Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik goes to his car and Aliya says that she can’t believe it. Manik tries to explain but then says forget and Aliya says that because there was Nandini there. He says that he followed her when she left as he thought that she had a surprised for him and he landed there. Manik leaves saying that call me when you want to listen.
Navya tells Nandini that only her shirt is torn and there are no scars. She tells Nandini to call her uncle and aunts and says that if she Manik has done anything to her than she will tell Harshad and get his faced smashed. Nandini says that that the deal as they locked in a room together and she can’t understand that how that monster gets these plans. Nandini says that she is one piece and Manik himself got stuck there.
Manik is sitting when Dhruv comes and says that he called him because he wanted to tell him that both of them were locked in the room together and he had no reason to be with her. He says that he was with her for 8 blo*dy hours. Dhruv says that they were not that bad as the both of them didn’t kill each other. Manik says that the hours were eventful and Dhruv replies saying that wherever you two are the place is eventful. Manik says that someone is trying to do this as they want to create trouble between them. Manik says that he think that it’s Harshad while Dhruv says that he doesn’t know.
On leaving Manik says to Dhruv that you should call your friend Nandini. Dhruv says that one good thing happened as after the event you started to talk good about her. Manik says to Dhruv that it’s up to him if he wants to call Nandini or not. He leaves saying goodbye to Dhruv.
The next morning everyone is searching for Nandini and Manik video as they think that the Fab5 did it. Manik and Dhruv are playing snooker when Muktii comes when she comes and asks for Manik. She says to Manik to talk Aliya when Cabir gets a text that if has a videor from last night. Cabir tells Manik and gets scolded by both Manik and Rose. Rose says something and when Cabir explains to her about Aliya and Manik she apologizes. She again says that something stupid and Aliya leaves.
Nandini gets asked by two girls and says that she is so lucky to be locked with Manik. Nandini says that what the hell they are talking about and they say that the whole college knows about it when Manik come and the both of the girls leave. The look at each other and remember of what happened last night. Nandini calls him and says that what should she tell the students and Manik says that he doesn’t care. She tries to five Manik his jacket back and he tells her to throw it. Nandini leaves the place putiing his jacket in her purse.
Harshad comes and stops Dhruv and says that are you looking for Nandini then you should go to Manik. Dhruv says that if you are telling me about last night then Manik has already told me. Harshad stops Dhruv and says that meet Aliya on the way. As Dhruv goes through the corridor Nandini calls him. She talks about last night and he tells her to change the topic. Nandini starts to talk about the weather when Dhruv says that we don’t have anything else to talk about do we. Nandini says that we are new friends so in time we will get to talk easily. As Dhruv changes the shoulder on the guitar he hits Nandini and help hers clean her eye. The guard comes and says that they have been called by Raghava sir.
The Fab5 and NH3 appear in the room when he scolds the both of them saying that he put the paper on the notice board and says that they will have to suffer for the consequences. He takes them to the jungle and asks them why they are here. Cabir says that the reason is picnic, Raghhav replies saying that you are partly right as you will be doing something I will be having a picnic. He says that as you enjoy games to outsmart each other so I have made one as well for you. He tells them of the game and
Harshad says that that’s it. Raghav says that the plot remains as you will have to find the instrument and play with it whether you know or not. He says that if don’t make it then you are out of the competition. He goes to Manik and says that I will see to it no matter who you mother is. Raghav says that you have the two hours and your time starts now.
They go a little far when Cabir says that what is the problem is with this man. He then mocks Raghav and Manik says that we will have to do this as his mother only listens to Raghav. The Fab5 decideds to search alone while The NH3 goes in pairs. Aliya wants to go with Manik but he refuses. Shahid says that maybe Ragav some has fooled them but Nandini says that Raghav won’t lie to them. Nandini and Shahid separate as Shahid can’t climb any further. Manik and Nandini run into each other again.

Precap: Harshad and Manik run to the guitar when Harshad tells Nandini to grab it. Nandini falls as she goes to the guitar

Update Credit to: Sona

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