Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says that he didn’t lock himself here and cuts his hand while hitting the stand. Nandinin gets a piece of cloth and brings it to Manik but he throws it away. She brings it again this time wraps it around Manik’s hand. After tying it she backs up and sits in the corner and cries. Manik brings the remaining piece of cloth and gives it to her as a handkerchief. He orders her to wipe the tears and then the lights go out. Manik says that you will say that I have cut the supply and the staff has also gone.
Navya is thinking of Rose and says that she must do something of her so that she could leave Harshad. Navya gets a call from Nandini’s aunt and tries to explain the aunt but lies and says that Nandini is with her and they are practicing. She realizes and says that she must do something now.
Manik is getting frustrated and says to Nandini to say something. Nandini says that what is she to say and he says anything. She asks him if his top is okay. She asks him if he is Okay and says what happened. Manik explains that it is the darkness and all of this happened that night when he and Dhruv was togheter. Nandini says that she knows this feeling but she sees the fireflies as an inspiration to fight the darkness. She apologizes as she realizes that she has said a lot.
Aliya calls at Manik’s home and asks if he is there and they don’t know either. Navya goes to Harshad and explains the scenario, Harhsad invites her inside but she says that there is no time as Nandini has always helped her. Harshad decides to start from the college and calls Aliya. He says that he hopes that this not one of the Fab5 plans but Aliya says that Manik has also not come home. Harshad asks her to join them as they could be together.
Nandini starts walking around the room and Manik asks her that what she is doing. Manik calls her again and again. Nandini comes forward with a bucket and Manik asks her that what is this? She gathers papers and cardboards and puts them in it. She brings two stones and smacks them and manages to start a fire.
Harshad arrives at the college and the guard stops them. Harshad tries to talk to him but he accuses them. Harshad gets angry but Aliya tells him to chill and talks to the guard and tells him the scenario. He allows them to go inside. They go inside and see Manik’s car and Harshad says that this means he is here.
Nandini says to Manik that I know got 100 in science so I’m making use of it. Manik tells her to stop taunting her knowledge as everyone knows that friction causes fire. Nandini says that she didn’t expect this from monster Manik and asks him if he scared anymore. Manik says that who is scared and Nandini says that not fear but hatred for fear. Manik says that there is nothing like that and he was just, he looks at Nandini and sees her smiling and asks her that why she is doing that. She says that it’s sweet as there is a vulnerable which he shows to no one.
Then Nandini sees a mouse and just loses herself and jumps on the stool. Manik asks her that what is and she tells him that there is a rat. She runs around the room while Manik gets annoyed. He calls her name but she is occupied by the mouse. Nandini tells the mouse to go away, Manik tells her to listen but she keeps screaming. Manik drops some items from the top shelf and puts Nandini on it.
Nandini keeps on looking at the mouse while Manik is chases it away. Harshad, Aliya and Navya look around the college for Manik and Nandini. Manik mocks Nandini on the fear of mouse and says that he thought that she is brave and that’s why she said to fight the darkness. Nandini tries to come down but can’t. Manik says to her that you can ask for help.
Navya comes and asks if they have found them but the say no. Harshad tells them to search at the back of the college and the girls come after him. Manik says to Nandini that if you fall than will become a problem for me. He helps her come down from the top. The guard brings Harshad and the girls to the back store room and unlocks the door. They go inside and on the scene Aliya gets angry, Navya is socked while Harshad smiles to see them together.
The lights turn on and Manik and Nandini see that guys are here and what they are assuming. Manik says that he said that they will be together. Aliya looks angrily and so does Navya. Navya comes and takes Nandini away from Manik. Aliya yells Manik’s name but he leaves and she comes after him. He looks at Aliya and then Nandini and then walks away. Harshad in the end comes and says that let the fun begin.

Precap: Aliya asks Manik that how can this all be an accident while Manik replies saying that he can’t believe that she would assume that he would land there purposely. She says that because there was Nandini. Nandini tells Navya tell this was not his plan and he was also caught in it. Manik talks to Dhruv about being with Nandini

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice epi 🙂

  2. I want nandani-dhruv and not nandani-manik

  3. hey whats the relation between druv and nandani’s brother

  4. Love this scene and i love you manik nandani

  5. mad girl ayantika have not seen the second epi
    there will be nandini and manik

  6. Wht d name of song playd n dis epi…
    Plz let me know….plz

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