Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini gets a call from her aunt and she says that I will be right there. She decides to call Dhruv and tells him about Manik and says that I saw him when I came to meet Rishab. Dhruv says that we will come as soon as possible and he leaves with the girls. Nandini comes and meets her aunt and goes to Rishab and asks the doctor that she can help him. The doctor tells her to wait outside as he has to diagnose him. She comes out and apologizes and says that I wasn’t with Rishab when he needed me. Her aunt tells her to calm down and clean her face so that you may meet Rishab.
Muktii is worried about Manik when the doctor comes and tells about Manik’s condition and says that the wound on his hand has become septic and has reached the shoulders. The doctor says that we might have to amputate his hand. All them are shocked and that doctor says that we need a parent or a guardian for this matter. He explains further that if Manik had came early than it could have been cured. Nandini hears all of this and can’t stop crying, Muktii and ALiya also tell Dhruv to be positive and leave for the ATM.

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Aliya then calls Neunika and tells her about Manik. When Dhruv leaves Nandini comes to Manik’s room and first is hesitant to go in. She goes inside and looks at his hand and remembers the times she told Manik to go to the doctor but he added a condition. She cries and asks Manik to wake up and says that this is all my fault, you were so careless, stubborn and dumb. She says that I knew that you were making a mistake by not going to the doctor and I become more stubborn. She says that I should have known and should have been more sensible.
She says that this is my fault; she kisses his hand and puts her head on his shoulder. Nandini says that we can’t be together as we give only pain to each other when we are together. She says that we should be together as we are toxic. She says that you made me let go of the fireflies and says that we are not meant to be together. She stands up kisses his head and cheek. Manik slightly wakes up as she does and when she is about to leave he becomes partially conscious. He tries to call her but doesn’t have the strength.

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Muktii, ALiya and Dhruv come and Dhruv asks her about his brother. She says that he is better and Dhruv thanks her for telling them about Manik and says that you can meet Manik if you want to. Nandini says that she has to leave and walks away when Manik wakes up and the three of them come in the room. Nandini watches from the door but leaves without coming in. Manik asks where he is and Muktii tells him to relax. He asks how he came here when ALiya tells him to go to sleep. Manik says that Nandini was here when Muktii says that she wasn’t here.
Dhruv tells him to take rest when Manik asks of what happened to him. Dhruv says that the infection in your hand got serious and there is nothing to worry about. Manik talks about the rehearsal when Muktii says that you getting better is much more important. The doctor comes in and tells them to go outside and wait there. The doctor also comes out and asks about the parents as the infection is spreading rapidly. Muktii asks of where Neunika is they informed her a long time ago.
The lock Harshad’s cell open and he smiles saying that I knew you would come. Neunika slaps him and says that how dare you to even hurt my son. Manik is still dazed and looks at the door and says that Nandini why are you standing there as I know you are there. Outside Nandini is actually standing and crying and is about to leave when she comes inside. When she opens the door Manik is asleep again.

Precap: Nadnini comes in and writes something on Manik.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hello guys…fairy and sundhra, can u guys tell me that u r in which school of bangladesh…as I have been there, I know some schools over there too..and guys, i am really exited 4 todays ep…i think something tremendous is going to happen!!

  2. Hello guys…fairy and sunehra, can u guys tell me that u r in which school of bangladesh…as I have been there, I know some schools over there too..and guys, i am really exited 4 todays ep…i think something tremendous is going to happen!!

  3. Hey auhona

  4. I am just waiting for today’s episode. Its toooo…… long yaar

  5. Auhona, I read in viqarunnisa schl& clg. Do u know my schl? But whr did u live in Dhaka???

  6. I m very excited about 2day’s epsd. I hope smthg good will happen.

  7. Fairy, I lived at Dhanmondi when I was there..and I know your schøol too , its one of the best schools in dhaka..when I was there, I used to read in Mohammadpur Prepapatory School..:-)

  8. Hi kajal..

  9. Yes, Auhona I know this school too.Bt if u don’t mind,why did u come Bdesh?? And wht class r u now?

  10. Actually some of my relatives live in Bdesh..so I came there..and there is nothing to mind ..:-)….I am on the 10th stndrd..

  11. Tnx. I hope u like my country .By the way have seen the new promo of kyy.? I think the last promo was nandini, dhruv,alya& manik were talking about their love, isn’t it??

  12. Yes..i’ve seen it too…and ur country is really beautiful.. Ok, got to go..bye 4 now..lets talk again in the eve..on the updated page of today..c u soon.:-)

  13. I mean on the page which will be updated today:-)

  14. Ok bye, let’s talk in the evening.☺

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