Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini says to Manik that true love exists, Mukti and Abhimanyu have got it, please don’t try to separate them. I know she is your friend, but for some days only, let her experience love. Both gets text message that tomorrow’s class has been cancelled for Holi. Manik comes to her and says he is kind of famous or should I say infamous for playing Holi. Nandini says if he doesn’t know, she hates holi. She leaves, Manik he will play with her, whether she likes it or not.
Nandini wakes up the next morning and asks chachi about breakfast. Her chachi asks why isn’t she ready, Nandini says she isn’t going anywhere. Her cousin comes hiding something behind, she asks what happened to him then stands up and runs from Rishab saying she is hiding. She locks herself into room, chachi calls her out but she denies. Chachi calls her a coward. The phone bell rings, it was Manik and bids Holi to chachi. He asks why is Nandini’s phone off. Chachi says she has hidden in her room. Manik says to Chachi that the principal has said attendance is compulsory for her. Chachi says she won’t even come on President’s call. Manik says today Pandit has also kept a special class, Nandini calls that Pandit ji himself cancelled the class. Manik makes up, when Chachi says she knows he wants to spend time with her. She asks what help does he need.
Navya makes jalebi, she thinks this is the first Holi without her mother but then cheers that it is her first with her baby. Cabir comes and thinks his neighbours are making mouth watering sweet in morning. She offers him the plate, saying it isn’t neighbor but him. Both wishes Holi to each other, and say they miss their mothers. Navya makes him eat jalebi she had made.
Chachi asks Nandini to come out. She asks her to promise that no one will put on colour on her. Manik throws the colour saying she will come. Nandini comes out ready, Rishab stood out. She hides, he reassures that there is no colour in hand. The family prays together. Manik calls, chachi poses to be worried for something. Manik smiles saying this is getting over.
She says Nandini’s phone was switched off. Manik appreciates chachi’s acting. Nandini asks whose call was it, chachi says he is not feeling well and has fever. His friends have gone for party, he is at home and was calling her only because she must be at home. She says it seemed that he needs to go to hospital. Nandini says he must be lying, as he wanted to play Holi with her. Chachi asks what if he isn’t. She is worried.
Aaliya made arrangements for party. Principal comes to Aaliya and asks why isn’t Dhruv helping her. She says he hasn’t come, Principal comes to Dhruv and asks why isn’t he helping Aaliya. Dhruv says she doesn’t need him anymore. Principal calls Aaliya and asks Dhruv to help her. He leaves. Dhruv asks Aaliya if she needs help, she says curtly no. A boy passes by and spills colour on them both. Everyone wishes them Holi.
Nandini comes to Manik’s house, he was lying upside down in swimming pool. She gets worried but he pulls her inside the pool. She says she doesn’t know swimming, he pulls her. Both hug, Manik asks she thinks he would let him drown. Doesn’t she trust him. She looks at him, he says she doesn’t. She asks would he believe if she says yes. He says a friendly advice be that she shouldn’t trust him and leaves her. She moves her hand, but she was actually standing in water. He takes her to corner of swimming pool, and brings the colour tray. She says she hates Holi, he says that is why he loves it. She felt disgusted, he chooses colours. She asks him not to touch her, and closes her eyes. He brings a handful of colour, then puts it on his own face. There was red all over his face, he jerks her hand saying she asked him not to touch her. He touches her face with his to put colour over it and says Happy Holi Nandini. She was looking into his eyes.

PRECAP: Nandini asks what is it, he says she wouldn’t have come had he asked her to come to college. So here is the party. Pandit ji sees him running behind Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona

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