Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone enjoys the Holi party. Pandit ji watches the students dance. Manik watches Nandini dancing with Navya, takes a water hose and bathe her. Cabir hands her a shield, Manik gives up. He brings thandai to Nandini, she pushes him into the pool. He makes a few splashes in water, then watches her smile at him. Mukti has fun with Abhimanyu inside the pool. Manik asks Nandini to come inside, she runs away and goes to hiding behind a board. Someone gets her a water glass, it was Pandit ji. He scolds her that he made her understand a lot to take care of her voice, she shouldn’t have come to the party. Neonika watches them together, and instructs a waiter about Nandini. She goes looking for Manik. Manik was looking for Nandini, the fab5 were drunk when Dhruv says he wants to drink too. Manik asks if he is sure Mukti says he will be a man first. Cabir asks Dhruv to have jalebi and then a mouthful sip. They both have dishes of jalebi and samosa. Cabir says Navya has the jalebi and goes to take it from her. The waiter asks Manik that Neonika is calling him, Neonika tells Manik about an invitation for a performance. The watier spills a bucket full of coloured water at Nandini and Pandit ji. Manik stares, Nandini laughs at the colour on Pandit ji. Neonika asks Manik if she should give the invites to his friends, his attention was on Nandini and asks her to give them.
Dhruv comes asking for jalebi, fully drunk. Aaliya gets the jalebi to him, she was about to put it in his name but he denies. She asks when will he remain angry at her for, everyone forgets their fights on Holi. He was about to go, but Aaliya takes him aside. He says what is she talking about dates, they aren’t even friends. He says he has friends, with benefits. She argues, what is he saying and not considering her efforts. He jerks her, she was about to fell. He holds her and she hugs her. The strip of her blouse knot gets open, he says sorry it wasn’t deliberate and tie it. He turns her around and both kiss. Cabir watches them, then goes away. Aaliya says this was deliberate, he says she instigated him. He feels she is using him as a physical let out, all her emotions are directed to Manik. He says he is fed up. Aaliya leaves, disgusted.

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Pandit ji gives tissue paper to Nandini, she says she dislikes colours. Manik takes drinks and goes to them, she says they know she dislikes the colour. He hands Pandit ji drink, Pandit ji turns face. Manik says his friend was laughing with him, he thought about joining. He says he doesn’t know about what interests his generation. Nandini says sir isn’t that old. Manik asks Nandini if it is really like that. Pandit ji says he isn’t interested in anything other than music. He leaves. Nandini asks Manik why he knaws him so much, he has angered sir again. Manik says he has also angered me. Pandit ji laughs about Nandini.
Mukti and Abhimanyu come to sit aside. Abhimanyu tells Mukti that her friends are really great, they brought him here just to make her happy. She asks isn’t he happy. He says he misses his hospital. He has headache, and makes up there was something in jalebi. She hugs him and says she isn’t going to warrior high tomorrow. He asks if she can win a fight with him.
Nandini comes asking Manik what it is about, he asks her to avoid herself from pandit ji and such accidents. Someone comes and pours a full bucket of colour on him. She laughs hard and says he must also avoid such accidents. He fell down even, and asks her if she dislikes colours. She says yes, he drags her down to floor filling her all over in colour on the floor. He holds her knocked on the floor, when a sweeper comes there. Nandini gets up, Manik stands up and bathes himself with a bucketful of colours. He hands Nandini a glass of water. Pandit ji comes to Nandini to inform her for practice tomorrow at five, she doesn’t need tell Manik as she will practice alone. Manik hears this.

PRECAP: Dhruv asks the waiter for bhang. Manik asks him to bring it. Dhruv says he didn’t listen to him, next year I will organize the party so that everyone say yes sir to me.

Update Credit to: Sona

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