Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini sees Manik as he is sleeping by the stairs and remembers last night and says that at some point I’ll have to a face him. The sweeper brushes and a piece of paper lands near Manik’s nose and Nandini hesitantly goes to take it off as she does he frowns and wakes up. Nandini asks that why didn’t he go home and Manik says that he was partying all night and came directly. He says that it’s 7 am and says that let’s start our project. Nandini says that go home as you need some sleep.
Navya is sitting next to Nandini and saying that she doesn’t wants to chase Muktii as she is very dangerous. She complains and Nandini says that we should tell him that the spying game is creating problems so should be ended. Harshad comes in asking what happened and why do they look so dull while Shahid comes in saying that he saw Aliya and Dhruv yesterday and when he heard them he realized that they are in love. The rest of them disagree while Shahid says that the Fab5 are very weird people and he swears that there is a scene between them. Harshad gets angry and tells Shahid to watch his words and Aliya is his sister. Shahid apologizes and says that he knows it for sure.

Nandini says that we should just stop this spying plan as its creating problem and also that she has told Manik about it as he caught him. Nandini says that we should stop and focus on music as Navya also wants this, Harshad agress and says that lets go. Manik comes in the room and Cabir says that he needs to talk to him about last night. Cabir takes Manik aside and says that if you stand by what you said last night. Manik assures him and says that he does and every word of it. The Nh3 comes in the room as well and a guy comes and tells them that Raghav won’t come. He says that they have to practice as he will come to see them practice only. Cabir goes and calls Raghav but he doesn’t pick the call.
Raghav then goes to the voice message and its Cabir wanting him to call but Raghav doesn’t do so. Cabir is also leaving messages to Raghav apologizing to him. He gives some money to a guard saying that he needs the key to the principal’s office. ALiya comes to Dhruv and says that you should tell her as the silent is never good. Dhruv says that he doesn’t know how they others will react to that but Aliya says that you should not base your life on that and the Fab5 will be Ok with that. Nandini is walking down the hall talking to Shahid saying that she’ll be there in two minutes when Dhruv comes and stops her.
Nandini complains and says that are we talking now as whenever she wanted to talk he walks away and he behaved as a stranger to her. Nanidni then says that did all of your friends give you permission to talk to me and tells him to say something. Dhruv apologizes and says that he was confused and Nandini says that what friends are for then. Dhruv replies saying that now he is clear and Nandini mocks him saying that we should record this date as you are clear and asks if this clear thing is permanent or temporary. Dhruv replies saying that this is permanent and asks her if friendship could ever change. Nandini says that anything could change except friendship and is forever. She promises to be his friend no matter what happens and leaves as she gets a call from Shahid.
The NH3 are waiting and Shahid is looking through photos and says how amazing these girls are. Navya disagrees saying that only the voice counts and what you wear doesn’t matter. She asks Harshad of his opinion and he says that both of them matter and that is what’s called a complete package. Navya then starts to see the photos Shahid was looking at. Nandini is working on the notice board when Manik comes and as she turns around she spills water on herself.
Manik tells Nandini to come behind the music wind and so she does. She wipes water of her face and Manik says tha we have to talk about it sometime. Manik says that he wans’t partying lastnight and says that what he saw last night and heard and doesn’t know what happened and how he went to her and says that it was a mistake. She sees Nandini rolling a tissue paper in her hands and takes it from her and tells her to say something. She says OK and he replies saying fine and leaves. As he leaves Nandini tells him to adapt to new things as they shock and says to adapt to them and they won’t trouble you. She also decides to leave when Manik says Ok and cleans the kajal from her eye. He then gives her the tissue paper and leaves.

Precap: Manik asks Cabir of who the other guy is while Raghav is walking down the hallway. He comes in a room and everyone congrats him on his birthday. Cabir says to Manik that they way you accepted it so did everyone else.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I like maneek and nandini ……s jodi …
    Wowwww I luv it

  2. ayesha siddiwua shatul

    manik and nandini is great……bt the gay thing i dnt think it’s a gd concept…..

  3. I didn’t lyke the gay concept……am feelin sorry 4 dhruv

  4. Aw…de scene was friggin osm wid dat song(nazar laaye). Well…abt de gay scene….I think it’ll b cool if its sum oda actor instead of dat sir. Cuz its pretty interestin wid ayaz. 😀 but de sir…. :s

  5. Dnt undrstnd 1 thng…y they both act so wierd..i mn most of d tym manik is about to kiss nandini…bt aftr dat they bcm nrml…lik nthng hd happnd…bt dis tym…its jus dat manik needs sm1 to tlk…so he did…n i thgt dat may b they cm mor closer aftr dis hug…lkn yaha to sb ulta hogya…bt todays episode clrs 1 thng…nandini hs strtd lovng manik…<3 :-*

  6. Manik too started luv nandni

  7. I just loved manik. He is just awesome guy . I really love the show.

  8. nandini is starting to fall in love with manik…
    and manik you are just awsome… and most important thanks for the update

  9. dnt lyk d gay concept….i follow splitsvilla n i kinda liked ayaz there (cute he is), gay thing is irritating or atleast it shouldn’t de ayaz
    n for manik…”he just is awesome”

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