Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The car pulls up and Manik comes across Aryaman who asks him to take it easy. Manik goes and vigorously calls Nandini. Aryaman tells Manik he came to return the ear ring and hands it to Manik, saying he isn’t here though he came to return this earring to him. Manik remembers it is Nandini’s and leaves.
Neonika tells Pandit on call that Manik called police, he knows Nandini is with him so he must do whatever he wants to save himself. Pandit ji runs to the garage Nandini was tied to, he says Manik is bringing police but he can’t lose his all for Manik. It is then that Manik breaks one of the shutters of the garage, he looks at Nandini’s tied feet and crying face. He comes to Pandit ji enraged, punches him in face and holds Nandini to himself. He opens her up, when Pandit ji turns and holds Manik against his car in garage. Nandini calls Manik, Manik shouts and gets hold of Pandit beating him hard. He shouts at Pandit that I told you to stay away and punches him on face knocked on the floor until Pandit bleeds badly. He throws the semi-conscious Pandit out and takes a bat to hit him. Nandini shouts his name saying No. Fab5 comes to hold Manik back, while police come to arrest Pandit. Navya and girls open Nandini up. Pandit stares at Nandini, then Manik and Rithima when police take him away. Manik comes to Nandini who was lost. He hugs her tightly, relieved. Nandini hugs him back still in a state of trauma. He holds her face, then asks if she is alright. Nandini was at a verge of crying, Manik asks if Pandit did something to her. Nandini denies by moving her head, then says she needs to go home; please take her home. Manik says alright and holds her to car. Everyone else also leave.
Chachi tells Murti ji that Nandini said she would be a bit late. Murti says he will meet Nandini now before sleeping. Chachi comes to see Veena for Nandini, Murti ji says it is worth 15,000 and he bought it especially for Nandini. The bell rings, Chacha asks Rishab to get cam as he wants to record Nandini’s expressions. Chachi ji says they can make video on his phone and goes to open the door. She is shocked to see the gang standing out, Manik says Hi to chachi and introduces her to his friends. He says since they performed today, they wanted to celebrate together. Chachi says they did it great, and asks for Nandini. Nandini stood behind Manik, they hide her from her family. Navya poses to have a headache and takes Nandini upstairs into her room. Aaliya asks to use washroom while Mukti says she is thirsty and a cold drink will only work. Cabir and Mukti goes to kitchen, Navya calls Manik to bring her bag up as her medicine is there in it. Manik comes to Nandini who was lost into what happened with her. Navya leaves the room. Manik says to Nandini that she needs a shower, let’s go; she will feel better cleaning herself up. He touches her thigh, she stands up moved. Manik says she will feel better, Nandini goes to the washroom.
Cabir tells Mr. Murti that Nandini was saved as Manik went there in time. Aaliya tells Chachi not to worry as Nandini is here at home. Cabir says they have a strong case, Pandit can’t be spared. Chachi asks how that Pandit can do this to them, he is Amb’s student and came to their home. Murti asks chachi that he won’t leave Pandit in the morning, but right now they must go to Nandini. Dhruv comes and announces he dropped Rithima to hotel safe, will get her to police station in the morning. Rishab doesn’t feel well and leaves.
Nandini stood at the basin of washroom, Manik comes from behind her. He opens the shower and calls Nandini. Nandini goes under it, and shuts her eyes under water. Manik looks at all the bruises on her arms, then moves to her and comes under the shower. He holds her by arms and rubs the dust away, then wipes her tears. He pushes her hair behind her ear and watches her ear bleed as she respond to his touch. He feels hurt and cleans the blood there. Nandini looks at him. He dries Nandini up with a towel, Nandini takes him under the towel as well. Manik joins his forehead with her.

PRECAP: Cabir says to Manik that Nandini is fine with them. Manik says he is responsible for all this. Cabir says that Pandit is. Manik says yes, he should have killed that Pandit. Harshid was curt and says his first day back is so good to be bad.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh!how can he do that to my bro?virus,if u were a human i would have adived u but that isnt possible.

    1. Adviced*

  2. Kidnapping drama has brought change in Manik and Nandini’s life in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.

    Manik gets successful to make Nandini free from Pandit’s clutches.

    Nandini gets panic to see Manik beating Pandit badly and also tried attempt to kill Pandit.

    Nandini is in a deep shock recalling how Pandit tortured her.

    Manik is broken down to see Nandini’s shattered state and blames himself for everything.

    Apart from this, Nandini who always smile on every good or bad times but she starts to be silent.

    Nandini’s silence may bring some distance between Manik and Nandini’s relationship.

    Harshad (Abhishek Malik) to attack on Fab 5

    Furthermore, Harshad is also ready to play his evil plan against Manik and finds this time is good to attack on Fab 5.
    Let’s see if Manik bring smile back on Nandini’s face.

  3. vinay dont take tension u will surely find a way
    Dont lose confidence. More than ur presentation tat is imp k

  4. Vinu (MonjanZzzz)

    on 8th of may

  5. Dishank Arora is playing the role of Pandit Trilok Chaursiya in MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is not happy to continue it anymore.
    Dishank Arora’s character entered in the show as positive but gradually it turns into negative way.
    In the current track, Panditji turned completely into an evil man for the lead couple Manik (Parth Samthaan) and Nandini’s (Niti Tylor) lives.
    Dishank Arora tweet

    According to Dishank Arora, he has lost interest for his character because things are not same as it had informed him before signing the contract.
    Dishank Arora tweet, “I wish I knew when is my last day @ #ky2!!
    Even I have lost interest as things are not same as they informed when I started shooting!!”

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