Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini is frustrated with Manik and wants to just get rid of him. She lies on her bed thinking about Dhruv and her brother. She checks the pen and says that it is same design and Rishab, Dhruv and the auntie get the same attack, she wonders why the same. She wonders if they might be connected and that the same design all the time and decides to ask Rishab.
Muktii is going with her mother in a car and her mother wants her to join the office. Muktii just turns up the volume of the song and looks away. Her mother gets frustrated and says that she is becoming just like her father. Muktii in return says that she is just like her, impatient. Her mother wants Muktii to talk and not be so secretive. Muktii says that to talk you need time and she has none of that. Her mother says that now she is listening and the last time you were dating that guy he was nice and since that breakup you have changed and you don’t stick with any other guy for more than a week. Muktii says that at least she is not with a girl. Her mother says that she should at least have someone to talk to. Muktii says that if she needs any advice on love she would be the last person she’ll come to, and tells her mother to sort out her love life first. She tells the driver to stop the car and leaves.
Nandini goes to her brother and wants to talk but he is sleeping so just sits beside him. He then wakes up and she tells him about the star and the same design that there was in the pen. As soon as she shows the star Rishab gets scared and she stops and apologizes and says that they will not talk about this again. Nandini looks at the star while Rishab has solved half of the puzzle.
Nandini quickly runs up the stairs and says that she can’t make this monster get upset. She says that he is not such a monster and when she’ll ask nicely about Dhruv’s attack and the design then he might tell. She gives herself the best of luck while Manik is still sleeping. He asks that what she is doing here and she tells that she is reporting as per contract on 6 o’clock. Manik tells her that he just went to sleep and tells her to stand in the corner quietly. Nandini asks that what happened to Dhruv last night. Manik sits up and says that she won’t let him sleep; he says that since she is so close to him then she deserves an explanation. He takes water out in a glass calls her close and throws it on her. He comes out of the bed and reminds her of the rule that is not to talk until told. He says that next time don’t think and talk about it.
Nandini cleans his room and he is taking a shower. He gets a call Aliya and tells Nandini to bring the phone and put it on speaker .He talks to Aliya and Nandini is really embarrassed to hear all of this. HE comes out of the shower and tells Nandini to quickly reach and that there is scooter downstairs and that she must come on it. When Nandini comes down she sees a scooter and asks the guard for the key but the guard says that this is not her and shows her the one she’ll be driving, it is a scooty. Nandini sees Manik upstairs and has no choice but to go in it.
She arrives in the college and Navya says that why do you keep talking about Manik all the time. She then apologizes as she knows how much badly Nandini is trapped. She then tells her that she and harshad have made a plan, a plan to teach Manik a lesson. Nandini says that Manik is an evil monster. Navya tells her to shut up and listen she tells Nandini that they are going to use manik weakness that is Dhruv.
Dhruv is playing his guitar when a pot falls and Dhruv goes to check it and Harshad picks the guitar up. Nandini says to nayva that Dhruv is the nicest guy and they should stop instantly. Harshad starts playing the guitar and Dhruv says that it belongs to him. Harshad says that he didn’t says that it’s his, he tells Dhruv to come and get it but he comes forwards he just taunts him. Harshad says that this guitar is very important to him and if anything happened to it then he would die. Harshad starts messing up the guitar and Dhruv says that the string will break and it does. Harshad says that it broke and Dhruv says to stop acting and just give the guitar back. Harshad just makes fun of him and taunts him over the guitar when Nandini comes and tells Harshad to give the guitar back to Dhruv. Nandini tells harshda to give the guitar back as he doesn’t deserve it.
Manik comes and yells at Harshad and aks Dhruv if he is okay. He sees the broken string and the go into a fight. Nandini tells them to stop while Navya and Muktii get in a fight as well. Harshad punches Manik and he falls with Nandini over him and kisses him. All of them are disgusted to see and can’t watch.

Precap: Nandini says that Manik has made her life hell. She goes to Manik and says that she can’t do it anymore. Manik makes a disgusting plate and forces her to drink it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the update. But I have to say, this serial is a mix of various K-Drama’s like Boys Over Flowers, 100 days with Mr. Arrogant…. :/

  2. seriously ..evn i thnk sso…..its a copy of bof…..

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