Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Manik tries to open the door again but says that we are stuck here for some time. He looks at Nandini and says that what are you doing there while she replies that she can’t sit nor move from here. Manik says that it’s just a tear and you should have seen Muktii and Aliya at our pool parties. Nandini says that she is just different and is a commoner and can’t be like that. Manik says that if commoners don’t have common sense than you can give me my jacket back.
Nandini says that how dare you when he reaches for the jacket and Manik walks away saying and our nandu is back. Nandini says to the lord, couldn’t you find anyone else to lock me with in the room other than Manik, while Manik comes and says that what was that. Nandini says that it was nothing. Navya is saying things to Shahid which he doesn’t understand. Harshad comes and Navya complains to him about where he was and he also doesn’t understand what she is trying to say. They agree on practicing but then wait for Nandini.
Muktii says to her group that we should play the same song we did last year. However Cabir says that we can’t as Raghiv won’t accept it. Muktii says that what can we do, while Rose says that why don’t we tell Raghav to postpone the test. Cabir says that it’s not funny and tells her to leave and says that he is irritated with Harshad. Muktii watches all of this and when she leaves Muktii says that why are you taking it out on her. Aliya comes but Dhruv says that we still have to wait for Manik.
Nandini says to Manik that how will we get out from here. Manik tells her to relax as the rehersals are about to start and Nandini starts to panic. Manik says that the rehearsals are about to start and someone will come looking for him. Nandini says that no one knows where they are so how will they find us here. She asks Manik of how he came here and her replies saying that someone told him that Aliya was here. He asks that what about you but she stops and says that she came to get the sitar.
Manik stands up and says that really, you came to meet Dhruv here. Nandini says that she did come to meet Dhruv but not here and he doesn’t know that as well. The Fab5 and NH3 are fighting and Navya says that she saw Dhruv with Nandini. They get into a fight when Raghav comes and scolds all of them and they tell him the problem. He wants them to perform without them but they disagree. He says that he can’t force them but this will have a serious affect on their career. Cabir says that he wants to see all of them in his office.
Manik is playing a guitar while Nandini is panicking for someone to open the door. He tells her to shut up so that he can have some peace. She says that she has to try so that someone can hear them. Manik tells her that no one comes in this part of the college while Nandini says that we should scream even more loudly. Nandini tries to take the guitar and her jacket falls off. Manik then knocks on the door mocking Nandini. He then turns around and says that are you happy now.
Muktii is looking for Manik when Harshad grabs her. Harshad says that he won’t do anything she won’t like but Muktii says that she will everything he won’t like. Harshad says that he enjoys his time with her. He says that so can we talk Muktii says that we can’t. He says that how are you especially after that night. Muktii says that he doesn’t need to care for her as she has friends. Harshad says that we had our break up because of Fab5 but it was me who saved you.
Muktii tells Harshad to let her go as she has to look for Manik but Harshad says that he is with Nandini. Muktti says that Manik promised Dhruv that he won’t do anything like that. He says to her that can you actually believe that as both of them are missing from the college.
Aliya goes and calls Dhruv if he has found her but he says that he can’t. Aliya asks him if he could be with Nandini but DHruv says to call him. They found their mobile in the rehearsal room. Aliya says that she has a bad feeling about this as the both of them could be creating problems again. Dhruv says that he can’t be sure.
Navya is looking in the garbage can when Harshad says that he searched the whole college and couldn’t find them. He says that Manik was talking about a fair play so what if he took Nandini to apologize to her. Navya says that since you are saying it looks like that you are telling the truth because you are intelligent. She then says that I’m not talking to you as you were talking to that witch. Harshad says that he can’t understand her. She leaves but Harshad calls her back and says that I’ll drop you to the hostel. The leave and the entire college gets empty.
Manik is lying on the couch and says that it’s five and no one came which means that it’s you and me and for the whole night. He smiles while Nandini says that why didn’t I realize it before as you have done all of it. He says that not again while Nandini says this was your entire trap as this was your setup. Manik says that he did all of this as he loves being trapped with her and he loves mosquitoes. The get in a fight and blame one another for being trapped with them. Nandini says that you sent those goons after me and then this. Manik says that why does everyone thinks that I did all of this and screams at her that It wasn’t me.

Precap: Aliya and Harshad arrive at the college and Aliya gets angry when she sees Manik and Nandini together, however Harshad is smiling.

Update Credit to: Sona

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