Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harshad insulted Muktii and got physical by twisting her arms. Manik came from behind and punched Harshad in the face. Navya say that they could get hurt and hurt their fave. Aliya comes in the way and stops the fight. Dhruv watch the entire thing from behind with a disappointed face. The incharge comes and stops the fight. Cabir says that its and Manik was just telling him how to drum. He tells them to behave as they would end before becoming anything. He says that there is announcement in five minutes. He tells them to understand otherwise he’ll be behind the bars of jail.
The incharge announces that an amazing musician has come from London and was the student of Space Academy. He says that he is the best solo act and the most talented musician of the academy. Navya instantly starts clapping when Harshad comes forward. He says that this is very important for them to win the best band competition. The incharge tells them to get it together and asks them if they want to want to win then they must get their work together and stop all this nonsense.
Nandini says to Navya that lets go while Navya says that she doesn’t wants to leave such a beautiful face. Nandini goes in the bathroom and says that this was that Harshad came she decides to throw the file and was happy that Harshad came and beat Manik. When she goes to throw the file Manik is standing there and says that he will not forget her. She says that this is a girl’s bathroom and you are not allowed here. He tells her to shut up and that snatches the file from her hands. After reading it he says that you are very smart and tells her the rules of the contract. After saying he says that he’ll tell her rest of the rules tomorrow. When they came out a girl is shocked to see Manik and Nandini come out of the girl’s bathroom.
Manik goes to talk to the rest of the Fab 5 friends and they agree that they have to do something soon. Manik tells them to relax and he borrows some ice cream and drops it on his shoe. He says that now they are dirty they must be cleaned. He calls Nandini and shows him his shoe and tells her to clean it. All of them laugh except Dhruv. Navya is shocked to see this and asks her that what she is doing. Cabir goes and tells her to keep quiet. Cabir says that he is going to make a video while harshad comes and takes Nandini’s hands of Manik’s shoe. He says that they can’t do anything, they are about to go in a fight while Nandini tells Harshad to go away. All of them leave the place after this.
Outside Navya comes and asks Nandini that what she is doing. Harshad helped him and she yelled at him and cleaned Manik’s shoe. She says that if you are sick she can help her and then tries to remove magic from her by throwing water on her. Nandini tells her to stop and explains that why she is doing this. Navya tells her that this is insane but Nandini says that if she has to do this she’ll do it. Manik asks her to come over and reminds her of rule three and says that she will come to his house right now and doesn’t care that what she thinks. He tells her to be at his place at 2 o’clock sharp.
Nandini comes at Manik’s house and he is swimming. His butler tells her that he is swimming and that Manik told him of the spot girl who was about to come. Nandini goes to swimming pool and Manik says that you are late. He comes out and tells her that she has to come to his bedroom.

Precap: Dhruv’s mother call Manik that Dhruv has had another attack and Manik rushes to his house. Dhruv is breaking things up while Nandini follows Manik in a cab. When she arrives at Dhruv’s house she remembers the star sign.

Update Credit to: Sona

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