together ultimately…..
    yeah but I like dhruv a lot…leave him for me I’ll be with him some day…. but Manik and Nandini look awesome together…

  9. hey Zeli, u forgot to mention ‘100 days with Mr. Arrogant’, KYY copied this korean movie too. N though i love Lee Min Ho still our indian version of Gu Jun Pyo, d dashing Manik is also adorable. l love u Manik xoxo

  10. thanx… sona fr the awesome epi…. lv this shw….;) 😉

  11. Even i like dhruni nd seriously i hate mannan

  12. Luv u manan but nandu plz apna ye melodrama bandh kar aur manik nandu k liye plz zara extra jealousy dikha

  13. Are manik and nandini in love

  14. this episode is awsome .i love manan

  15. my fav.. awsome every episode

  16. Nandani and manik’s expressions are FAB

  17. Luv u manik and nandu thanks for the update

  18. Manik and nandini makes a good couple…!!

  19. Y can’t dis Cabir go? I’m not interested abt d case of this Raghav and Cabir!!!!!!
    I luv Manik Malhotra…. DhruNi ws gud, BT MaNan is also gud. case is DT, the villain gets d girl. it ws evident DT it WD b MaNan BT not DhruNi

  20. The best part is the pecap where nandinii says tum hamesha mere saath raho.I will always shine for you

  21. soooooo,,,,,,, good

  22. deepthi annagowni

    manik(part) is soooooo cuteeeee….. his action is superb. I watch boys over flower d magic of chemistry which was between ji pyoo and geum…. dat chemistry was der in between dem…. manik is very apt fr d ji-pyo char…..

  23. deepthi annagowni

    manik(parth) is soooooo cuteeeee….. his action is superb. I watch boys over flower d magic of chemistry which was between ji pyoo and geum…. dat chemistry was der in between dem…. manik is very apt fr d ji-pyo char…..

  24. Love u manan…..

  25. I love manik malhotra(partg)

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